Samsung Galaxy Chromebook hands-on: ultra premium and super red


(lively music) – What you are looking at
right now is the hottest, most beautiful laptop that I have held in a very long time but that does not mean
that you should buy it. This is the Galaxy Chromebook. So the Galaxy Chromebook
comes out some time in the first quarter of this year and it starts at $999
which is a lot of money for a Chromebook but before we get into
that value proposition, I just wanna take a little bit of time to appreciate this amazing hardware. It has a 13.3-inch 4K UHD AMOLED display that starts with eight gigs of RAM and 120 gigs of storage
which is pretty good for a Chromebook. It should be good for about eight hours of battery life and most importantly, it has an Intel 10th
Gen Core i5 processor. This thing has more than
enough processing power to run Chrome OS. Plus, I mean, just look at this thing. This color that you’re seeing
here is called Fiesta Red and it is very intense. It also comes in a
really boring gray color if you’re a really boring person. Go for it if you want to. There are bezels on the top and the sides but they’re super, super thin. You can barely see them and there is a webcam up there too so good job on that. The thing is under 10 millimeters thick which is pretty incredible and it’s also a two-in-one so it folds all the way around, it’s built out of aluminum, it feels like really good build quality except for a little bit
of wobble on the screen. That 999 that you’re
paying is for this level of quality and hardware. So let’s go back to that
screen for just a minute because it really is the
centerpiece of this laptop. It’s AMOLED and Samsung says that it can reach HDR
400 but you should know that you’re not gonna get that everywhere because a bunch of HDR content is locked behind weird DRM and Chrome OS has to get updated for it. Whatever. It looks really, really beautiful. It is, of course, a touchscreen and this think has a stylus. It’s inside a little garage so you can pop it out and so you can draw with it and that works about as well as it does in any other Chrome oS device which is to say fine. Really, my only complaint
about this screen is that it’s 16 by nine which I don’t personally like but it seems like that’s what every laptop is doing these days so whatever. In terms of ports, it’s pretty
standard for Chromebooks. There’s two USB-C ports and it does have a micro-SD
card slot for expansion. There’s also an eight-megapixel
camera on the deck of the keyboard so you
can use it as a camera in tablet mode if you really want to. Speaking of the deck, we should talk about the
keyboard that’s on the deck. This thing is only 10 millimeters thin and so the keyboard doesn’t
have much room to move so there’s only, I don’t know, I think it’s 1.2 millimeters of key travel which sounds bad up it feels okay. The important thing is that Samsung is using traditional scissor switches so it shouldn’t run into the same problem as the Macs and the butterfly keyboard and when I was typing on it, it didn’t sound all that loud. Again, the really only problem I noticed was that it made the
screen wobble a little bit. The think about Chrome OS is that 90% of people can do 90% of what they need 90% of the time but it’s that other 10% that’s the problem and until Google can
start filling in that gap, this Galaxy Chromebook is
gonna remain a niche product, a very pretty niche but still a niche. Hey, thank you so much for watching. We’re obviously at CES 2020
and we’re running around like crazy pointing cameras at everything we can possibly think of and so please keep it locked to the Verge to see more of the stuff
that we point cameras at.

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100 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Chromebook hands-on: ultra premium and super red”

  1. Lord Omega says:

    Sticking a really unnecessary black square of a camera over the keyboard that ruins the otherwise beautiful design is somehow a typical Samsung move.

  2. TheSinglePlayer says:

    Who needs 4K on a 13inch laptop?

  3. Cris Ferrer says:

    What happened to samsung book flex?

  4. Crypto says:

    But can it run Minecraft?

  5. TeamBringIt8 says:

    As good as it is specs and all…$999 usd for a Chromebook is ridiculous. Chrome OS is not worth that money no matter the specs.

  6. Michael Payton says:

    Something that appeals to 90% of the public isn't niche. It's the market. Niche is the 10% that need to use video/photo editing software or hardcore gamers who wouldn't touch a console on a bet. As much as most of humanity has come to loathe Google as a company, their OS is closer to what most people really need than MS or Apple.

  7. GK WINNER says:

    Really? Chromebook?? We expected flying cars in 2020.

  8. Scott Gibbs says:

    Anyone else getting goddamn tired of non-Chromebook users lecturing Chromebook users about "value propositions?" Just tell us about the product, we don't care what you would pay. When it comes to operating systems some people view "less is more" as a legit value proposition.

  9. Matt Helps says:

    sold. nice sweater btw. 🙂

  10. tykszeto says:

    Here I'm watching on a $399 CDN Acer 714 Chromebook… This Samsung one looks great! Specs are great! But I am NOT spending that much for a Chromebook regardless of what specs it has…

  11. T Chowdhury says:

    everyone is making so called ''Hottest"" Chromebooks but does not care about making high config Chromebox's

  12. ItsMinarmy says:

    The year is 2020 and Samsung is releasing Chromebooks

  13. Art Vandalay says:

    1000$ chromebook?

  14. Juggy says:

    0:02 You must not have held a lot of laptops

  15. Edouard Tavinor says:

    I find tech reviews on the Verge to often be fairly negative as a matter of style. This is a case in point.

  16. AleksFolk1 says:

    I got the hp envy last year and aside from the tablet mode, screen (led instead of amoled), and software being windows, i can’t see how this would be better when my specs are same if not better on the internals… is this Samsung’s way of getting back into the laptop game? Or is this competing with the Surface from Microsoft? I don’t see it competing with Apple as they have full laptop or tablet only, there’s no in between downsized laptop software like chrome os

  17. ECHLN says:

    No laptop should be 16:9 in 2020.

  18. Isaac Ogdan says:

    This is the first CES2020 laptop I see, among all the movies I watched, which is very interesting, and I will be happy to buy one. Bravo to Samsung for such beautiful device.

  19. Sai Srikar says:

    Why don't they put Windows on it? It can easily run it.

  20. -SRT-Trackhawk says:

    Samsung is releasing some really cool stuff except for the S and Note 10 lite devices

  21. k hall says:

    I want this with windows!

  22. Hdisiejfj Jduddhrjef says:

    Chrome book is a complete waste of money, you can’t do anything on it unless you boot in developer mode they literally treat you like a IT illiterate child. Use windows or Linux, never chrome book..

  23. Chris Tsang says:

    Samsung Dex is way better than Chrome OS. It would kill the show if it can dual boot to any other OS. Any!

  24. NerdWorld says:

    You didn't have to tell me not to get a Chromebook.

  25. JIAQ Y says:

    I'm almost sure IT can install Windows~

  26. Chinmay Garg says:

    Dieter searched for – "Welcome to CES ya filthy animal…" 😂😂

  27. GODLOVEME12345 says:

    Maybe the processor change to the NEW AMD 🙂 Perfect

  28. gameing hi says:

    id wanna get it if it wasnt chrome os 😔

  29. Emin Yilmaz says:

    can it run Firefox tho?

  30. RagBits says:

    999 for a chromebook haha

  31. Martin says:

    4K amoled?!?! Take my money ! If only it were on windows

  32. Akash oomman says:

    2:00 so this guy wants an Ultrawide 21:9 screen on a laptop

  33. Radoslaw Komuda says:

    90% is "niche", lol. Problem is that people who are in this "niche" can go "iPad only" and get WAY BETTER bing for their buck. ;]

  34. Guozheng Zhu says:

    Why not 3:2? Why??

  35. Sarath Pillai says:

    Whatever counter!

  36. Diogo Santos says:

    It's pretty much like my 200$ Chromebook.

  37. Mr Fidget says:

    Bruh os

  38. Janson says:

    I think the camera on the keyboard is good, at least you got options right?? People, is he complaining about the placement of the camera or a camera in a 2 in 1??

  39. Phillip Vassallo says:

    What's the 10% it's missing?

  40. Brendan Smith says:

    I love my $1000 Google Pixelbook. Worth every penny.

  41. Erfan Hadadpour says:

    Seriously I am worrying about Apple

  42. Jeromie Ocampo says:

    OMG this has everything I want. 4k AMOLED in 16:9 with a stowable pen!!! Instant buy for me.

  43. Aaron Telander says:

    They couldn’t make this a windows machine? 😢

  44. Cloud says:

    Why is he talking like 16:10 is the standard? 16:9 is standard. 16:10 is the new shift.

  45. Tim R. says:

    That huge chin just looks horrible… the Rest is fine but $999 for a Chromebook with a stupid 16:9 screen and 1MP Webcam… nope.

  46. Doctor Brain says:

    Since the processor isn't ARM, I think there's definitely a way to install Windows 10 or Linux on this chromebook manually.

  47. Young Cheong says:

    The device itself is nice but I don't know anyone with a chromeos notebook. Not worth a grand investment

  48. AlexikFTW says:

    Why would I ever pay 1000 dollars for a "computer" which can't do any advanced stuff? It's basically useless, I couldn't even use it in school because it misses wordmat and my other math programs…

    The only thing it's useful for is as a home laptop, instead of a tablet. But I'm not paying more than 300 dollars for that.

  49. Empire Entertainment says:

    If it ran Windows and was cheaper, it would be good.
    I bought a Mac for less than that…

  50. Al Attakora says:

    999$? Thanks but, I'd rather get the Mac pro stand…

  51. PJPF says:

    Perhaps installing Linux and booting a windows VM would make it a winner.

  52. Cameron Spears says:

    dude what is up with these $1000 chromebooks?

  53. Paul says:

    Shows you how overpriced Pixelbook go is.

  54. sin says:

    still rocking on my pixelbook

  55. Joshua Miller says:

    I fail to see how a chromebook can be “super premium”. Overpriced web browser

  56. Nosson Oirich says:

    Dieter is the best tech reviewer

  57. epicthehamster says:

    The camera on deck is what I need. But I already have a spectre x360 late 2019.

  58. kira yamato says:

    Sell it compatible with a major linux distrubution

  59. Noah Andersen says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that laptop makers make the bezels on the sides smaller, but not on the buttom?

  60. VanMan 23 says:

    Chromebooks that cost at least a $1000 should not exist. $600 is pushing it already with the Pixelbook Go, and now this?

  61. Muhammad Habib Khan says:

    They are so sick and beautiful like the surface line up.

  62. carlos53 says:

    1k for a Chromebook!!??? Chromebooks should be between 200-500 tops…

  63. Paton Cavaney says:

    What's wrong with 16:9? This is an entertainment device too.

  64. Business Momo says:

    Can we install windows?

  65. Drive4fun says:

    When you said chrome book I imagined £299 at most

  66. Ryan says:

    Does that laptop have a rash? Red is gross

  67. Dino Rodriguez says:

    Chromebooks are too far ahead of its time for simpletons to understand. 8 years strong on Chrome OS and I'm never looking back at legacy platforms. And yes, I can do more than just browse the web, I run my entire business from it.

    (love you Dieter, just caught me in the worst mood)

  68. Aidan Films says:

    absolute pity that samsung didn't put win 10 on this. With samsung's amazing hardware this could've been great.

  69. XXtheJUMPoffXX says:

    Suddenly the Pixelbook Go looks very affordable

  70. Lyserberg says:

    This looks absolutely beautiful.

  71. Paul Anderson says:

    “$999 is a lot for a Chromebook”

    $999 is a lot for any piece of consumer tech

  72. Rohan N says:

    1:08 welcome to ces ya filthy animal

  73. Yadayada says:

    90 percent of people can run 90 percent of stuffs at 90 percent of time = definition of “niche”

  74. Giovanni says:

    I think it is overpriced for a chrome book maybe 699 and it would sell like hot cakes.

  75. tofulo says:

    Wait, what is wrong with 16:9? What else would you want?

  76. David Ramirez says:

    Eww…. that’s not pretty

  77. kj says:

    where can i buy that jacket people? damn this dieter guy 😏

  78. Memes says:

    if it run windows, ill buy

  79. TheDaffiestDandelion says:

    So they Remade the Nintendo DS.

  80. Michael Horton says:

    Shouldn't the product that does what 10% of the people need 10% of the time be the niche product?

  81. 조먀두 says:

    $999 for Chromebook? meh..I will just buy iPad Pro or SurFace

  82. Benjamin Malave Jr. says:

    Actually the market for the 10% is the niche. Most people aren't professionals who run intensive apps.

  83. sunggis says:

    Cant they just make a windows version

  84. Mubin Malik says:

    Chromebooks should be no more then $200

  85. 王智波 says:

    samsung's red pixelbook

  86. rumbly in my tumbly says:

    "Nitch" he said

  87. Alex Arcade says:

    This guy making the review, Dieter Bohn,, being assumed he is a professional tech reviewer, still does not know that any current Chromebook has at its disposal, ChromeOS (that 90% of users he refers to), all Android apps with the Play Store integration, and all Linux apps, utilities and technologies (that other userbase, and more), all integrated into the same interface. Also very important, the Linux side is placed into containers that makes the developer (and non developer) work much more convenient and secure, much more agile in terms of configuration errors when setting up the development of a project, …. also this Chromebook has expandable RAM.

    He is all the time making "meh" gestures like a kid, what an unprofessional review.

    Edit: Maybe being so thin the RAM is not expandable, rather there will be a 16GB RAM option.

  88. Francisco Susana Canela says:

    Samsung make "Red Fiesta" available in all your products lines!😍

  89. Connected Textures says:

    If it’s not 16 by 9 then what? 4 by 3?

  90. Harry Hafidz says:

    So "90 percent of what 90 percent of people need to do 90 percent of the time" is called niche now?
    And then…this $999 ultra premium laptop with all those great hardware and specs that gets things done is "expensive".
    Instead, just buy $999 premium smartphones that basically waste so much of your time, because it's normal and acceptable.
    All that because it's a Chrome OS device, right? Great. Boy, how we need to be a little bit more rational here.

  91. Cool Mario Guys says:

    Does it have a touch screen

  92. Pratik kapadia says:

    I'm gonna sell my apple stand😂

  93. liquidmojo says:

    If any company was going to one up Google's Pixelbook and Pixelbook Go, I figured it would be Samsung. I'm really crossing my fingers Samsung takes the lead in the Chromebook Tablet space. The Pixel Slate was a step in the right direction and Google threw in the proverbial towel after only making a 12.9 in screen model. A 10 inch and 8 inch tablet was needed.

    Based on the Pixelbook Slate, a Chromebook tablet is a better "desktop" experience than and iPad Pro, or a Galaxy Tab S4, with full Chrome browser and extensions, and the ability to run Linux Apps in a VM container via Crostini and the ability to use a fully functional mouse pointer, while being a better tablet experience than a Surface Pro/Surface Go, especially with Google Play store apps.

    It seems like a natural progression since Samsung is making the best Android tablets hardware wise. The only hurdle is that Samsung won't be able to customize the tablet experience the same way they do with the Android platform. Even though the 13 inch 2-in-1 space is inundated with very solid offerings on both the Windows and the Chromebook fronts, I do count Samsung's 2-in-1 chromebook as a step in the right direction.

  94. rucksacks says:

    I love Chrome OS but I don't get why Google doesn't enable dual-booting Windows on devices running it. Seems like they'd sell a lot more of these high-end Chromebooks if that were so.

  95. Gary Brown says:

    Pretty nice. And it's priced exactly right for what it offers. You can't make something as precision and sell it for less. We pay as much for a Galaxy phone. The wobbly screen might bother some. If the Pixelbook Go screen doesn't wobble, that's a big advantage. Hopefully Google will throw some sales on the Go this year. Will be interesting to see if the Galaxy blows away the Pixelbook Go.

  96. Norbitek25 says:

    Verge is Apple biased. It's a waste of time watching their reviews.

  97. PANDEMONIUM says:


  98. Top Dawg says:

    I think the Hp Spectre 13 in Ceramic White is the best looking laptop ive ever seen, even though it was discontinued.

  99. Terry Chianson says:

    Can windows be installed on it?

  100. ruan says:

    Man how cool would it be if this was an actual windows laptop…

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