Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink debuts his new book on leadership skills


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100 thoughts on “Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink debuts his new book on leadership skills”

  1. Street Cat says:

    I was forced to sit through a SEAL motivational speaker class a few years ago . The dude and the class was torture

  2. Joe Mancilla says:

    Another Welfare Queen 4life bigotry and hate pays very well ask a Republican and criminal Trump

  3. Alan Ford says:

    Jocko Willink is exactly what I thought a Navy SEAL Commander would look

  4. CaLV Yo'eL says:

    Wait, who wrote/will write this book. Listening, I feel like he beat me to the (beginning of a good) write. Definitely gonna buy this one. Gratze.

  5. Sheriff Of Nothingbutham says:

    Meanwhile dumb Liberals try to fake hate crimes and sexual assaults to sell their books to other dumb Liberals.

  6. Bill G says:

    Jocko s a beast.

  7. Unavailable Username says:

    I liked the SEALS better when they kept to themselves.

  8. kalbs89 says:

    Will this be an audible book?

  9. Mike Trevino says:

    Joe rogan and jocko get into deep conversation inthe podcasts.

  10. Harry Henderson says:

    'it said'…

  11. LostInPA says:

    By the way he has an excellent podcast on YouTube with great interviews and personal lessons. Worth checking out. 👍

  12. Talmar Patterson says:

    So he's a book selling retired navy pig warmonger same oh memo !

  13. CagedLadie says:

    Hmmmmm. Have a class on MK Ultra. We need to understand.

  14. Real Christian. says:

    He just attacked trump because trump is none of them things he said is needed to be a leader😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!Trump is not humble and thinks he knows it all and more😂Trump has no integrity 🤣

  15. nitla asalp says:

    Come help save the white Southern California surfer. We are dying out west. Please come help us. Sending out a sos help please

  16. Gregory Malchuk says:

    I wonder his f0rrskin.

  17. Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Too bad Impeached Trump cannot read.

  18. Kevin Morrison says:

    Should give this book to every loser democrat in Congress. Might just help them come to their senses!

  19. The Teflon Don says:

    I'm buying this book

  20. Green Bastard says:

    I like Jocko. Always a pleasure listening to him on podcasts. A fine role model for people.

  21. Katie Gonzales says:

    My husband and I love Jocko! ❤️

  22. Sullen Taylor says:

    Have Christian Rapper Tyson James on your show!! Anti-PC Pro Trump MAGA Rapper!!

  23. Planet Bolshevik says:


  24. Melina Hernandez says:

    I really like this guy! He’s awesome.

  25. simpha thron says:

    Respect from 🇮🇹 ! 💪🏻🇺🇸 il suo primo libro ( Mai dire MA ) è fantastico!

  26. Fellow White Person says:

    Is there a audiobook in Yiddish..

  27. Horace Rumpole says:

    She's diggin' Jocko-

  28. Daniel Walter says:

    Jocko is a beast and a great American patriot.

  29. alivaja says:

    Give free copy of the book to Donald J. Trump.

  30. 1000 says:

    Rogan bought me here

  31. D S says:

    But what about strippers with donuts?

  32. Chatla Suresh says:

    Jocko real robot humanoids whom plays Tulsi Gabbard military jobs.

    Amazon bookies.

  33. Chatla Suresh says:

    Hey you u u name him Jocko like kojja 0.5robot's.


  34. David Adrian says:

    God bless our Veterans

  35. RagaSHOT says:

    Idiot manchild trump should read his book

  36. Chatla Suresh says:

    How is the rising up from the white covering cloth of out of the tomb into glorious throne. The rise of the KING Y'SHUA 🤴🏻🕎 to crush the serpent🐍🐉 and going after😡🛡🗡🏹 dome of rock.

    How's that ME👸🏻girls ME👸🏻CHERUB😉. So many events unfolded and destroyed the false parallel world television's.

  37. eagle landed on jupiter says:

    Fox good news

  38. Trust Jesus says:

    I like his tea.

  39. Josh_Gnu says:

    How is this different from those management training sessions? Just a money grab.

  40. BoundSpirit says:

    jocko! mah boy!

  41. Ursula. M says:

    He is hot.

  42. Brian Wilson says:

    Never understood those which do nothing but take orders and repeatedly follow wrote books about leading.

  43. phil savage says:

    Jocko is a savage

  44. Dave says:

    Jocko is an American hero, I highly recommend his podcast… it’s life changing

  45. Alan Mešanović says:

    Wrong "news" channel, mr. willink!


  46. Sway Guevara says:

    How about debuting a book on the USS Liberty, navy is corrupt!

  47. Mike Perkins says:

    P.S., Ask him what he thinks about Trump pardoning a handful of war criminals?

  48. Bosingr says:

    Anytime I see Jocko, I know it's going to be Good!

  49. Trey D says:

    Okay then based on Jocko, Trump is the worst leader of all time. Sounds about right.

  50. Ricky Dschaak says:

    LST 👍👍

  51. zsys says:

    Send the book to the Commander in Chief !!!! A veteran like YOU should support someone who is honest, integer, careful, responsible. Unfortunatly for fox News : THAT IS BERNIE SANDERS

  52. Todestanz says:

    Jocko believes in truth and the constitution….y'all have turned your backs on that and worship the golden ox.

  53. RM says:

    Trump is the world’s worst leader!

  54. Justice Boofer says:

    No bone spurs on Jocko. 🤔

  55. BakedBlueDevil says:

    Send Trump a copy

  56. Kyle White says:

    To be honest i find Jocko to be a bi**, I've heard him many times babbling sh* on Trump.

  57. Jessie Cornelius says:

    Love the name.❣️❣️❣️

  58. thatch says:

    Nice to see on Fox Jocko, I've been following you for years and your success is great to see.

  59. Terry Daktyl says:

    Military people basking in their own glorification dampens any accomplishments they may have achieved.

  60. Warren C says:

    Good life coping skills in this book I bet, along with leadership skills.

  61. William Albert says:

    We’re is echo Charles 😂

  62. Sevlija Blazevic says:

    Truump should read this book, if he can read ! If not Mamlania can, shes good in 5 languages. And wind is cancerogenic and coal cleen …

  63. Vanguard says:

    Love jockos podcast I recommend him 100% love all his book can’t wait to get a copy of his new book!

  64. Paul Browning says:

    His YouTube channel is boring

  65. Stjepan Blagaj says:

    well done Jocko excellent man

  66. Ray Kelly says:

    Funk Bloomberg bitchass

  67. 116dwi says:

    Excellent pitch of your new book. You only had a few moments to present and you used that time effectively. Nice job.

  68. Ronald Avery says:

    He's know hero Remember when trump told McCain he was no hero.

  69. Night NDay says:

    Dont act like you know everything.. i need to work on that

  70. Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast says:

    He's suffering baldness!

  71. Paul Fugate says:

    Wow Jocko made all the little bitches come out of the woodwork lol just read all the comments they left lol….. bitches!

  72. Nさえこ says:

    Trump is a Russian asset

  73. Jaded Cynic says:

    I like the guy. He obviously has more than average neanderthal geneology. (not an insult).

  74. ALICE says:

    The truth is the leadership in the Air Force, as far as I know, is opposite to what it should be, just read NCO daily post on FB, nearly 95% of leaders are not humble, they are not humble and could not care for their subordinates Military should not just say things nicely and yet, on the contrary, they are not.

  75. Victor says:

    Jocko 2024 🇺🇸

  76. Jovarans Guplar says:


  77. DefinitelyNotDan says:

    “Have integrity” … fights in immoral, unconstitutional, and detrimental wars.

  78. Joel Sattler says:

    Trump dishonored the Seals.

  79. Rye Rye 6iX says:

    Great podcast…. can't imagine his book being anything less 👍

  80. Clochi Bogmarsh says:

    That section he read is so amazing wisdom, maybe people to listen

  81. Ballistic Bob says:

    Yay!…lets all be brainwashed into debt slave indentured servants for the new american aristocracy🤗

  82. MrBestshot33 says:

    He's a beast!

  83. Jesse Smith says:

    Great segment.

  84. Las Vegas Nevada says:

    Always support American troops

  85. luis vargas says:


  86. Travis Silcox says:

    Jocko is great, he has a good podcast too for anyone who's interested in learning more.

  87. Dona Herndon says:

    Great to see our heroes make it big. God bless, Jocko.

  88. Noah says:

    I'd love for Jocko to run for congress in my district (CA-52) against Scott Peters. This used to be a Red district, but I think Jocko would do well as an independent in the era of hyper partisanship.

  89. David Aponte says:

    "Have INTEGRITY" you must be supporting Tulsi Gabbard, because she has it in droves.

  90. David Aponte says:

    Real dignity. Tulsi Gabbard for President.

  91. David Aponte says:

    Real honor. Tulsi Gabbard for President.

  92. David Aponte says:


  93. David Aponte says:

    Real veteran. Not a draft dodger. Tulsi Gabbard for President.

  94. John Doe says:

    Great man! Thank you for your service Jocko!

  95. omnia resipsaloquitor says:

    this viet vet labor relations consultant and corporate labor relations director of the old fortune 500 knows this,,,,,,,,,,strong arm fear management types are best suited to being union organizers, business agents, shop stewards and contract negotiators,,,,,,,,you cant lead with those bully boy tactics in the beta male sissified world of the fortune 1000 corporations anymore. you will be called TOXIC,,,,,,by the ladies and gays,,,,,,,,and it never worked in my time either except for the company owner operators, board chairs, ceos and prexys,,,,,,,civilians have no brass or stripes ,,,,,,,just brains or not? but i did hear that gary cohn liked to throw his weight around at goldman sachs.,,,,, the nicest gentleman negotiator i ever knew on the union side was with the notorious and rightly feared international brotherhood of teamsters who might otherwise be your kindly uncle.

  96. Greg Prince says:

    Jockos children's book is a must have for all parents. Highly recommend it.
    He has a way of putting it on paper that is eye opening

  97. KnightInShiningASMR says:

    Has Jocko used FIGJAM in his book?
    We in Australia stole it from you Americans to describe people who think they know everything. Everything except a way to solve a problem.

  98. Arnold Davis says:

    He is a giant douchebag

  99. Dan Sage says:

    Why didn’t she ask her question!??

  100. Mr. X says:

    #1 advice always own up to your mistakes and always use please and thank you. It’ll get you a long way in life. 👍

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