Security Bookers – Booking professional security has never been this simple

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Security Booker’s let’s you book
security guards online on-demand and at short notice.
Emergency cover, business conferences, sporting events, or even just a party.
Security Booker’s makes it easy to arrange manned security and it all happens
online. Step one make your booking on our website, select the
dates and the location of your booking, tell us how many guards you need and how
you’d like them to dress. You can even specify the skills you’d like them to
have. Step two, once your booking is complete we’ll send you a summary of
everything you’ve asked for to your email address with a unique reference
number. Step 3, as soon as we’ve scheduled a guard for your event you’ll receive an
email confirmation with a complete profile of the guard that we’ll be
attending. The profile lists their skills experience and background and it also
includes a photograph. With security bookers you know exactly who you’re
getting and when. Shortly before your event begins you’ll also receive helpful
reminders via SMS and email letting you know that your guard is on their way. It
really is that simple so book online today.

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