Sbooktober | Decorating My Bookshelf [CC]


[“Phantasm” by Kevin MacLeod plays throughout;
creepy/unsettling music]

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13 thoughts on “Sbooktober | Decorating My Bookshelf [CC]”

  1. xingcat says:

    Sbooky! 🙂

  2. The Princess and the Scrivener says:

    That was very fun! Love the little pin! I might be dragging the girlfriend around to look at Halloween decorations and plants today [shifty eyes] You can never have too many Halloween decorations. –S

  3. The Reading Writing Puppet says:

    Is the haunted bridge a good book? I couldn't keep my eyes off it. 😁😁 great video 😁

  4. Paper Faerie says:

    I have a crystal lamp just like that! This is so cool, I love what you did with a small space, and having a supply of candy out is always a must for Halloween decorations. 🙂

  5. Derby_Lane Reading says:

    Candles and candy!! I totally approve 🎃 Happy Sbooktober to you too!

  6. Rogan Shannon says:

    I'm not sure if my family even has ANY Halloween decorations… We don't really go all out for holidays, even Christmas. Usually the extent of decorating is a tree, a few stockings, maybe a bit more but not much else. But this is cute!

  7. Stacy's Stories says:

    I found this memorizing:) Great job!

  8. KatOfDiamonds says:

    #1 I love this idea!
    #2 My brain keeps correcting "Spooktober" to "Shooktober"
    #3 I now have an idea for a video series called "shooktober"

  9. Jaq Avery says:

    I want to do this… But I also don't read anything spooky

  10. girlofyarn reads says:

    That was such a good way to do it! The candy was a good addition.

  11. Boho Bookworm says:

    Is that a rose quartz lamp?? I love it!! What is Her Every Fear like? I have it but haven't read it yet. New subscriber, hope to keep in touch! x

  12. Roamancing Travel says:

    I love how happy books and displaying them makes me. The perfect Sunday watch!

  13. Don't Stop Readin' says:

    love this. the gem in particular is a fabulous touch. and you can never go wrong with candy as a decoration.

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