SARAH PALIN BOOK SIGNING – Interviews with Supporters


[Crowd noise]
Well, tell us why you’re out here today. I am out here today because I want to meet
Sarah Palin. Well, we’re out here to have a chance to meet
Sarah Palin. She makes me proud to be a woman and she’s
strong. I think she’s refreshing, a breath of fresh air.
She’s like a rock star in the conservative movement.
She stands for what America is. What do you mean by that, if you could clarify
further? Freedom. Our liberty. The right to speak.
She’s the epitome of conservativeness, and I’m telling you, if the Republican party doesn’t
back her, it doesn’t matter because she’s going to get the presidency.
And do you hope she runs for president? I’d love it. I would like to see her be our
first female president. What are some of the particular issues about,
of Sarah’s that you would like to see her bring to office?
Oh, gee, help me out here, guys. Fairness. Realness.
But any policies, I guess specifically that you, of hers.
I can’t think of the policies right off the bat.
She’s someone who can make a difference. Yeah. What differences would you like to see
her make? Um, I don’t know. I guess I never really thought
about it. What are her proposals for health care?
Um, I’m not really sure. Well, what are some issues of her’s that you
agree with? I’m not sure where your going with that, where,
what, issues. How about foreign policy? What would you like
to see her do in terms of foreign policy? Um.
To be honest with you, I don’t know anything about her foreign policy. I don’t know. I
really don’t have an answer. I don’t know her well enough, her thinking. I don’t know
what she knows or what she doesn’t know. I wouldn’t know half the stuff that probably
some people ask me. What do you think she would bring in terms
of policy to office? Good judgement again.
Any specifics? Um, I think that she would get control of
some of the out of control spending. Clean up the spending. Stop the spending.
She’s for decreased taxes, cutting taxes, making a more, um, you know, entrepreneurial,
um, just, um, like, conducive environment for our country, you know, getting back to
less government, less government dependence on things, back to individuals and just a
healthy, healthy country. What’s some of the spending you’d like to
see cut? All of it. All of it. Definitely more cost
efficiencies and limit spending and cap and trade and all that.
And what are some of the problems that you have with the cap and trade as proposed by
Democrats in congress? Um, yeah, I, I don’t know too much about it
but, um, I mean a lot of it is just a whole, like, too much spending for, its, you know,
it sounds great on paper but really it means people are going to suffer in the end, so.
You want to give away your own money, that’s fine, but don’t tell me to give away my money.
That’s socialism. Barack Obama, and he wrote two books describing in detail exactly what
he’s going to do. Yeah. And what did the books describe?
Well, you know, his Marxism, Leninism, you know, socialism.
I think that she would acknowledge a system of government in the United States rather
than focus on administration czars. Yeah, and what are some of your problems with
czars? I’m an America. We don’t have czars in America.
I don’t think he likes the military. I think he can pretend that he does. I don’t think
he likes the military at all. The way I think the country’s going, I’m wondering
whether or not we’re going to have a presidential election in 2012. Um, I know there’s some
back room talk of marshal law. I’ll give you one scenario that would absolutely do it is
if an atom bomb goes off in the United States. We’re no longer an exceptional country. We’re
no longer the shining light, the beacon to the world of what a society should look to
be as far as freedom. We’re just another country. Do you think Sarah will win if she throws
her hat into the ring? Well, he’s naturalizing a lot of the illegal
aliens. He’s in the process of doing that. They’re saying she’s not going to have the
votes when you throw those numbers in. There won’t be enough white votes on one side
to get a candidate through. No way. I don’t think he’s even an American citizen.
We do need to have profiling. I mean, the politically correctness is got to get out
now. I mean, we’re Americans and she sticks up for the American people, not for other
people. We’re first, other people last. When your right, you don’t have to compromise.
Compromise is for people that are wrong. The state that she did govern was right across
the street from Russia. Right.
You know. Cross the street and you’d be in another country.
Yeah, and I’m not saying that she’s ever had to deal with Russia, but I’m sure she’s had,
you know, boundary issues that she had to deal with. Like we got boundary issues in
Mexico right now. Governor of Alaska is the only one that has
a top security. What does that mean?
That means that if anything happens to our boarders on that side, she’s the first one,
the line of attack for them. Drill baby drill, for one. I mean that’s one
thing absolutely for. And some of these things. Of course, a lot of people are saying that
we don’t have enough. There’s not enough oil. Well look at it like this. Suppose that we
do drill and not just for oil, but for gas and for, well, while we’re talking about that,
look, some of these special interest groups like PETA and that that try to do endangered
species with polar bears and other animals. Well now we need to get the polar bears off
the endangered list so that we can drill there. We got all this energy, self sufficient, oil,
gas right under our feet. Why aren’t we exploring more for it and drilling here instead of sending
all that money over seas and then exporting or importing all of that, that oil back to
us? The second policy I love is the abortion issue.
Partial birth abortion. A baby is within this much of being a baby, and they gouge it from
the… We have laws against it now, right?
Yeah but they’re being, they’re being thrown out, chiseled at day after day.
You think those laws are being taken away? Yes, they are.
But it seems like in recent years they are actually being strengthened.
He said he was against partial birth abortion but he’s done nothing to prove that.
Well how has he been supportive of partial birth abortion?
Well you know, on the spur of the moment, I can’t tell you that. I just believe that
I’ve heard that over and over again and I know its going on. These procedures are happening.
Where have you been hearing that? A lot of people have said that to us. I’m just trying
to get an idea of where people are hearing this.
Well, I belong to church groups, study groups, and, you know, watch television all the time.
And what do watch on television to find this? Well I watch Fox News a lot.
And what are some of those freedoms that you think have been taken away?
Well, I really think the fact that I’m a Christian, I think that the government and the mainstream
media has been playing a role and, um, gosh. So you think your freedom to be a Christian
has been jeopardized? Well not only Christian. Freedom from religion
here and what the it’s a slippery slope. You hope that she runs for president in 2012?
Yes, I do. And you’d support her?
I sure would. Do you think there might be any problems about
supporting her knowing that you’re not familiar with her foreign policy issues?
Um, no I wouldn’t. That wouldn’t keep me from not voting for her.
A lot of people that are less informed about politics, when it does come up in the public
specter, they want to yell and scream. This is not rocket science. I’m talking about
going back to the basics of America. We need good people like her that aren’t afraid
to speak up for reality. Yes, she had her time as governor but I think
she’s got something up her sleeve. I think you’re going to find crowds like this
wherever she goes. Are you afraid of what the Obama administration
could do? I’m very much afraid of what’s happening in
America. I really am. Captioning By
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100 thoughts on “SARAH PALIN BOOK SIGNING – Interviews with Supporters”

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