Second Quarter Book Haul [CC]


Hi it’s Lucie and today I’m here to do my
second quarter book haul! So this book haul is exciting because not only am I
hauling books which is already exciting in and of itself but also I’m doing an
unboxing! Particularly a book of the month YA unboxing. So if you don’t
already know, I kind of announced this in my June wrap-up but this is like my
official announcement I guess: I am now a book of the month YA affiliate and so
the first part of this video will talk a little bit about Book of the Month and
unbox the stuff and then the second half of the video I will talk about all the
other books that I’ve acquired. Not half but like the second part of the video. So
if you don’t know Book of the Month is a subscription box. I think before this
year maybe they just had one box and they had five selections each month and
you could choose any one of the books in that selection and they would send you
that book and you get the book at a discount because the regular Book of the
Month subscription is $14.99 a month and most hardcover books are around $20 or
so and I was a previous customer of Book of the Month and then I stopped
getting it because I stopped getting it. I just stopped getting most subscription
boxes honestly but there was nothing wrong with them I really appreciated the
box and I think a lot of you will appreciate it too. So now they have come
out with a second box which is a YA only box. Previously in the other box
they would do a YA selection every couple months or so but now they just
have a whole separate box where you can choose from five new release YA books and they will send it to you for $14.99 a month and then that’s where I
come in. If you are interested in the book of the month YA box then you can
use my affiliate link to sign up. It is in the description box down below and it
will be in the description box for all of my future videos and to
celebrate my affiliation they sent me one of the July books as well as some
extra goodies. If you use a link in the description box below I do get a
kickback, full disclosure. But if you ever ever wanted to support the channel this
is a good way to do it. I’m really excited that I get to work with a
company. I’ve never really done any kind of work with a company so it would be
really helpful if you did use the link and you do get a discount on the first
month’s box. It will be $9.99 for a month if you use the code [FLEX] when you click my link
down below. So I figured we’d do the stuff box
first. They sent me two boxes, this box and this box. This box is a little… a lot heavier than this one so I assume this one has the book and this one has
some stuff so let’s see what it is. Oh! This is so cute! Is it a cookie? Oh my god,
yeah it’s a cookie they sent me like a book of the month cookie. I’m actually
really excited about this. This is honestly the best goodie I could have
gotten because I can eat it I love food. And they sent me book-moji pins
which are super duper cute and they’re just like little pins with different
emojis. I will put these on… I carry a backpack to work so I will put these on
my backpack. They’re really cute I like this [one]. Is it like an emo one? That’s
pretty cute and now for the book. Book of the Month is a special… not special but
it’s different from other subscription boxes in that you do choose what you’re
getting each month so it’s not a surprise. Which I know a lot of people
have that issue with other subscription boxes. So it’s not a surprise, you know
what you’re getting and so you’ll know if you’re interested in it before you
get it and it doesn’t come with as many goodies and stuff. Like those
goodies I got were just extra but usually it just comes with a bookmark.
And the book I got this month was The Boy and Girl Who Broke the World by Amy
Reed. If you don’t know Amy Reed wrote one of my favorite books that I read
last year. That book was The Nowhere Girls and so I was super excited when I
found out she was coming out with a new book. This book is about Lydia and Billy
who are basically total opposites. Lydia is like a cynic and Billy is a total
optimist and they meet and form a friendship and on top of that some weird
happenings are going on in their town and the world around them, such as an
impossible tornado and an all-consuming fog and so they get closer as they’re
trying to figure out what the heck is going on. It’s about that friendship and
I assume what the world is doing. And yeah it sounds really interesting, I’m
super excited for it because like I said Amy Reed already wrote a book that I
really enjoyed so I’m excited to get to her next book. Hi it’s Lucie from the
future here to add on to my book of the month YA unboxing so when I filmed the
rest of this video it was July which was the appropriate time for me to put this
video up and then I got caught up in moving and then just I’m really behind
on videos. So basically the whole point of this clip is that I’ve waited so long
to put up this video that I now have the August Book of the Month YA
subscription. This is really hard to show without showing my address
because it’s everywhere on the box. Anyway the code that I said, I probably
took it out and replaced it with the new code, but the code for August is FLEX use
that code and get your first box for $9.99. Honestly I had forgotten what book
I got this is Mind Games by Shannon Silver. The sun is literally setting as I
film this. This is about a girl who I guess sells memories, I assume this is
told sometime in the future. So she sells memories as like a side job during
school or whatever. She can hack into other people’s minds and take
their memories and upload it to other people so that they can feel like
they’ve experienced them. But then one day Arden wakes up and she’s realized
she’s lost the last 15 minutes of her life and all the memories about this one
specific cute guy and the boy has lost all of his memories. And so the book is
about trying to figure out what the heck happened and there’s a romance in here
because it’s published by swoon reads which is a romance publisher. So yeah
back to your regularly scheduled programming.
So that’s it for the unboxing. Once again if you’re interested at all in Book of
the Month please feel free to use my link that’s in the description box down
below and now we’ll get on to the rest of the video. And so in the rest of the
video I’ll just show you all the books that I’ve acquired in the second quarter of
the year, but I’ve also included some books I got in July because I’m filming
it in July now. But I’m still calling in my second quarter book haul and this
time I will include ebooks and (e)arcs that I got so yeah.
Normally I don’t include e-ARCs that I get but I decided I should include them
because I don’t always get a chance to talk about them. I’ll kind of alternate
ebooks and physical books. So if you have been following along on my channel you
know that I have kind of like a book buying budget. For the book buying budget
this is what it looks like. I now have negative two physical credits and
zero ebook credits so I’m not doing the greatest. I also have way more books to
show you guys if you want to know more about my book buying budget you can watch my
2019 reading goals and I do go into more depth in that video and I also go
into more depth in my first quarter book haul, but just so you know arcs did not
count for my budget. Without further ado these books are in no particular order.
First let’s talk about my most recently gotten book I guess even though they’re
in no particular order. This is Kingdom of Souls by Rena Barron.
I just got this book. I did like a whole little arc unboxing in my last
vlog or my… not my last vlog, my bibliothon vlog and
so if you want to see that you can check out that video but it came with this book.
The brief synopsis is this is set in a fantasy world inspired by the author’s
West African heritage and the main character comes from a family of strong
and powerful witch doctors but the main characters powers haven’t come in yet. At
the same time the kingdom’s children begin to vanish and Arrah is desperate to
find the culprit. While she’s researching this she
discovers something worse, that the demon king is awakening and she’s the only one
who can stop it and she has to I guess decide to pay the price for magic
because she doesn’t have it to try and save the world. It sounds really good.
I’m really excited for this book. Now for the first e-book. We have The Inheritance
Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin. Technically this is three books but I counted it as one
because it was like an omnibus ebook, I don’t know. I read The Fifth Season
by N.K. Jemisin and so I really liked her writing in that and then The Inheritance
Trilogy was on sale and so I bought it. I still need to read the second two books
in The Fifth Season trilogy but I have her other trilogy and I literally have
no idea what The Inheritance Trilogy is about and I can’t really look at it
right now so yeah. It’s by N.K. Jemisin it’s probably very detailed fantasy and
probably features black main characters so… that sounds good enough!
The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater. If you watched my video where I talked
about the top ten series I need to read I had you guys vote in a poll and
decide what series I would continue and this won. And I still haven’t read it yet
so I bought it because this won and I thought I wanted to read it physically
and then I never got to it even though I was supposed to get to it in June and I
didn’t get to it in July so I’m gonna really try hard to get to it in
August. But the cool thing about this, I bought this used and it came signed. It
has a signed book plate and I’m pretty sure that’s Maggie Stiefvater’s real
signature. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be and it has like a drawing and I know
Maggie Stiefvater does those drawings so that’s really cool. And yeah The Dream
Thieves is the second book in The Raven Boys…?
I was gonna say duology but it’s 4 books. Whatever 4 books is called… a
quintet? Quartet? Quartet! The Raven boys quartet! So I can’t really tell you what
this is about, can’t really tell you what the first book is about because it’s
really complex and I don’t want to think about it. Next we’re doing a couple of arcs that I have and first we’re going to talk about the e-arcs that I haven’t
read. I didn’t write out when they’re coming
out either so I’m really good at this. I’ll probably put the dates for them in
the description box, how about that. First we have Dear Haiti, Love Alaine by
Maika Moulite and Maritza Moulite. I believe they are sisters so it was a duo
who wrote this and this follows a Haitian American girl who after “the
incident” gets sent to volunteer in Haiti with her parents I think and yeah it’s
just about her discovering herself in Haiti. And I’m Haitian American so this
book called to me. I mean all I needed to see was the cover and the title and I
was like I want it! And then I got it! By Any Means Necessary by Candice
Montgomery. This is about a black teen boy who on the day he officially becomes
a freshman in college he gets a call that his beloved uncle’s bee farm is
getting foreclosed on and so Tori, who’s the main character, wants to try and save
the bee farm. Becoming by Michelle Obama. This is becoming by Michelle Obama, do I
need a description or anything? You’ve definitely heard of this but this is
Michelle Obama’s memoir I still haven’t read it because I’m trash, but it has
cool pictures and I am excited to read it. Who Put This Song on by Morgan Parker. This is once again about a black teen
girl, you can see there’s a pattern here in the arcs that I get which is
something that I’m trying to be doing, but yeah she’s a black teen girl who is
dealing with depression and she’s going to therapy and it kind of talks about
how she has been growing up in an all-white area. The synopsis talks about
how she’s becoming used to being the only non-white person at the sleepover
and being told that she’s not really black and being teased for her weird
outfit. So I think that this sounds really interesting and I’m excited to
read it. The Grace Year by Kim Liggett. All I needed to hear was that this was being
compared to the Handmaid’s Tale and The Power like a cross between them and that
sounds good enough for me so I’m here. Next I will talk about these two books
together. Aurora Rising and Memento both by Jay
Kristoff and Amie Kaufman. This follows like a ragtag group of people on a
spaceship because the captain of the spaceship graduates and he ends up
having to save Aurora or something and he is late to picking out his
crew and he ends up with like the bottom of the barrel and then they have to deal
with the girl he saves and something, I don’t know. Sounds interesting I’m a
little wary of it because the end of the Illuminae Files did disappoint me, but I
have it now and the reason I bought this because even though the illuminate files
did disappoint me I still needed this novella. I’ve already kind of complained
about this but basically this was a pre-order incentive for Aurora Rising
and so I needed it. So I bought Aurora Rising because honestly I wouldn’t have
bought this if this was not the pre-order incentive. But I did, we’re here now.
And memento is an Illuminae Files novella that is a prequel and it follows
the AI character Aiden. Please send help by Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin. This is
the second book in their series, I don’t know if they’re continuing it on. But the
first book in the series follows two girls who are basically the authors and
they are best friends and they end up split across the country and it’s just
like text messages and emails that they send each other. Again but Better by
Christine Riccio. I reviewed this this year, everyone has heard of it, you don’t
need a synopsis from me. Watch Us Rise by Renee Watson and Ellen
Hagen this follows two teens who are best friends and they go to like a
“social justice” school and everyone at the school has to be in a club and
they’re fed up with their own clubs because they weren’t getting out of them
what they felt they should have been getting out of them so they start their
own feminist club and their club has a blog that ends up getting really
popular and so it’s about them. And it also deals with their family lives as
one of the characters dad has cancer. It’s really interesting. I read it already.
It’s in a wrap up. We Are Never Meeting In Real Life by Samantha Irby. This is a
collection of essays by Samantha Irby. That’s what she looks like.
They’re supposed to be really funny. I got this at the Strand when I was in New
York and the last time I was at the Strand I picked this up and almost
bought it and then I didn’t buy it so this time I just bought it.
The Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton. This is the second book in The
Belles Duology and I didn’t like it that much. I
dnf’d it so yeah. The Mermaids Voice Returns In This One
by Amanda Lovelace. It was fine. This is the third book in the women are some
kind of magic trilogy which each book is a collection of poems and this was fine.
Some Girls Bind by Rory James and this follows a non-binary teen coming to terms
with being non-binary and is told in verse. We have another arc, Magic For
Liars by Sarah Gailey. This one actually really surprised me it was really good.
This follows our main character who is a PI and she is hired to investigate the
death of a teacher at this magical school that her sister works at. Her
sister is estranged so she’s dealing with that, she’s also trying to figure
out what happened to the woman who was murdered and yeah. It doesn’t really have
Harry Potter vibes… it has the Harry Potter vibes of being set on a magical
school but it’s really different. So if you like magical schools I think you
might like this. This also deals with more of the adults
so yeah I thought that was an interesting perspective to do. And lastly, sorry I’m
rushing, we have Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want
by Jenny Blake. I feel like I’ve talked about this a lot. Feeling lost and stuff
this year because I graduated school and I’m working now and blah blah blah so I
got this book. I started working through it I was gonna do a video where I worked
through it but I haven’t really updated that video so let me know if you want
that cuz I haven’t finished it or anything so I can still do it
but let me know if you want like a self-help video, I don’t know. It’s what
the title sounds like if you’re wondering what it’s about also. Okay so
those are all the books that I have acquired so far this year along with my
first quarter book haul that makes it all the books so far this year. Thank you
so much for watching! If you liked this video please be sure to give it a thumbs
up and in the comments down below let me know what was your favorite book that
you’ve got so far this year and if you haven’t already please be sure to
subscribe to my channel because I make more videos where I talk about books. Hit
the notification bell because notifications are cool and again thank
you so much for watching I’ll see you in my next video, bye!

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