Saving Books and More to your Zotero Collection

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Hey there Bruins! Here’s a quick research tip from your friends at the UCLA Library. Today’s topic: saving books and more to
your Zotero collection using Zotero standalone. In this tutorial, you will find a book using
UCLA Library website databases. Then, you’ll save your book to your Zotero
collection. And finally, you’ll sync your Zotero collection to the cloud so you can access it from any computer. To get started, open up zotero Standalone
in one window and a browser of your choice in another. Then visit the library homepage at Next, enter search terms for a book you’re
familiar with in the search box. In this example, we’re searching for the
title of the book, but you can also search for author or keyword. On the results page, click on the book title
that best matches what you’re looking for. To save this book to Zotero, look for Zotero’s
‘book’ icon in your menu bar. Depending on the browser you are using, it
might show up in a slightly different place. Note that Zotero will often detect the type
of information described on the webpage and then change the icon to match. So for books, you’ll see a book icon, for
audio files, Zotero’s icon will change to a microphone, for articles, you’ll see a
document. Clicking on the icon saves information about
the item to your zotero collection. Zotero has automatically collected quite a
bit of useful information about your book. Including the title, the author, the publication
date and more. This information will come in handy whenever
you need to cite this source in a bibliography. Note that you can always edit and add to the
information in your Zotero collection. Or if you notice information in the record
that Zotero didn’t automatically detect, you can quickly copy and paste it to the Zotero
entry. For example, if you’d like to add a link
to the page for your book, you can copy here and paste it directly into the URL section
of your Zotero entry. It is also a good idea to grab the call number
and paste that into Zotero for quick reference in the future. In order to prevent losing your research progress,
make sure to click the sync button in the top right corner of Zotero. This saves your information to the cloud so
that you can access it through or on any computer. Of course, Zotero isn’t just for books. You can also use it to save just about anything
you find online into your Zotero collection. Ready to give it a try? Take a few minutes to search for a few of
your favorite books and movies and practice saving them to your Zotero collection. Looking for help with the next steps? Drop by one of our many library locations
to set up a consultation.

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