Searching Library Databases 2019

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Welcome. In this tutorial, you will learn a few strategies
to find the information you need. Your own research question is the perfect
way to begin. Use the important words in your research question to create your search terms. From the Library website, choose
FIND – Library Databases. Let’s try Academic Search Premier. That’s a best bet for most research. Now we’ll search CHILDHOOD OBESITY. We have results, but are these the BEST results? One HUGE advantage of searching a library
database is that articles are assigned words that describe the subject so you can find
all the articles about a subject if you know the subject term. The words the database uses to describe a subject may be different from the words you use in your search. In this case, the database uses
OBESITY IN CHILDREN. Let’s click the title of any article with
the subject term OBESITY IN CHILDREN. This brings us to the detailed record for the article. By clicking a subject term within the detailed record, you will retrieve all the articles in the database with the subject OBESITY IN CHILDREN. Now that we have many articles about OBESITY
IN CHILDREN we can think about what aspect of this topic we would like
to learn more about. On the left, we can refine our results in several ways. Let’s use SUBJECT THESAURUS TERMS. Choose SHOW MORE to view a complete list. As an example, choosing PHYSICAL ACTIVITY
should give us information about the relationship of physical activity
to obesity in children. Now our results have two subjects:
obesity in children AND physical activity. To limit the results to articles written by
subject experts, check the box for Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals. Let’s choose an article to look at by clicking the title. On the DETAILED RECORD page is an ABSTRACT, which is a summary of the article. On the right are tools to print, email, or cite the article. Copy the Permalink to get back to the article later. Copying the URL won’t work. On the left are links to the whole article. Let’s choose the PDF. The PDF is an image of the article exactly
as it appeared in the magazine or journal. To print the PDF version of the article, be
sure to use the print icon on the PDF. Don’t use the print icon in the toolbar. Let’s review the subject thesaurus. To add a word or phrase to any search, use
the word AND between the words or phrases. It will still be helpful to use the SUBJECT
THESAURUS to find the correct subject terms. Remember these three strategies: Librarians are always happy to help you search. Thanks for watching.

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