Sessiz Vlog | Verimli ve Etkin Ders Çalışma | How to Study Efficiency and Effectively


The Silent Life of an Engineer First of all, I make a study plan. I think this is the most important step. I use the to do list pages in the calendar. I choose the course and subjects that I need to study. Supply Chain I’m doing my program in order of importance. I’m taking notes of the course I need to study. Colored pencils allow me to recognize important points in notes. I’m holding a computer at the table for research and music. I drink too much tea and coffee while studying. It makes my study more enjoyable. I do not always drink for pleasure, unfortunately sometimes I drink to stay awake. It motivates you to have your favorite things with you while you study. Motivation is very important to study efficiently. It is important not to spend long hours at a desk, but to study efficiently and effectively. Why should I study? If your answer is only to pass the course, you cannot expect yield from that study. You must have reasons to make your study meaningful. You know why you need to work, but you may not know yourself if you are still unable to create a working discipline. What hours do you work more efficiently? What motivates you? A candle can affect your motivation. I suggest 2 applications. One of you recommended this application. When you enter the time you plan to work, it gives a warning. This app works with the logic of task- reward. Collecting points to complete the task can be motivating. The working principle of this application is like counter Today I will use Focus Keeper. I prefer calm music while studying It’s good for isolating the ambient sound. If you are in engineering faculty it has become one of the integral parts. I study most efficiently in the early hours of the day or late at night. In limited times, such as exam weeks, I give priority to important lessons during these hours. How are you motivated? My work schedule for today is 3 hours I think time is a relative concept. For most people, 3 hours is very little but it can be more efficient than 6 hours. How is your work plan? Breaks are as important as working time. Even if you are not tired, 5-10-15 minute breaks will help you work at the same pace. Be sure to ventilate your room. Fresh air is very important. During breaks, I look at world news or just rest. Trying to listen to comments from different people. I’m editing every free time these days. Obviously 3 hours of work I drink 3 different drinks. Even though I don’t like it, corn flakes are craving today. See you..

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