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Hey, what’s up, hello, my name is Emma and today I am going to be giving you guys my review of Scythe By Neal Shusterman. I recently picked this book up on a total whim. One of my best friends just texted me: My sister (who is a big reader) recently read this book and thinks you would love it, and I had it on my shelf so I picked it up on Audiobook that morning and I don’t know a time before I loved Scythe like I don’t know what to do with myself now that I’ve read this book. Scythe takes place in this utopian society where the human race is so advanced that they have eliminated virtually every negative part of life. There’s no pain, there’s no suffering. There’s no hunger, poverty they’ve even conquered death. All people are immortal. Although this world seems to be totally perfect, the one thing they haven’t controlled is the population growth so they have created this group of people called Scythes who are tasked with “gleaning” otherwise known as killing people to keep the population under control. Our main characters are Citra and Rowan who are completely normal teenagers in this world until they both come in contact with a Scythe named Scythe Faraday and he takes them up as apprentices. Citra and Rowan have no desire to become Scythes, but they quickly take on the role as a Scythe’s apprentice. They are learning the rules of this world, what it entails and are essentially trying to become Scythes because otherwise they might lose their own lives. I loved Scythe like so much. I can’t remember the last time I was so shocked by picking up a book just because it was on my shelf. I was totally intoxicated by this read from the very beginning. The first morning I picked it up I literally listened to five hours of it which is a lot to listen to in one day of an audiobook. It’s so fabulous. It’s intense and thought-provoking and complex and really well developed and it is definitely one of my favorite books that I have read in such a long time. I have so many positive things to say about this book, I just loved it so much. This review is going to be a spoiler filled review which I have not done in the longest time so like I’m sorry if this is complete shit. I don’t remember how to review books like this. There are just so many wild things that happen in Scythe that I can’t not talk about them, so if you haven’t read Scythe yet, I would highly highly like and the top of my list of recommendations recommend you go out and read it and then come back and we can discuss it together. But, bye non-spoiler people! Now the first critique I normally see when I’m reading some negative reviews of Scythe is that people think that it’s boring which I completely disagree with. I will give it to them, the beginning months of Citra and Rowan’s apprenticeship was not the most entertaining and fast paced story that I’ve ever read. But I still found all the lessons really intriguing. I loved getting to learn more about the Scythdom and this world that they’re living in and with every major plot point that just completely blew me away. I barely noticed any of the slower moments because I was so focused on all of the crazy crazy things that were happening. One of my favorite things about Scythe is the world. I cannot remember the last time I read a young adult book that had such a complex world. It’s super interesting because I feel like out of the majority of like dystopian science fiction books that I’ve read, this is like a very plausible future with us. I mean we’re already at the stage where we’re able to print organs. We can print organs! We’re like two steps away from erasing death and being ruled by an artificial intelligence. Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic, but regardless the world is just so fascinating. There are so many advances and it still feels so tied to our world which they call the age of mortality. I don’t even know how to coherently talk about this world just because I’m so impressed by it. It’s really well done, there are so many components to it that make for an all-around really well developed world and I loved it. One of the things I found really interesting about it is all the different questions they posed about mortality. The perception of mortality in the world of Scythe is so different from what we have today and their fear of gleaning is very different from our fear of dying. There is a line in Scythe where I believe it is Scythe Curie says that people aren’t constantly afraid of gleaning which I disagree with. I feel like there are so many actions in this book where just the subject of gleaning is so terrifying to so many people and that’s very different from how I feel we view death today. In this story, they are immortal, they can never die unless they are gleaned, but because that is the one matter of dying, it’s terrifying to them whereas we are mortal, and we could die at any moment but we still constantly take risks knowing that they could result in our death. I feel a lot of it is attributed to the fact that in this world death only has one image in the form of scythes that walk among them every single day in contrast to our world where we may come in contact with a thousand ways to potentially die daily. But we’re so desensitized to it because in their world 100% of deaths are due to scythes whereas each possible way to die in our world only holds a fraction of the number of deaths. And I think the distinction between these two perspectives is particularly made when Citra makes this comment like in the age of mortality it must have been so terrifying to be aware of your mortality every single day and I’m reading that like people are out here jumping out of planes knowing full well they can die and people in your world are terrified of walking in the same grocery aisle as a scythe so that they don’t offend them. It is so fascinating to me, I could talk about just the world of Scythe forever because there are so many different things to discuss, but by far the world is one of my favorite parts. Another really interesting part of just like the construction of Scythe is the different methods of gleaning that each scythe takes on. For example, we have Scythe Faraday who bases his gleanings off of statistics that would happen in our world, in the age of mortality and when he chooses a person he prepares them for their gleaning to let them know what’s going to happen and then as penance he goes to the funerals of all the victims that he’s gleaned. Then we have Scythe Curie whose gleanings are unexpected. She chooses people who look stagnant and kills them without warning and then she invites the families of those people to dinner and offers them the chance to glean her as revenge and then we have Goddard who enjoys the act of gleaning and prefers public mass murders and does nothing to repay the people that he gleans. I could just talk about the way this world works and the rules and all aspects of the Scythdom forever, I swear. I have to say Citra is one of my new favorite girls in YA. She’s level-headed, she’s extremely intelligent and clever quick-thinking. She’s defiant when necessary yet still compassionate and loyal. She’s everything a strong female protagonist should have. I love how Citra takes the high path always. You know even though it is going to eat away at her inside if she does win against Rowan and has to glean him she wants to beat him fair and square and she wants to change the Scythdom because it’s the right thing to do because she can see what becomes of people who like to glean and how that manipulates everything the Scythdom stands for and she’s just awesome. I love Citra. And Rowan is really interesting because he grows in such a different way. I feel like he becomes more of a morally gray character. You know when he’s training with Goddard it seems like he might almost start to enjoy the act of gleaning and there’s a lot of times in this book where we have to question his character. And despite part of him wanting to be ordained as a scythe, he is still so loyal to Citra that he’s willing to fail at any cost so that she can survive. Oh my god, and then we find out that he takes on this role of Scythe Lucifer who is gleaning immoral scythes in order to revert the Scythdom back to the honest impartial role it was supposed to play. He transforms into this sort of vigilante where he is committing one of the highest of all crimes in order to change the Scythdom and I just cannot wait to see where his character goes in the sequel Thunderhead. While we’re on the topic of Rowan and Citra, probably my least favorite part of this book was the romance. I just felt like they didn’t have any romantic chemistry whatsoever. They don’t really interact much at the beginning of the book and it feels like they’re on the path to become like just friends. I thought this was totally gonna be a story without a romance and then like boom all of a sudden they’re in love with each other and I’m like where did this come from? The romance is not a driving force of this story by any means. The world, the plot, the different questions that are posed by this story are all prevailing over that but it did feel like the weakest element in the story. It just hit a point where I knew Citra and Rowan were dedicated to each other. I knew they would do anything for one another but I don’t know why. I do really like their character dynamic, I love the different directions that their characters are going into and I do feel like I could grow to love them as a couple. But I need to see them grow together first because I don’t really know them as that for each other yet, you know I mean? Now it’s about halfway through the story where it is revealed that Scythe Faraday has self gleaned in order to relieve Rowan and Citra of their apprenticeship. This is not something I was expecting at all. When I was listening to this part in the audiobook I was driving. I literally screamed, no no no no, hitting my steering wheel. I was–this was like the big first moment of me when I knew like I was absolutely in love with Scythe because I can’t remember the last time I was so caught off guard with a story and then like ten seconds after we find that out I’m still like reeling from this new information. Apparently Citra is meant to be the apprentice to Scythe Curie and then Rowan is meant to go with Scythe Goddard and before they even said his name I knew what was coming and I just– I kept screaming. I don’t typically scream in audiobooks, but it was necessary in this moment. To add to how much I adore Citra I loved the way she figured out how she could backtrack Scythe Faraday’s movements on the day that he died. How she plans to stay with her family and suggest they go out on a walk and takes photos of them so that she can search through and sort of piece things together. It was so clever and I was so impressed by her in that moment. So it’s about this point in the story where we finally find out Esme’s purpose as to why Goddard saved her from that mass gleaning, and why she’s being kept around on his estate. But we find out that Esme is the illegitimate daughter of The High Blade and Goddard is keeping her around to manipulate Scythe Enocrates to do what he wants and to allow Goddard to keep going and to change the new order. My mind is blown just talking about this. It was just like a really intense scene for me like I saw it coming as soon as Goddard took out the knife to Esme’s neck. But still just like watching that sort of manipulation unfold was so intense and making him jump into the pool and him almost drowning. I can’t keep up with this book. I think it’s at the fall conclave where Citra opens up to Rowan about the fact that she thinks Goddard might have been involved in Scythe Faraday’s gleaning and Rowan just completely pushes her off and things get back to Goddard and all of a sudden, Citra is accused of killing Scythe Faraday. Oh my god, that scene was so frustrating like so clearly Citra had nothing to do with it, but it’s kind of scary how just like immediately her fate been decided. She’s the guilty one and like all bets are off. I will say the diary entry from Scythe Faraday about the girl who might want to harm him was really fascinating to me. In the moment it definitely seems like this is something that could apply to Citra because she does bring Scythe Faraday his milk every single night. She is in his room every single night, although we don’t really understand why he would think that she would harm him. But then when we find out that Scythe Faraday is freaking alive after all of this! It’s revealed that Scythe Curie and Scythe Faraday had a sort of relationship after she was ordained because she was his apprentice and she would go into his room every night because she had feelings for him, but Scythe Faraday didn’t feel that way and that’s why he wrote the journal entry. I’m– every time I talk about one of these massive plot points I just lose my train of thought because I’m like wow I’m dead, I’m deceased, I can’t do this anymore. Speaking of Scythe Faraday being alive, I swear every single plot twist in this book completely caught me off guard. You know like I had accepted that Scythe Faraday gleaned himself. My thought process was he’s totally honorable enough to do that, it seemed like he really cared for Citra and Rowan, that seems like something he would do. And then Citra finds out more evidence about how people were given immunity, and it just doesn’t make sense and then she accuses Goddard and then as soon as I convince myself it’s definitely Goddard, it has to be Goddard. When the Thunderhead gave Citra the name Gerald before she is revived, immediately I am like that is Scythe Goddard’s original name before he became a scythe like that is who killed him. This is concrete, and then we find out that Scythe Faraday is fucking alive and he’s just retired on an island and none of this was true and I just– I can’t keep up! Volta was a really interesting character for me because he was a part of Scythe Goddard’s sort of a posse of people who liked to glean and were mass gleaners. But he hated himself for it and his suicide by the tones cult around that scene was really really heartbreaking for me. I was at work when I was listening to it, and I just started crying. The moral intrigue of the story is so interesting because like everyone is at a different level, everyone has different standards for morality and Volta was just a really intriguing character in relation to that and I wish we got more of him. But like I understand the purpose he served, but like I was really starting to grow a soft spot for him. I wanted him and Rowan to like run away and be with Citra and like change the Scythdom and like that’s clearly not what happened. And then we have the final scene at the tones monastery where Goddard has brought his minions and Rowan to commit a mass gleaning on the tonest because he hates them. I did know that fire was gonna be important at the end. When we read that journal entry from Scythe Curie, I knew that there was gonna be something that happened with fire in the end. So I knew it would be important, but it even holds more significance than I originally imagined because yes, Rowan does kill Goddard and the rest of scythes with fire, but then it becomes his sort of method of gleaning as Scythe Lucifer, and it’s just really interesting. I also really was not expecting Goddard to die at the very end of the story. I didn’t really expect any scythes to die and I feel like that really changes the pace of the story and it definitely sets things up for Thunderhead. With all the tones, with Volt’s self-gleaning and with the deaths of Goddard and the rest of the scythes like it was a really intense like final climactic scene and I really loved it. And then Rowan completely gets away with it which like blew my mind. Again I feel like that’s the only thing I can really say in relation to the plot of this story. And when Scythe Enocrates is talking about how like he thinks there might have been some foul play and he’s investigating it and then Rowan reminds him that he knows that he has a daughter, and he’s like oh I’ll just– maybe I’ll call off the investigation like this is real manipulation and I don’t know where Rowan’s character is going, but I’m really intrigued. Now at the–I believe it’s the Winter Conclave which is the final one where all the scythe apprentices are given the final task which is to glean their family members. I have to say when we first entered the scene, I knew it was going to be really tough for Citra especially because of how she loves her brother. But I really did think that the task was going to be to actually glean their family members and for them not to be revived later. I had this feeling that the scythes were going to tell the apprentices that their family members would wake up in a revival center, and it would totally be fine, it was just the act of doing it and then have them actually be like their first gleaning ever where they wouldn’t come back. I have to say knowing that the family members were only deadish and none of them are actually gleaned, it definitely took away a little bit of the intensity for me. In my perspective, the pain of rendering someone deadish is not at all the same as actually gleaning someone and I think it would have been way way more severe had like this been their actual first gleaning. That being said, that would be extremely cruel and I feel like that is something that would be a part of the new order if they took over and that would be the final task for scythes whereas under the old order I feel like this is definitely more about efficiency as opposed to the new order being more about anguish. So we find out at the end of the story that Citra has won the competition, she is to be ordained as a scythe and her first task is to glean Rowan. I really really really really like the ending where Citra goes to punch Rowan and she actually punches him in the mouth with her ring so that the blood gets on her ring giving him immunity for a year so that no one can glean him. Citra is such an intellectual badass. I love her so much. I wish I could emulate her more in my real life. She’s just so awesome, clever I love her. And how she takes on the name of Scythe Anastasia which is just completely representative of what she intends to do to the Scythdom. To bring about change, I just– so great. It’s so great. So that pretty much concludes my review of Scythe By Neal Shusterman. I loved this book so much. It is definitely one of my absolute favorites of the year, and I’m so happy I read it. I’m in the middle of Thunderhead at the time of filming this video, and I’m really enjoying it and I can’t wait for book three to come out next year. Oh my gosh, it’s so far away. If you made it this far into the video, I am assuming you have read Scythe and I would love to know your opinions on it because this is definitely a book I just have to gush about. It was so so good, so high above so many other YA books that I’ve read and I really really loved it. But that is it for this video, thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you soon for a new one. Bye! {Outro}

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    Gahhhh screaming
    2. I feel like shuesterman did a FANTASTIC job relating the characters trials to ya without being like “ik you don’t understand how this feels but this is how it relates to you” he also made us question certain circumstances that we currently face and definitely see where they are coming from and their different houses of thought.
    3. For me the point of the romance was more like “we’re both going through this NO ONE else from our old life can relate and you’re here and you understand” sort of thing rather than a chemistry thing. I think they should be more like friends but only they (and not even anymore bc the end) could understand each other’s situation. And they admired each other. Kind of like why Currie and F had a relationship (first time around)
    5. So many more twists and turns in the next book (which I’m currently reading) and I can’t wait for you to read it!!!
    And Goddard
    And Rowan w the fire nsksjsbdjsl
    Also! Loved all the gray area characters
    Rip Volta- I wished he could’ve live ;(
    AND CITRA IS AMAZING NEW ROLE MODEL NOT TOO “Tomboyish/badass” and not too “girly girl” she’s so intellectual and stuff and akhdksndjssnxhxbxnxjjd
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    I was halfway through this book when I saw you post this review and now that I've finished it I was SO EXCITED to come back and finish this video! I was totally baffled when I heard people say it was slow and boring at times because not once did I feel that way lmao I think I was just way too absorbed into the story right from the beginning. And I completely agree with you on Citra and Rowan's relationship! I'm hoping that in Thunderhead it doesn't just jump into it like they've been this established relationship forever or something hahahaha. But YEESSSS that part with Scythe Faraday I literally yelled out loud multiple times also and kept yelling to my boyfriend THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!!!!! Lmao! I am so happy someone shared my exact feelings throughout this entire book hahaha

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    I started listening to the book as soon as you posted this video and just got around to watching your video!

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    Btw your Makeup is absolutely gorgeous.

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  35. Books by Dano says:

    I have so many thoughts about this book too. I just couldn't get past at the start where Scythe Faraday asks why Citra's parents do what they do as their jobs are really pointless in a world that knows all there is to know and what that would mean for my life if i was in that situation.

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  37. Bennett says:

    One nitpick: Scythe Curie doesn't offer the families of her victims the chance to glean her. Only Scythes can glean. She simply offers them the chance to render her deadish with the same weapon that she gleaned their family member with.

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    I loved Scythe, but to me it felt like a standalone and I don’t have any desire to read Thunderhead? I liked the ending and the questions it left open and those it answered, but i felt like if we were going to have a second book it would have been about Goddard and his cronies but then they done did got murdered by Rowan so like
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    Or could be the fact that I’m really sick. Idk. One of the two definitely.

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    i love this too and i pronounce scythe differently. you’re probably right but i like pronouncing it my way. :’(

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    i agree with you on most points, but i actually disagree about the romance. i do agree that the romance is not and shouldn’t be the important part of the book, but i do totally think they have chemistry. i saw it as kind of a subtle awkward chemistry, and i think it’s just a different type of romance that we typically see in YA. I think they’re kind of just a quieter, subtler, type of romance but in that moment in the end it just kind of overflows. I actually really liked the romance, because it was kind of a different nature than the ones we usually see. They kind of like/love each other in a quiet and solitary way, not in a flirty, all over each other way. But i do think that the center of the book isn’t the romance, it’s totally the incredibly fascinating and complex plot.

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    That said, my only disagreement with your review is Scythe Faraday's fake death and subsequent reveal. The death felt like it came out of nowhere without good reason (shock value) until Scythe Curie explained it in the next chapter. The reveal that he was still alive was even more disappointing, as I am a firm believer in that a dead character (death defined by author) should stay dead.

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    Or make it more convincing 😆

    Also in the beginning Citra really annoyed me xD
    But throughout the book she really grew on me, just like Rowan, Faraday and Curie 😆
    I also loved the diary-entries after each chapter 👍

    Even though I had some issues with the book, in the end I really enjoyed reading it and I'll definetely read the second book as well ^^

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    I also interpreted the exchange between High Blade and Rowan differently; here, I interpreted it as an alliance more than blackmail; High Blade protected him from the world's accusations while Rowan returned his daughter back to him, in addition meaning that he was the one who granted his daughters' freedom. High Blade, if anything, felt as though he owed Rowan something, at the least.

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    Here's my take on it

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    Scythe Faraday is my MAN, I LOVE him and I hope he and Sythe Curie can be happy one day, imagine if like hundreds of years in the future, Faraday, Curie, Citra/Anastasia and Rowan/Lucifer are all a little happy family on that beach together, ugh I love Scythe and I love Faraday he's just great, and when Rowan broke Citra's neck and she was being revived and someone was talking to her, I for sure thought it was Faraday and thought we were gonna get a scene of Citra and Faraday in the afterlife.

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