réparer 3 bip Macbook air //RAM // fix 3bip problem on macbook air


Hello everyone coffee lovers with sugar today I’m coming to with a special problem It’s an apple problem APPLE. With pretty good products It depends (laughs) but here I’m with a Macbook Air (2011) Which as this problem : (Written in the vidéo title) ->BELOW bla bla bla bla I’m trying to power on it [bip][bip][bip] the screen is black then a silence then [bip][bip][bip] the a silence then… I’ll power off it It will not disturb us anymore ok It’s the same problem with the tightning cable hum… it will maybe charge the battery and same problem [BIP][BIP][BIP]…[BIP][BIP][BIP]… Everybody says that we can’t fix it… but there is a solution for a new life a “fatal” solution with a little bit of surgery you will get there ! no time to continue subtitles for today 😉 Ok… On the apple website, we can see that the 3 bip problem comes from the RAM But On a Macbook air like this one, we can’t remove the RAM because
the ram is integrated into the motherboard let’s disassemble the Macbook now hum… there are 10 screws 3 + 3=6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (
the account is good !) unscrew them (now !) let’s go, it’s pretty simple 2 screws are longer here they are lift the hood let’s remove the battery 5 screws do not force don’t forget to
disconnect the battery don’t touch the speakers remove this flex cable then. the touchad flex let’s remove the SSD there is a screw under hum… disconnect the screen then, remove the fan there are 3 screws 1 2 3 disconnect the flex don’t mix the screws let’s unscrew all screws on the motherboard 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ! (yes, I can count) the 7th screw is hidden by a cable 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ! ok. before removing the motherboard disconnect wifi and bluetooth cables do not force a wire discomfort throw away the rest of the Macbook 😉 here are the ram to solve the problem we should replace them but this is very complicated without any material we just need a heat gun to recast solder balls under each memory and restore continuity let’s heat ! protect your table 😉 the motherboard must be flat! basic heater :p it heats at 500°C Max you must stay 10 seconds on each memory stay within 1 centimeter of memory 1 centimeter=0,393701 inch pay attention to what is next to the memory it will make noise don’t touch the motherboard it’s very hot wait approximatly 30 min see you soon ! do everything in the other way it’s okay ? sorry, I’m bad in english if you can help me that would be great ! Ok… are you ready ? tadaaaaaaaaaam ! here is my name and my password which is : ______ shit everything works ! let’s conclude with a heat gun and screwdriver we can repair THIS I hope it worked for you It was me thanks for watching ! bye !

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5 thoughts on “réparer 3 bip Macbook air //RAM // fix 3bip problem on macbook air”

  1. Rchd Turo says:

    La qualité vidéo et sonore est vraiment top! Mais la vidéo aurait mérité quelques accélérations (ou cuts) qd tu dévisses par exemple 😉 Beau travail sinon !

  2. Wal Kyrie says:

    C'est juste formidable ! Mon MBA 2011 vient d'avoir ce même problème. Curieux d'ailleurs !!! Epidémie ?!!! Bref, machine apportée chez itribu et la réponse est sans appel : Pas de réparation sur ces machines "vintages". J'avais vu sur le site Apple ce problème de Ram mais aucune solution si ce n'est de rapporter la bête en SAV (mais comme il ne répare pas, blablabla, on tourne en rond…). Merci de me redonner espoir ! 🙂

  3. Pierre-A. Gallais says:

    Salut Cyril, ravi de trouver ta vidéo j’ai aussi un MBA mi-2011 avec le même symptôme.
    J’aimerai aller plus loin et investir en changeant mes GB de RAM mais tu dis dans ta vidéo qu’il faut plus de matériel, à part de la „flux“, le liquide visqueux, je ne vois pas ce qu’il faudrait de plus, à moins que je ne me trompe? Merci pour ta vidéo et pour ta réponse 🙂 Ciao!

  4. Bambang Triyanto says:

    How if it still not working? What should i do?

  5. Geekcoc says:

    Bonjour je suis en cours de l'opération je te tiens au courant

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