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17 thoughts on “REORGANISING MY BOOKSHELVES…again lol”

  1. Bar Avraham says:

    First comment!

  2. Bar Avraham says:

    Hi Hannah

  3. Destinee Swift says:

    I love that I have found your channel 💕💕 and also I'm glad I found another bts fan 💕💕 hello fellow ARMY!!!

  4. Trisha Barua says:

    We stan a bookshelf video <3

  5. Ileana Martinez says:

    Your rainbow shelf looks lovely ❤️

  6. Leigh Loves Reading says:

    I be stan for your bookshelf Reorganization’s.

  7. Javi Neira says:

    TAKE MY HANDS NOW, YOU'RE THE CAUSE OF MY EUPHORIA, Jungkook baby 😍. Love that you are an ARMY too!!

  8. Javi Neira says:

    Did you see my bag? (I want a lot of books there ) 🎶💋

  9. Maëlle C. says:

    Bookshelves reorganisation or dance party ? who can tell ?(not complaining haha)
    And it looks greaaaaat !

  10. awanderingmind says:

    Your bookshelves look great 😍

  11. flyingvorka says:

    Yaassssss queen! I really could watch these videos over and over again.

  12. Tammie Møller says:

    I feel Like u need a new bookshelf so u have 2🤪, a good idea for a vlog in ikea maybe 😅that could be an excuse 😂

  13. books & coffee with romie says:

    this video was like so satisfying to watch

  14. books & coffee with romie says:

    and omg the maths and physics books! I have the ones for astronomy and planet earth!

  15. Positive Writer says:

    You jamming at the beginning that's my mood skfkflfkf

  16. with cinnamon, please says:

    love the editing! they look so pretty ^^

  17. Orla Watson says:

    intro of the century

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