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My name is Madelyn White I’m a kinesiology major I’m Lindsey Contreras Civil engineering major Hi, I’m Nahum Garcia And I’m a marketing and computer science major My name is Scott And I’m majoring in biochemistry Hello, my name is Joel Donkan I’m a finance major And I like to use EZ Books because it’s much faster than waiting in line I just went online and they had my booklist ready for me so I didn’t have to search for anything You go online, you pick out your books and you click a few buttons Basically, I got an email that had a link to EZ Books and I typed in my RED ID and password And they had all my books for all my classes already lined up so I didn’t have to search for them I compare some prices with Amazon, usually it’s pretty much similar Then you just add it to your cart, checkout, show up Very simple They get the books down themselves, and it’s ready for you to go when you checkout So that was good I would recommend to do it if you don’t have time, and you’re more of like a grab-and-go kind of person I recommend EZ Books because it’s easier than ordering them through other websites, or getting them somewhere else

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