Searching and Browsing the Library Catalog

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the library catalog enables you to
search and browse in two distinct ways use keyword search both basic and
advanced to quickly find relevance ranked matches to your search terms or
use begins with to browse the library’s collections in order by title authors
name call number and more basic keyword search returns matches to your search
terms ranked by relevance items with all of your search terms in the title rise
to the top i want to narrow your search use the
options on the right of the search results limit by format for example to
lift just dvds need to browse all available dvds go to advanced search on
the keyword tab from the format menu select DVD and click search the library
catalog lists more than 10,000 dvds begins with displays ordered lists of
items in the library’s collections you can use begins with to view items in
call number order which simulates browsing the library book stacks begins
with also works well to browse by authors name click a name in the alphabetical list to
view works by that author if you have questions click help to
learn more or click ask the librarian to contact us

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