Sam Ovens Vs. Russell Brunson – 3 Simple Strategies To Make Money Online In 2020


All right, so today we are gonna be analyzing two different business models That is Russell Brunson. And then also Sam ovens both massively successful digital marketers entrepreneurs both make multi millions every single year and we’re gonna analyze the difference of one business model to the other and What’s the fastest best easiest way for you to actually go through and start and grow your own business because they have both very different schools of thought But I want to share with you guys What I’ve learned and going through and implementing things that Russell’s taught me as well as Sam And for those you guys been following the channel for a little while now And you know that a couple years back I was in Russell Brunson’s inner circle mastermind, and I also was an Alex Becker’s mastermind Which he had Sam Evans come and speak a couple years back and he so he spoke to a small group of us and I bought his $6,000 up level course and I I saw I’m basically long story short. I’m very familiar with both business models. Okay So let’s just break down both of these business models and how this actually affects You and helps you start and scale your own business. Okay, so let’s get Russell Brunson on one end okay, so Russell Brunson, he is the founder of clickfunnels the software company basically helps entrepreneurs with sales funnels and What he does for his business is yes is one core back end product Okay So we have front-end products and we have back-end products Front-end products are basically anything that we are running paid advertising to so like if you have a cold audience Somebody doesn’t know who you are that is kind of like running it to a front-end offer Okay, and the whole idea of a front-end offer is basically to break-even on your advertising. So if you spend $5,000 on your ads then the goal is with your front-end offers. You’re making at least $5,000 Hopefully a little bit more back out and then the real money is going to be on the back end with his click funnels Software product. Ok, so if we look at Russell He has so penny front and offers. He’s got booked funnels. He’s got webinar funnels. He’s got challenge funnels He’s got tripwire funnels. He literally has so many funnels. I can’t even keep track of them on I’m sure the same thing for you guys because there’s just so many different Funnels because he’s trying to hit all these different markets. But even back then when he was just on specific entrepreneurs He still had tons of different funnels bringing people in with all of this traffic cave And then the ultimate goal is obviously to get him on his click funnel software to get that monthly recurring revenue coming in And so then he can go through scale up the value of his company and potentially who knows maybe one day IPO or sell it now on the flip side we have Sam ovens Sam ovens also makes millions of dollars every single year and he has one simple funnel case he’s got one webinar funnel and he’s got a $2,000 product that he sells on that webinar and then if people buy the $2,000 product. He’s got kind of like another next-level course Which is called up level consulting and it’s six thousand dollars and then he has his high level mastermind twenty-five thousand dollars So a very simple business model two thousand dollars six thousand dollars twenty-five thousand dollars It’s the value ladder like Russell Brunson talks about himself Where Russell has that but he also has all these other scattered products that he has to go through and not only create the funnels he has to create the products make sure they’re great products and You could argue. Well Sam is just like one guy whereas Russell’s like Cole click funnels team Well, Sam also has a full-on team as well to help with product creation support fulfillment all those different things So I have gone through and in my own businesses you guys know I like to go through and implement an Experiment try different things that work that don’t work then obviously things that work I stick with them and scale them up But I want to share with you guys what’s worked for me and hopefully that by sharing what’s worked for me? Can help you with your own business Okay, so I have had in the past where I’ve tried so many different funnels like Russell, okay I’ve gone through and I’ve had lower ticket funnels. I’ve had different webinars multiple webinars going at the same time I’ve had high ticket funnels where it’s like You know there adds to a funnel that then they’re booking a phone call with the sales rep. I’ve had all these different things and The truth is if you are especially if you’re brand new and just getting started it is ridiculously difficult to keep track of all of the analytics and all the Money that’s going out the money that’s coming in being able to go through and say like hey this a dollar attributed to this sale over here or this one to this one or what was like the Attribution was at last click or for the woman. It was the first ad that they clicked on It just gets crazy difficult even with one funnel If you have one webinar funnel and you’re running ads on Facebook you’re running ads on YouTube Maybe you have some youtube organic traffic. Maybe you have email traffic It’s really hard to attribute which sale or which ad is actually going through and giving you those sales now, obviously Yes You can go through and track sales inside of Facebook Ads manager Based on the ad set in the ad as well and Google Ads, but guess what that tracking is very inaccurate Okay, so it’s very difficult to really know exactly where all these sales are coming from from just a single funnel so if you were to go through and expand this and let’s say you’ve got Five hundred dollars a day going to one funnel five hundred dollars to another funnel five hundred to another funnel That’s even more difficult. Even if you’re just on one single traffic source. It’s not only difficult because You’re like kind of just like spraying yourself thin with your advertising dollars But you don’t give yourself enough data to work with to really implement and improve the funnel to the best of its ability Okay, and then on top of that not only do you have to get the funnel working? but you have so many products now that you have to go through and create and The products you not only have to create them But they have to be really good and they have to be supported and fulfilled and all these different things So it’s just you’re basically creating a ton of chaos in your business Especially if you’re just focusing on these on the front and offers so with that I like kind of Sam Evans model of going through and having One core front-end offer that I’m you you I’m putting all of my money towards with advertising Retargeting Facebook YouTube any other advertising platform going to and then I’m getting a ton of data? For this one funnel, and I’m able to optimize and implement Okay so now here’s where I Kind of differ though with what Sam Oven says and I side a little bit more with where Russell comes in with the mold Or products, okay So like if you’re going through and you’ve got this one two thousand dollar offer And then those people that buy the two thousand dollar offer That you have a six thousand dollar offer and then the people about six thousand the twenty five thousand. Well, guess what? It’s great. But you’re missing out. Like let’s say Sam ovens is generating a thousand leads. Okay, just to keep the math basic Let’s say from those thousand leads he spends I don’t know twenty thousand dollars to generate those leads and let’s say he’s making twenty five twenty thousand dollars back out So he’s breaking even okay, that’s great. And then he has these upsells of the products well from those thousand leads Let’s say he makes twenty sales Well, he only has twenty people that he can upsell to these other products these other tiers, right? Where he’s got nine hundred and eighty other people That haven’t bought from him for one reason or another that could be because they need to be nurtured a little bit more Maybe they don’t have the budget. Maybe they don’t fully trust him. There could be a whole different variety of reasons why they’re not actually going through and bind and this is where I side a little bit more with Russell where this is where it comes in handy to have multiple back-end products and back-end offers instead of having multiple front-end offers multiple back and offers So if we analyze this we’ve got one front-end product All of our advertising is going there every cold traffic dollar that we’re spending is going into this one funnel We’re optimizing this and the whole goal of this is to at least break even on our advertisements So if you’re spending ten fifty thousand a hundred thousand dollars per month, whatever it is You’re breaking even right here. And then for those people that don’t buy this initial product now we can have different product offers that we can go through a Marketer these people now it becomes extremely less expensive Marketing to people when they’re a back-end offer as opposed to multiple Front-end offers because when you’re going through and marking all these different front-end offers to cold traffic It’s very expensive because people don’t know who you are. They don’t necessarily like you they don’t I sort of trust you quite yet There’s no credibility. There’s no authority Whereas if you bring them in all through one specific funnel, and that could be a webinar funnel It could be a book funnel It could be whatever funnel that you want to go through and scale up But then you have all these different offers on the back end So for example, let’s take a look at my business and how then it can attribute to your business as well I have one webinar funnel and I bring everyone in through this webinar funnel It’s $1,000 for the ticket item And then after they come through this funnel Let’s say I get 2% of the Lisa generate to actually buy so out of every a thousand thousand people that become leads I have 20 people that actually buy like the example with Sam ovens I have nine hundred eighty people now that did not buy Well, they could have maybe not bought because I didn’t hit them with the right angle, right? So where I can go through now and have different back end products and offers I can hit them with different angles so I can have maybe a product that’s talking about Facebook Ads. Maybe another one That’s about Instagram ads. Maybe another one that’s about YouTube ads or YouTube organic leads and Or facebook messenger BOTS and all these different back-end offers One we can market to all these people for free because we have them on our email list Right, or if we’re actually spending money on advertising and retargeting well it’s extremely inexpensive because Facebook actually will show our add to our retargeting list because do they consider us is Owning that data at that point, okay so our ad costs are extremely less expensive and those people hopefully know us they like us they trust us or somewhat credible authorities with us and so now when we go through and promote those offers through like Facebook or YouTube and they’ve seen our face they knew who we Are it is? Ridiculously less expensive than if we’re marketing to cold traffic so Basically overall what I’m trying to say is what I think is best between Russells model Sam’s model is a hybrid of the two I would say if you’re just starting out Especially if you’re just starting out focus on just one Front end funnel just one product don’t even have multiple back end products until you’ve made at least 250,000 dollars. I don’t even say how a million dollars maybe in a million dollars, okay I went through I made my first million dollars focusing on just one funnel One product and then it was until after that that I started having different back-end offers So what I would do is have that one front-end offer that you’re focusing on a hundred percent Make that product extremely good make sure your fulfillments There’s your supports good and then once that’s really good, then create a nother Back-end offer. Okay. And then once that one’s solid great product great support great fulfillment Maybe you create another one and then you could have another one and these could be low end tickets. They could be high ticket They could be a variety of different price points, but basically having everyone come through through one simple source And then having all the different funnels on the back end Where you can go through and have these different products and offerings Okay So hopefully this helped and if you guys have any questions on any of this Just go ahead and drop them down in the comment section below. Also if you found this video helpful, go ahead Give it a thumbs up I’d greatly appreciate that helps the YouTube algorithm helps it get seen by a lot more people. So I would greatly appreciate that So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching If you’re not subscribed make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell and I will see you in the next video

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