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– Hey, what’s up YouTube fan. Brandon Weaver here once again. We’re talking about removing an eviction from a secret bureau
and how that can help you. Also we got a nice review testimonial and make sure you hit the subscribe button and the notification
bell for when I go live, because some of this has been
over in our live streams. And this is an individual
who has utilized some of the live stream
information and has found this secret bureau stuff, and is getting negative nasty stuff like
evictions off their reports. So let’s get into it right now, okay. So, this individual says, “Hello, I have a question disputing an eviction. I’m in the process of getting
all my consumer reports.” Which we’ve talked about here. I have a weeks worth of live streams that talks about every
consumer reporting bureau out there that you can take
a look at if you need to. All right, so. “Getting all the reports from
the list of the agencies. I didn’t see any evictions on my credit reports, the big three. But, I found one on Contemporary
Information Corporation.” CIC, okay. “On this consumer report, the CIC report, there was no eviction
in the primary search, but in the secondary repository search, there was an eviction.” Now she goes on to ask,
“How could this be?” Because she was simply a tenant. Apparently, if you’re
staying with some friends or whatever and you don’t sign in a lease, how could that potentially be an eviction. So that’s the scenario she’s in. Okay, so now the person
or company or whomever is leasing this residence out had their initial person, the
person who signed the lease. They’re just staying there. If you’re just staying there, hanging out with your buddies staying with some friends for a period of time, you can’t necessarily be considered somebody on the lease unless
you sign on the dotted line. Okay, now, it is up to
the apartment managers, the apartment complex, the company, to reach out, to have
those things in place. I know, I’ve been in apartments where they say, “Hey,
if somebody stays beyond a week or two or something like that, you have to let us know. You
have to put them on the lease.” We have to go through
that or they’ll reach out. But, in this scenario,
since there’s no lease, there’s no signed contract,
there’s no nothing. This CIC, and this is why it’s probably not on the big three. This is why it’s not on anywhere else. And it’s not in the primary search, but only in the secondary repository. But what I want to let you know, is these secret bureaus, or these less known bureaus right,
these smaller bureaus, the CIC, Contemporary
Information Corporation, might hold and house
information like that. So she was a little worried I said, “Hey, you know, you
dispute this nasty negative stuff off. You know, you
can say there’s no contract, please verify, please
show me this contract. Let me see this lease,
there isn’t anything. And get this out of there.” Because she’s trying to move. Trying to get her own place. Trying to make sure that she’s good to go. And doesn’t want to have to worry about some weird, unverified, inaccurate information on there. All right, so, if this video is helping you out, give a thumbs up. Hit the subscribe button, the bell for notifications. You can do this work for yourself too. We can do the work for you at The Awesome Life Group all right. We got a great review here from Fernando. He says, “In less than half a year.” In less, and so here we go. Less than half a year. So half a year is six months. So in less than six months. “With your program my credit score has gone from 550 to 730. I just want to thank you for everything. You guys are amazing.” Well Fernando, you are amazing. Everyone here on the Subscribe Tribe, everybody who’s watching is amazing. You want to get your credit squared away, We can do the work for you
at The Awesome Life Group. I really appreciate you. We are a great, great tribe here. We’re having a great
time on the live streams. It’s been wonderful,
people are very positive. So I want to see you
on those live streams. Hit the bell for notifications and until I see you in person, I will
see you on the other side. Take care.

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