Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv
Eker When I got to page 174 I couldn’t help, but
smile, when I saw one of my favorite quotes by Mark Twain. “I’ve had thousands of problems
in my life, most of which never actually happened.” And it reminded me of the lessons I learnt
on fearlessness from The 50th Law. We, the people, live in a state of generalized anxiety,
most of our worries circulating around money & the lack or loss thereof, when our fears
oftentimes are merely just illusions. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind has some significant
similarities with Robert Kyiosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, but Eker takes it one step further,
when it comes psychology. He suggests that our mindsets on personal
finance come from the following 3 sources. Verbal Programming – the words we associate
with the rich, accumulating wealth, receiving paychecks, the government, celebrities and
the like. Phrases like “Money is the root of all evil” that tend to stick with us and
form our opinion on the matter. Modeling – the way we observe others & learn
from them, specifically when we model someone we look up to like our parents & see how they
handle money, which often is not the ideal way.
& Specific Incidents – events that have an impact on us, both negative & positive. Occurences
that could traumatize us like having to move out of a small city appartment, because our
family cannot pay the rent, suffering hunger & thirst, because we cannot afford to put
food on the table. Just like Kyiosaki, Eker states that most
of our beliefs & thoughts on money stem from our parents, peers and other influencers with
authority, along with any situation, where we might observe greed & unfairness surrounding
the exchange of money, goods & services. Incidents that leave a bad taste, when we think about
money. All of these factors form a story for us that
we inevitably start believing in, while we’re still young, many of us not ever changing
our views, until we die. Because what do children do? They look for
external sources of information on how the world works, of which a big part is the idea
of “valuable papers” – money. They’re infinitely curious until the environment we live in dulls
that sense of wonder & eliminates yet another potential thought leader who could’ve changed
the world one day. Instead of becoming another Elon Musk that
child is more likely to grow up to be a failure on the subject of personal finances and thus
likely to be a failure in all other areas of life, as well, believing they already know
everything & that what they know is the only right answer.
Probably the saddest part about that is that they will force their views on their children,
when they reproduce. Thinking “I already know everything”, instead
of consistently learning & embracing new ideas with deep humility, is one of 17 beliefs that
seperate the poor and the middle-class from the rich.
You have successfully developed a millionaire-mind, when you believe
1. You’re in control, instead of at the effect. 2. You focus on making money, instead of not
losing it. 3. You commit to being rich, not “wanting
it.” 4. You think big, instead of limiting yourself.
5. You focus on solutions & opportunities, instead of problems & obstacles.
6. You admire successful people, instead of envying them.
7. You associate with the ambitious, instead of losers.
8. You promote yourself, instead of shying away from it.
9. You can solve any problem, you’re not smaller than your problems.
10. You receive well. 11. You choose to get paid for results, instead
of time. 12. You consider all options, instead of trying
only one. 13. You focus on your net worth, not your
salary. 14. You manage your money well.
15. You have money work for you. 16. You face your fears, instead of succumbing
to them. 17. You constantly develop, instead of stalling.
In closing, successful people discard limiting beliefs, while the unsuccessful let and keep
themselves down. A limiting belief might sound like this. “The rich are greedy, selfish,
like to boast and show off.” or “The rich want to keep us down. That’s the only way
they can continue to make their money.” That sounds a lot like what my parents have told
me when I was young & so I used to think I will always be poor, like a farmer born in
the middle ages, that was just going to be my reality. I wasn’t adopted by Angelina Jolie
& so I would have to be miserable for my whole life. Although I just tried to be funny there
this is actually a topic close to my heart. Why couldn’t I possibly make a living doing
something I love? Why is trying to pay your bills by contributing, self-promoting & bringing
value to other people’s lives seen as something so sinister? Do people not understand you’re
working hard with positive intentions and that you want the best for them so all they
do is attack you from their coach, where they do nothing, but try to spread their misery
over the internet? It only stems from a poor mindset, a loser
mentality. Those are people who will never get anywhere if they don’t change their views.
Please, choose to work on yourself, rather than thinking you’ve got it all figured out.
There is no such thing as having it all figured out. Start taking control of your life & measure
how successful you are by how much you’re enjoying yourself, how happy you and your
loved ones are. It’s not about living long, it’s about living well. It’s not about being
wealthy, it’s about enjoying wealth. You don’t need a million dollars in order to live like
a millionaire. You need a millionaire-mind that will allow you to live a life truly worth
living. As always thanks for watching & subscribe
for more content of this kind coming up shortly on illacertus. This one specifically has been
animated by Alex Sandalis, please be sure to leave a quick feedback & check his channel
out. The link is in the description. Talk to you soon.

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  1. illacertus says:

    Dear millionaire-minds,

    I've gotten another animator on board with this one, Alex Sandalis (on YouTube – I want to be able to put out more content on a regular basis for you guys. I sure am sharing what I've learned & my drawings with Alexander, but a few tweaks aside it's his animation, his interpretation of my script & I have to say I like it. Regardless of what I think, your opinion matters to us, so please be so kind to share a quick feedback. Thank you!

    Aside from the 17 Mindset Shifts, there's a few key golden takeaways I've compiled out of all my notes below.

    "What you focus on, expands!"
    Basically the Law of Attraction, but without all the magical nonsense. It's really not that difficult to grasp that "what you think about you bring about." Nobody is suggesting this is the one & only thing successful people do. You won't just sit there, close your eyes & imagine millions of dollars on your desk, open your eyes again & voila! there it is… It's always backed by hard work. Luck favors the bold. You might be "fooled by randomness" as Nassim Nicholas Taleb suggests. Some people do win by just being lucky & we observe them thinking we can copy their success. That rarely works and you don't hope for luck, hope or miracles. When the time comes for your opportunity (one of many, there's not only one) the ones who are the most prepared have a significant advantage over the others. Be that person, if it doesn't happen for whatever reason, keep going until it does work out for you. It's not an if, but a when question (unless you're not correcting along the way or you quit for good). If something doesn't work, you reassess the situation. We all know the definition of insanity. It's doing the exact same thing over and over and over again expecting a different outcome.

    This text passage above. Read it again. I'm serious. I just refuted (in as little words as possible) thousands of stupid comments you'll read on the internet, which come from unsuccessful people who can't grasp & thus don't see the bigger picture. It's easy to dismiss something by acting like the armchair Frank Underwood bad guy, but that's the internet for you. A lot of steam with nothing to back it up. The irony is frustrating. You'll read things like "These mindset shift books won't help you!" That is a poor person's mindset right there for fucks sake. It's so obvious it's staring him right in the face, but he can't see it. He focuses on it being difficult, instead of it being achievable.

    Again, "What you focus on, expands!" I've not made it my job to persuade somebody like that. He'll believe whatever he wants to believe. Maybe one day he'll look back & realize his mistake, but some people are beyond saving. What they've been taught by society is just too strong. Realizing that you've been living a lie is a tough pill to swallow, so most never do. When you stumble upon truth, you can get angry & change or double down on denial like him. My self-imposed job is to be that voice I needed, but didn't have growing up. Someone who could've helped me make sense of this huge mess I found myself in. I do believe I'm right with every ounce of my body. I might be wrong, I don't think I am, but at the end of the day, what I believe is more likely to get me where I want to be, even if I were deluding myself, which I am not.

    You can choose to get dicouraged by someone else's statement, by a few 1-star reviews on a book you wanted to buy on Amazon, that sold over 100 million times (in that case, go back to Self-Reliance school & stop looking for other' validation & permission to do something) or you form your own opinion on the matter. How is a book like this not going to help anyone, when it already has? There's lots of proof available. Either way, buy it, read it & see for yourself. And when push comes to shove & doubts start to take a hold of you, you can still ask yourself "Has someone less qualified, less intelligent, less ambitious, than me made it (whatever it is for you)?" The answer is yes, always. Don't make me remind you what kind of stuff is popular today.

    Taking action is what launches you out of the Inner World (your head) into the Outer World.
    When you finally start creating what you've been thinking about, your ideas become more than just a (worthless) thought. The grave is full of unrealized ideas, I agree, but lots of them were bad, anyways, guaranteed. I disagree, that it is "the richest place." Nothing ever came about from unfulfilled dreams. The main seperation from those who make it and those who do not is taking action. You might've been thinking about writing a book, starting your own business, or going on a sabbatical for years now, why aren't you doing it? What's keeping you from taking action? Comfort & fear. If the fact, that you will die one day & that day may very well be tomorrow, doesn't motivate you to get after it, I don't know what will.

    – "Aim, Ready, Fire!"
    Get into the starting position as fast as possible, you will be able to correct along the way. This is what I meant by "pushing yourself out of your nest" in my Self-Reliance review. You learn to fly while trying to fly. Unless you apply theory, you haven't synthesized what you think you know into true wisdom (field-tested theories). It's a combination of theory & practice, not merely one of them. For a change I'm not angry, but humored by an observation. The ones who latch on to theory are fearful & scared of applying. They realize they don't have all the facts & the knowledge to jump right into the cold water. The practicioners who dismiss the wisdom of others' have quite the contrary approach. They're so confident in their abilities, that they exude arrogance & ignorance to the point, where they would rather run head first into a wall of bricks & smash their head a couple more times until they learn by experience, what Ralph Waldo Emerson may have taught them in one single page of a short pamphlet.

    People tend to lean to one of two extremes. They take contrary positions. They engage in tribal warfare by nature. I see this wherever I look & I've been thinking about the following theory for the last 4 years. Both sides are wrong, seemingly always, since they go the extra mile to fight the other group(s). By doing that they miss the actual goal. The optimal approach. The Golden Mean. The middle way. A lot of my frustration stems from the fact that the average person does not understand this. It's not their fault, they've never been taught it, but at the same time not knowing is bad, not wanting to know is worse. A big chunk of our society couldn't care less… to be continued.

    To your efforts-grounded & thus inevitable achievements,
    Nenad (illacertus)

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     You commit to being rich, not "wanting it."
     You think big, instead of limiting yourself.
     You focus on solutions & opportunities, instead of problems & obstacles.
     You admire successful people, instead of envying them.
     You associate with the ambitious, instead of losers.
     You promote yourself, instead of shying away from it.
     You can solve any problem, you're not smaller than your problems.
     You receive well.
     You choose to get paid for results, instead of time.
     You consider all options, instead of trying only one.
     You focus on your net worth, not your salary.
     You manage your money well.
     You have money work for you.
     You constantly develop instead of stalling.
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