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[music] [music} Did you know that you can renew your library
books on-line? That’s right – you don’t have to come into
the library to renew your books. From the library homepage, select the “My
Library Account” link. Next, enter your last name and student ID. From the log in home screen, select the “Items
currently checked out” link. Now you can see all of the books that you
have checked out. For each book, take a look at the status. Here you can see your due dates and the number
of times a book has been renewed. From this screen, you can: — renew all of your books by clicking the
“Renew All” button. You will be asked if you want to proceed
– you must click “yes” — you can also check specific books, and
then click the “Renew Selected” button So I have two books here that are due in a
few days…I am going to select “Renew Selected” And again, I’m asked if I want to proceed. I must click “yes” to actually renew the books And now you will see down below in bold that
these two books have been renewed You can only renew books before or on the
due date. You cannot renew books on-line if they are
overdue. Books that do not have any holds can be renewed
up to two times. Reserve textbooks cannot be renewed online. If you have any questions about renewing you
books online, go to the circulation desk in the DVC Library.

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