Removing Dust from Library books


hello and thank you for joining us again
at that new life restorations YouTube channel at the moment we were just doing a job which
involves a few books which need some inaudible dusting so what we’ve got is these cages and we’re actually getting the books
out one by one and we’re using HEPA vac bench here and our HEPA vacuum to take the dust out of the books. If you come here a little closer, we will have a closer look and see what the problem is okay so now we’re over here at the HEPA vacuum bench and basically we’ve got three people here
we’ve got somebody taking the books of the shelves and making sure they’re in the right
order and we’ve got another person here who’s sucking all the dust off of these books
and we’ve got the other person here that is also repacking the books in the correct order. Okay so let’s explain
a bit more about this HEPA bench we’ve got a HEPA filtration unit below
and basically all the dust that comes off these books this whole process is going to get sucked
down into this unit into the filter and it’s the same process that’s happening
inside our vacuum, we’ve got a little the filter inside there as well like instead of the air just blowing out the other end having dust contaminating other items, it’s actually just
going to get sucked into that filter and contain the contamination

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4 thoughts on “Removing Dust from Library books”

  1. Tim Kingston says:

    Great work Lex. Awesome video!!

  2. wamblue says:

    …if your using a hepa-vac… Why the mask…!

  3. Crescent Moon says:

    I would've preferred more of the dusting less of the talking.

  4. Radek 86 says:

    How often should i clean dust from books?

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