Relationship Advice For Unhappy Couples Working Together – How To Save Your Relationship Part 2

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(upbeat music) – G’day Gorgeous, I’m Amanda Jane, and in this video, is is part
two on relationship advice for unhappy couples who work together. Now hopefully you watched the last video, and of course if you stick around to the end of this video, if you do not have my seven
step LIVE NOW Formula, that helps you live your dreams in health, wealth, and happiness, stick around to the end of this and you can get your hands
on that absolutely free. This is the exact same
formula that I created and live my life by and so
do thousands of other people who now, not just dream
about their dreams, but actually live their dreams. So let’s get into part two. On the last video I talked about divvying up your jobs in the work place, especially if you’re in business together, I’ve been in business with my husband for something like 16 years, we’ve had 14 different businesses together and I understand that there is friction when you work together, and play together, but of course, at the end of the day, this is about staying together, having a happy and harmonious
life for as long as you can. And sometimes business
gives you so much pressure that you take the stresses home and you start squabbling and sometimes, because I’ve in this boat myself, you start to go in a downward spiral and you feel that there’s no way out. Let me assure you that if
you follow the formula, especially the LIVE NOW Formula that I’m going to give you
at the end of this video, you will climb out of
that hole of frustration and anxiety, and sometimes
even depressions, because I get that business
has its own pressures, even more so sometimes than
personal relationships. So, after my husband and I
divvied up all of our jobs inside of our business into color codes, we took responsibility,
we made a commitment and we stuck to those, we
really stuck to those colors each and every day. And so instead of arguing
each and every afternoon, we’d check in with each other, and would say, “How did you
go with all the pink jobs?” “How did you go with the blue jobs?” “What happened to the purple jobs?” And of course, the green jobs, which we focused on the income
coming into the business, was always a priority, and that’s the sort of green
job that I took care of most of the time and of course, each of us had full
responsibility in our own space. But what happens after work? Sometimes you go to work and you’re in this sort of space, and you have this sort of energy going on, and you’ve got a mask,
especially if you’ve got staff, we had 14 staff at one stage, and so you have this business mask on. But then what happens when you come home at the end of the day? You’re now trying to be a partner, you might be a mum or a dad, a girlfriend or a boyfriend,
or a lover, or a friend, interacting with your family, and you’ve got this work mask on, but then when you go home, it’s a different mask, and
sometimes you lose your way, I understand that, because
that was my story as well. But here’s the thing, another
thing that saved our marriage, and we’ve been married now for 22 years, and mostly happy, of
course, like every couple, we have our ups and downs, our good days and our bad days, but that is normal, because
life is not one sided of course. But here’s what we did
to overcome that stress of wondering how do we
go from our business mask to our every day mask? We sat down, and wrote
out lists of agreements, things in our life that we
no longer wanted to tolerate, things that we wanted to achieve together, and we made these commitments, and we wrote out our big, chief aim, and the things that we
used to dream about. And also to really dissolve any angst and any arguments. What we would try and do each afternoon is not just talk about work. Now work and business is
a massive part of our life and maybe it is a massive
part of yours as well, but we also focused on the fun things. We would make plans for travel, and even, when we first
started our business, we didn’t have much money and we couldn’t afford to
go oversees or anything so we used to plan picnics in the park, we used to plan long
walks along the beach, we used to plan just watching
movies and going out on dates. And finding ways to keep
the fun in your life. This is the problem for most people, they take life so damn seriously, they forget to have fun and adventure. So ask yourself, what fun and
adventure do you have planned with your partner? The other thing that we did is because we work together all day, we play together, we’re married, we made sure that each of us
had our own separate lives, as in our own friends, and I would go out with
my friends occasionally, maybe once a week, once a fortnight, he would do the same and
go out for a card night, or to the movies, just
to get away from the, not to get away from the relationship, but to get away and just
be normal for a while, because if you are in business
and you work together, you will know exactly what I’m saying. Sometimes business can really entrap you into a certain way of thinking and a certain way of being. But here’s the truth, at the end of the day, we
are all seeking freedom, we are all seeking happiness, and we are all seeking balance, and if you just focus on work and you get really rigid,
then there’s no balance. Take the time, and this is
another thing that we do, every day, we take the time each morning to work on our health, so
we go to the gym every day, my husband goes surfing almost every day, I got to the beach almost every day. Maybe for you it might be
a walk around the block, a walk in the country, a bush walk, whatever suits you, make sure you get out and you touch with Mother Nature, take a moment for yourself, then we have a breakfast together, before we get into our work day. We don’t turn on the
phones when we wake up, we allow ourselves to
have at least two hours without turning on the phones,
without looking at emails, without letting the
day take over our life. Now this might sound simplistic to you but I can assure you, from all
the people I have mentored, that sometimes the phone and the emails really ruin relationships because what happens is, you’re allowing everybody’s else problems and everybody else’s stuff to overtake what’s important for you. So, my advice is, to make
sure you take the time to make lists of things you
want to achieve in your life, you tick them every day, work
on your top three priorities, each and every morning that are important and meaningful for you, and that are taking you steps
closer to your dream outcome. And take the time just to be, spend time with each other,
just being normal human beings, move the business to the side, and be grateful for the moments, I think that’s a really big thing is just learning to be
grateful for the moments and the special times before your business, your staff, and the work day takes over. So gorgeous, I hope you
took down some notes there, again, be sure to subscribe to my channel, ring the bell so you are
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seven step LIVE NOW Formula, that gives you a life by design in health, wealth, and happiness. Okay, I look forward to seeing you on the next video gorgeous. Bye for now. (upbeat music)

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