hey friends, how’s it going? So today’s
video is going to be a romance ebook haul. I got this idea and this whole
video was inspired by Averie of averielovesbooks, she does this on her channel where
she goes on Amazon and finds some free Kindle books and decides to download them
without really knowing that much about them and I thought that that sounded so
fun and I wanted to do that and so I got on Amazon and I found some really good
ones that I’m really excited about so if you are interested in seeing what I got
from Amazon go ahead and keep watching. The first book that I got was finding
his mark. This is a book about a guy who’s part of like a really secretive
like special ops kind of group and I’ve been really wanting to read like a
military kind of romance because it’s been so long since I’ve read the broken
trilogy by J.L Drake and I really want to read another kind of like suspenseful
romance book. I’ve been like craving one of those. This guy that’s like a
Special Op he’s in the middle of a mission and it gets kind of like screwed
up because of this woman and so now he has to like protect her. I did just start
this one I’m not very far at all but I’m really enjoying it so far like there’s
been a lot of action and stuff and I’m excited to see where like the romance
will go so that’s the first one. Next I got two books by Elle Kennedy the first
one is Feeling Hot and this is another military romance I believe I think
it follows like a Navy SEAL and so again I’ve been wanting to read something like
that and I’ve heard good things about Kennedy before so I figured that this
would be a good one. I also got The Deal by Elle Kennedy. I think Averie
mentioned this one in her haul and I’m pretty sure that this one is still free
like last time I checked it was still free and The Deal is like a fake dating
kind of situation. It’s like a hockey player is helping this girl make some
other guy jealous and she is helping him like raise his GPA. So I’ve heard good things
about it. It’s usually one that is brought up around Smutathon time because
it is like a fake dating kind of situation so I’m excited to jump into
that one. And then I also got Sparrow by LJ Shen and I’ve been
hearing so much about this author and LJ Shen does a lot of like darker, kind of
like grittier, like borderline problematic romances and I’ve never
heard anyone talk about this one but it was free with like the prime, Amazon
Prime like membership so I wanted to give it a shot.
It’s about a girl who is like forced to marry a mob “fixer” and you guys
know I love anything with the mob and mobsters, mafia you know all those things
enforcers or cleaners, fixers whatever – I love that stuff so I’m excited to give
this one a try as well I’ve heard such good things about this author. And then I
got Heart of the Fae by Emma Hamm and Averie has talked about this one a lot.
This is like a Fae Beauty the Beast retelling and of course I love Fae I’ve
always here for good Beauty and the Beast retelling. I know that there are like a
million and a half of them on the market right now, but I don’t know I just feel
like there’s so many different ways that you can do this fairy tale and I just
love every single time it’s done. Then I got A Nordic King by Karina Halle.
This one follows like a widowed King of Denmark and he forms a relationship with
the nanny of like his kids and this is another one I’ve been hearing about like
around Smutathon time because it’s kind of like a taboo, forbidden romance
because he’s with his nanny. I’m here for that one. I also got Discretion by the
same author and kind of like the little tagline like description really sucked
me in because it says, “a delicious saga of wealth luxury and scandal and the
wicked secrets of success behind an envied family dynasty.” It sounds like
it’s going to be right up my alley. And then these next two are also very very
exciting I got two by Penelope Douglas. The first one is Corrupt and I put this
one on a few TBRs before but it’s about this guy and this girl. This girl is
like dating his younger brother but her and him have always kind of had like a
connection and five years ago or however long in the past she’s the reason that a
bunch of his friends went to jail and so they’re getting out of jail now and
they’re trying to like make her life a living hell
and I’ve just heard it’s like really dark and very gritty
this is also like the first book in a series that follows each of the guys in
that group and I’ve heard really good things about it. The other one I got is Punk
57 this is like the kind of pen pals like situation. I don’t know too much
about it other than that and I’m almost a hundred percent sure that this one was
only free for that one day so I don’t think it’s free anymore but I’ve heard
good things about this one as well. Next I got Vicious Prince by Lily St. Germain
and this is one that I think is going to be really dark as well. It’s like a Romeo
and Juliet kind of retelling situation. So it says it’s, “set in the criminal
underbelly of San Francisco following two warring families who are ruled by
blood power and twisted desire.” So I’m super excited for that one. Next I got
The Ones That Got Away by Ronnie Loren. I know that Averie has talked about this
one at some point and this is the first book in a series that follows people who
12 years in the past were in a school shooting and they were the ones
to survive so they were like the “ones that got away” and this is like a second
chance romance. These two people, like after that event, kind of grew apart but
now they’re coming back together and I have found that I really like
second-chance romances so I think that maybe this one will be a winner for me.
Next I got another really exciting one, this is Pennies by Pepper Winters.
Chandler Ainsley talked about this one in her like darker romance books because I think
this one deals with like human trafficking? Something like that, like I
don’t really remember all of it but I know that she talked about it so I
wanted to pick it up. I’m sure that there’s a lot of triggers in this one so
be mindful of that before you jump into it. I really trust her opinion especially
with romance because I feel like she’s read a lot and like – I think we have
pretty similar taste. Next I got a very very exciting one, a book I’ve been
wanting to read forever and that’s Honor by JL Drake. This is the first
book in the Blackstone series. It’s a spin-off of the Broken series that I’ve
talked about a lot on my channel that follows like these group of men who were
all in like Special Forces of the military. This is like the spin off of that. It
follows other men that were in the Blackstone group. I love this author and
these are like romantic suspense which I’ve been really wanting to read and I
love these characters I love this author so I’m so
excited to jump into this one. Then finally we have The Pawn by Skye Warren and
I wanted to pick this one up because Lainey from gingerreadslainey talks
about Skye Warren a lot. I kno that she’s read pretty much all of Skye Warren’s
books and so I trust her opinion and I want to get into it. I think that this is
another like darker romance? It’s definitely a darker one this girl has to
like sell her virginity to pay for her family or something. It’s the first book in
a series so yeah. It is a little bit like on the darker side but I think maybe I’m
just kind of in the mood for a darker romance or romantic suspense something
like that, and since Lainey talked about it I trust her and so I picked
this one. So that was everything for my e-book haul. Let me know if you guys
enjoyed this and maybe I’ll do one of these in the future. Thank you so much
for watching if you made it this far and I will talk to you in my next one.
see ya

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9 thoughts on “ROMANCE E-BOOK HAUL”

  1. City of books says:

    This is a very fun video who doesn’t love Romance books lol

  2. onthefritz says:

    Love this! I'll need to do one too since I've been accumulating so many free romances as well! 😅
    SO bummed I missed out on Punk 57…

  3. Books4Life says:

    I dont typically read romance, but lately I've been itching to pick some up. I'll have to check these out on Amazon!

  4. Ace Hardy says:

    love is divine 💯

  5. ShelbyTaggart Reads says:

    The Ones Who Got Away series is so good!! I loved all the books in it so far 🥰

  6. Reader Life says:

    This was a really fun video 😊 love all the books you got

  7. averielovesbooks says:

    Girlie you’re looking so cute!!💕
    Yaaas I love Heart of the Fae!! I hope you do too:)
    Great haul Amy! I’m totally going to check some of these out

  8. Wilde Book Garden says:

    I really want to get to Heart of the Fae soon!
    this was such a fun video Amy! <3 also your look is SO CUTE

  9. Earl Grey Books says:

    I LOVE The Deal. I'm a big fan of ice hockey and books about it, and it's just a really fun series. I hope you enjoy it!

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