REARRANGING MY BOOKSHELVES | Bookish Vlog | June 11-17

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Hi everyonS, it’s Wandy and today I’m back
with another weekly bookish vlog and as you can see from my background, I have
finally finished rearranging my room and my bookshelves are now complete. So over
the weekend, I wasn’t vlogging, but I was filming me moving all my books, moving my bookshelves and then putting all my books back on, so I’m going to insert
clips from that and I hope you enjoy. I finished putting all the books that
were on the floor back on the shelf. I do have a lot of shelf space. Right now, I’m
going to take off all the books from this shelf so that I can eventually move
these shelves to this wall. All right, so my bookshelves are now
completed. There is this weird empty spot right here but I’m just going to leave
it because if I push the shelf further in, then it’s just gonna block this whole
thing so I’m just gonna leave it like that because this is going to be my
filming bookshelves anyways. My bed is finally moved but I just had a brilliant
idea to do this to my bookshelves so as you can see with this one, I’m starting
to tilt it out so that it just looks nicer and that there’s not that empty
blank space in between these two bookshelves. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this because I’m loving how it’s turning out.
I think it really like transforms this area and I’m really happy with how it
looks right now. Time for the big reveal this is how my book shows currently look
and I’m so happy with it. I think it looks beautiful in its entirety. That’s
pretty much it. After a month I am finally done rearranging my room. This is
what my bookshelf currently looks like and I’m so happy with it. This was quite
a long process because I kept procrastinating everything. I’m really
excited to start filming in front of these bookshelves because my window is
directly in front of me instead of like having half of my face
lit so it was hard to play around with lighting in my videos but now that my
windows are directly in front of me, lighting should be a lot better and I’m
really excited about that. Today is Monday, June 11th. I work from
10:00 to 5:00 p.m. today and right now, it’s about a 8:26 so I’m about to leave my
house in like 40 minutes. Since I made a really quick and light breakfast, I have
a lot of time to chill. On my way to work, I plan on picking up Till Death by
Jennifer L. Armentrout. I don’t have a physical copy of the book
I just checked it out from my library so I’m going to be reading it on my Kindle.
All I know is that it’s a mystery/ thriller book. I just want to read
something that’s really fast and entertaining and typically, that is what
Jennifer L. Armentrout’s books are, so I’m excited to pick this book up and
hopefully, I enjoy it. It is now about 6:35 p.m. I’m currently working on
editing my BookExpo/BookCon vlog. It’s not really a vlog. It’s more of a montage
video. Pretty much everyone I know has already posted their vlogs, posted their
hauls, and here I am, just beginning to edit my vlog. And I still
haven’t filmed my BookExpo/BookCon haul yet, which I plan to do it sometime this weekend.
It’s about 8:40 p.m. right now and I’m currently on chapter six of Till Death.
That’s about 16% through the book. I am enjoying it so far. What I know about
this book so far is that it follows this girl named Sasha. When she was 19 years
old, she was kidnapped. She did escape the kidnapping but she ended up going to
college far away from the town that she was born in and now the story is taking
place ten years later as she’s coming back home and dealing with everything
that’s going on at home. That’s pretty much all I know about the book so far so
I’m going to continue reading for a bit until I go to bed. So it’s about 5:18
p.m. I got home from work about thirty minutes ago but after I got off work I
went to H&M so that I can buy some business casual clothes because I have
an internship next semester and the dress code is business casual and I
don’t have a lot of business casual clothes so I decided to start doing some
shopping for that. The lighting in this corner of my room sucks but this is
basically the outfit that I bought. Ignore the background for now. I know
it’s a mess. I bought three pairs of shoes and I just tried them on. This is a
shirt that I got from H&M. It’s about ten dollars. It has this floral pattern print
on it. I think it’s really cute and then I bought these dress pants. They’re
perfect on my waist but then they’re like really baggy in like my butt area
and on my thighs so I don’t know, I think I’m gonna go try to return it and try on
a smaller size and see if that fits better. So back to the shoes, I basically
bought three different pairs of shoes on Payless, mainly because the store was
having an online sale where everything was 35% off and the shoe
at Payless are already pretty inexpensive. The total for three
different pairs of shoes including tax was about forty dollars so I think that
was a really great deal because usually, one pair of shoes is like forty dollars,
even more than forty dollars. I think I got a really good deal because I don’t
really own any business casual shoes. First pair of shoes that I got are these
loafers and I think they’re definitely pretty business casual and I think it
goes really well with this outfit. The original price for these loafers were
$35 but I got them for $12. The second pair of shoes I got are flats but
unfortunately, they are a little bit too loose. I think they’re like really plain
and simple and good for pretty much anything. So I’m going to be returning
these but they were originally $25 and I also got them for about $12 and then the
last pair of shoes that I got are these ones. I don’t know, I can’t decide if these shoes
are cute or if they’re ugly. The tag is still on but should I return them or
should I keep them? Please let me know cuz I can’t decide. I’m not really a shoe
person but I just wanted to have different pairs of business casual shoes
so I bought this one on a whim and I can’t decide if I should keep them. So,
right now I’m going to take off these clothes and I’m going to shower and
begin editing. It’s about 7:50 p.m. now and I’m going to finally continue
reading Till Death by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I’m actually currently 64%
through the book. I’m not loving it. I thought I was enjoying it for the first
20% but then the love interest got introduced and I just don’t like the
romance at all and half of the book does have to do with romance. I don’t know, I
usually really like Jennifer L. Armentrout’s romance I know that some
of the romance that Jennifer L. Armentrout
writes could be problematic and I am aware of that. I felt like the love
interest is just very assertive. I understand that these two characters did
used to date prior to the main character being kidnapped. It is now 10 years later
so that’s a lot of time but the love interest, Cole, begins calling Sasha “babe,”
she immediately tells him not to call her babe and then the next page, he calls
her babe again. And he continues to call her babe and things between the two of
them are starting to pick up really quickly and I don’t know how I feel
about the pacing of it. So right now, I am really interested in the mystery, I just
don’t care about the romance at all. So Cole just referred to Sasha as “my woman”
excuse me? Instead of saying “my woman” like she’s your property. You could say
something like my girlfriend, my partner, I hate this so much.
I’m currently 91% through the book. I have about 13 minutes left and the
killer was revealed and I kind of knew it. I had a feeling that this person was
the killer. I’m kind of surprised but I’m also not at the same time. It’s about 10:11 p.m. right now and I just finished Till Death. I’m still processing
everything that happened but I think I’m going to end up giving this book a 3 out
of 5 stars. I do have work tomorrow so I’m going to
try to pick a book to start next before I go to bed because I don’t want to
waste time in the morning trying to decide that. So I discovered the Libby
app, which is basically an updated version of Overdrive and I saw
War Storm was available to borrow, so I think I’m going to read that because it
is the last book in Red Queen so I’m going to borrow that. I’m also borrowing
the audiobook of From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon. I have been meaning to
find a new audio book to listen to and I was surprised that this was available so
I immediately checked it out so I’m hoping to start this book tomorrow as
well. So it’s now Wednesday and it’s almost 7 p.m. I got home from work
about 4:30 and I actually did stop by H&M again. I returned the pants and I
exchanged them for a smaller size. I also ended up buying this shirt I bought two
shirts actually. This is just like a striped white t-shirt but I think it
looks good with the dress pants so I exchanged the dress pants for a smaller
size and also wearing these shoes again because I really can’t decide if I like
them. I did end up returning the black flats after I left H&M but I’m still
keeping these shoes for now, so please let me know if I should keep them or if
I should return them. These dress pants definitely fit better than the ones that
I got yesterday. It is a little bit tight on the waist. I also ended up buying
another shirt and it’s another floral print shirt. I think this will also go
well with the dress pants but it was like 2 for 10 dollars so that’s why I
bought these two shirts. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but you know,
the sale got me. So to give an update about my reading. I did start War Storm
earlier today. I made it about 10 percent into the book and I’m feeling ok about
the book. I’m not completely in love with it, which I wasn’t expecting because I
thought the previous two books were alright. I’m one of the few people who
really enjoyed Red Queen but I think the second third book just weren’t as great
and I feel like the main reason that contributes to me not liking the second and
third book as much is because I completely like forgot everything that
happened in the previous books and I just jumped right in, which is why I
didn’t want to start Reaper at the Gates right away. After reading War Storm, I
think I’m going to pick up An Ember in the Ashes but one thing I don’t like
about War Storm right now is that a character point-of-view was introduced
for a character that I really don’t care about. I just don’t want to read from
this character’s point of view but I have to. So right now, I’m going to change
out of these clothes, get back into my PJs, and maybe catch up on a few of
Booktube videos before I get back into reading. Trinh: We’re leaving for
BookCon. We’re all wearing denim jackets. It’s really cute. This… exhibit one, two, wait did I get Kyla? Okay. So I’m watching my friend Trinh’s BookCon
vlog and I’m just reliving everything that we did during the week of BookCon.
It was so much fun meeting Trinh and Kyla and rooming with them throughout BookCon.
I had a really great time. I didn’t really do any vlogging. I did gather a
bunch of random clips throughout the week and I tried to put them all
together in this montage video and I am pretty much done editing it but I’m just
not happy with how it turned out, so I don’t think I’m going to upload it, but
if you’re curious to see the things that I did during BookCon, then definitely check
out Trinh and Kyla’s BookCon vlogs. I will leave the link to both of thire channels
and their BookCon vlog videos in the description box below. They’re really
great people. I love both of them and I wanted to give them a quick shout out
and I just really enjoyed watching both of their vlogs because I miss them so
much, and since I didn’t do any vlogging, it was really great
reliving all the experiences that we had. I am going to finish watching this video
and then I’m going to continue reading War Storm. I’m now 21% into War Storm
and I think I’m going to stop here and go to bed really soon. I really don’t
have anything new to add with my thoughts.
Hopefully things start to pick up soon because right now I feel like not a lot
is happening. Alright let’s see what time is it.
It’s 7:30 p.m. It is Thursday. Let me see where I’m at with War Storm. I was
reading on my Kindle but I don’t have my Kindle with me right now so I’m just
gonna check on my phone. The Kindle app isn’t updating where I’m at but I’m too
lazy to go get my actual Kindle. I know that I was at least 30% through
the book. There has definitely been some action that picked up but I still don’t
like the point of view that was added to this book. Her name is Iris. She was
introduced in the third book, but I find her character to be so boring and I just
don’t care about her. Every time her chapters show up, I want to skip them so
bad but I just can’t bring myself to do that, so anyways I did make some progress
in From Twinkle, With Love. I did start the audiobook for it yesterday and I’m
on chapter 6 so far, which let’s see how far I am in the book in the physical
book. Right now I’m about 70 pages into From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon. I do like the story but there are a few things in here that I
really don’t like. First thing is the romance. I feel like there is some sort
of love square going on because Twinkle has a crush on this guy named Neil, but
Neil has this twin brother named Sahil, who has a crush on Twinkle, but then
there’s also another character named Brij, who potentially likes Twinkle as
well, but Twinkle is completely oblivious to these two crushes. Twinkle thinks
Brij likes her best friend Maddie but I feel like it’s so obvious
that Brij has feelings for Twinkle and it’s also so obvious that Sahil has
feelings for Twinkle as well. I just don’t like this whole complicated
romantic situation going on. I really like Sahil’s character. I want him
and Twinkle to be together and I just don’t care about the other potential
love interest and another thing I don’t like about this book is Maddie, who is
Twinkle’s best friend. Basically she and Twinkle used to be best friends but then
Maddie ended up joining this popular crowd and she’s still friends with Twinkle but
in school, when she’s with her other group of friends, she acts as if Twinkle
doesn’t exist and then when she’s by herself, she and Twinkle are suddenly
BFFs again and I just hate it so much. Maddie is just a terrible friend and
Twinkle is letting Maddie treat her like shit basically. It really sucks reading
about it but overall, I do like the story and I really like that it’s told through
letters written to Twinkle’s favorite female directors. It’s almost 11:30 p.m.
and I made it through 35% into War Storm. I’m going to go to bed soon.
Tomorrow is actually a day off so I don’t have to go to work. It is the next
day. It’s Friday and it’s about 9 a.m. I woke up at 8, had some breakfast and now
I’m going to get ready to film a video because I am now filming my BookExpo
and BookCon book haul. It’s about 11:15 a.m. I pretty much just finished filming
and I only filmed one video and that’s pretty much the only video I’m going to
film today. Filming this book haul took like an hour and a half. I messed up a
lot when I speak and I didn’t know what a lot of the books that I got were about
or I had some sort of vague idea but I wanted to give a proper synopsis when
explaining what the books were about so that took some time reading through the
synopsis and trying to form a brief summary. My room is pretty much a mess
now. So this is pretty much the situation. All the books that I got are right here.
I opened some tote bag packages and there’s just like
plastic thingies around and lots of swag as well. So I just imported all the
footage into my computer I’m gonna try to get started editing a little bit. I’m
definitely not going to finish editing today. Later today, I’m going to meet with
a friend because we’re going to the movies and we’re gonna see Incredibles 2.
Super excited. Honestly, I don’t really remember a lot of what happened in the
first movie because I haven’t seen it in probably like a decade. Wow, I kind of
feel old saying that. That’s pretty much an update for now. When I see my friend,
I’ll try to vlog with her. It’s about 6:30. I just got out of the movie. I’m
with my friend, Vivian. We watched Incredibles 2, and what did
you think of it? Vivian: The movie was great. Yeah I really loved it. It was really
funny and now I really want to rewatch the first one. The movie theater that we
went to had reclined seats, which was amazing because it was really comfy
watching the movie. I have lived in Chicago my entire life and not once have
I been in this area. This is at the south end of Grant Park and this whole area is
called the Agora, which has 106 headless and armless
sculptures. Hi everyone so it’s now 10:30 p.m. I got home from hanging out with my
friend about an hour ago. I didn’t do any reading for War Storm but I did get
through a good chunk of my audio book of From Twinkle, With Love. I have about 4
and a half hours left of the audiobook which is pretty much like halfway
through and to be honest I’m not liking it very much. I really don’t like the way
the romance is being handled throughout the book and how Twinkle is dealing with
it. That’s pretty much the main reason why I don’t like it very much. I’m not
going to read War Storm tonight. I do have work tomorrow so I’m gonna go to
bed. Hi everyone, it is now the next day. It’s Saturday. It’s almost 9 a.m. and I’m
about to head out to work soon but before I head out to work, I’m going to
finally start replying to some comments on my latest video. it’s about 5:30 p.m. I just got back
from work and I have a package that I’m going to open. There are no books in here
but I did buy some things that are related to Booktube, sort of, not really? Alright, the first thing that I got is
this thing and it’s a tripod and I bought this for my vlogging camera. So
I’ve been vlogging without a tripod and sometimes I just want to set my camera
down and not hold it but I don’t have a tripod so trying to set it down in
certain places is just very difficult so I bought this from Amazon. It was like 10
dollars and then the last thing that I got is this thing and it’s basically two
battery packs for my DSLR camera. When I film, I try to film at least two videos
but since I always mess up when I’m filming, I always have to repeat the things
that I’m saying and that takes up a lot of time. By the time that I film my
second video, my battery starts dying and so I have to rush through filming my
second video or I have to take a break from filming so that I can recharge my
battery pack. So I bought two from Amazon so I don’t have to worry about that.
Hopefully these battery packs works because they’re not like associated with
Canon. I pretty much bought like a generic battery pack so hopefully these
work well. That’s pretty much it for the unboxing. I hope you guys enjoyed that
little snippet. My dad’s vacuuming upstairs right now so sorry if you can
hear that but I’m going to take a shower right now and then I’m going to get back
into editing because I need to post a video tomorrow and I haven’t finished
editing this video yet and I still have probably like an hour of footage. So I’m
going to go take a shower now. I’m going to continue listening to From Twinkle,
With Love in the shower. I have about three and a half hours left of
From Twinkle, With Love. I know I’ve already said it in this video but I just
don’t like this book very much. I know I’ve talked a lot of negative things
about this book but what I do like about it is that I do really like Sahil and
Twinkle. I really like their scenes together. I think they have really great
chemistry and I just want them to be together. I do like all the filming
scenes, so seeing Twinkle in her role as a director I really like that. I just
feel like this secret admirer plot is just very unnecessary. To talk a little
bit about War Storm, I read nothing yesterday. I have read nothing again so
far today. So I’m going to try to do a little bit of reading before I go to bed
for War Storm. It is now Sunday, which is the last day
for this weekly vlog. iIt’s about 11 a.m. I have finished editing my BookExpo and
BookCon haul so I’m currently uploading it to YouTube right now. I’m going to get
started and begin editing this weekly vlog that you’re currently watching
because vlogs do take a lot longer to edit just because there are so many
clips that I have to watch through. It’s 2:42 p.m. I feel like I’ve been editing
all day. About a month ago I bought this wall art of basically the world map. I
bought it from Michaels and it was 70% off and I really love how it looks. My
dad is the sweetest and he helped put it up for me on my wall. This is what it
looks like. I think it looks really nice so I’m now going to continue reading War
Storm. This is a pretty big book. I just checked on Goodreads and it’s 662 pages.
I just really want to be done with this book so I can start something different
because I feel like I’ve been reading it forever,
even though I only started this book on Wednesday so it hasn’t been that long
and plus, I haven’t read this book in like two days. I did read a little bit
last night but I read like three percent and then I got tired and *loud stomping noise from upstairs* Brother: FUCK! Well that was
my brother directly upstairs from me, probably raging about one of his video
games that he’s playing right now. I’m 38% into the book and I really want to
be at least 60 or 70% through. So it’s currently 10:30 p.m. and I’m going to
end the vlog here but before I do that I wanted to quickly wrap up what I read
throughout this week. I’ll basically talk more of my thoughts in my June wrap-up
but the first book that I finished is Till Death by Jennifer L. Armentrout, which I gave a three out of five stars. That’s pretty much the only book that I
finished but I made it through 75% into War Storm by Victoria Aveyard, which is
about 463 pages. I’m not loving this book but I don’t hate it as well. I think it’s
probably gonna end up being another three out of five star read. And then the
last book is From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon. I am almost done with it. I
have about this much left and that is currently on page 253, so I’m on chapter
19, and unfortunately I am not enjoying From Twinkle, With Love very much for all
the reasons that I’ve discussed earlier on in this video. I think it’s going to
end up being a 2 star read. This week of reading hasn’t been super great. Recently,
I’ve been reading a lot of 2 star 3 star reads. I just need to pick up a book
that’s like a 5 star read or even a four star read because I’m tired of all these
three stars. Hopefully this upcoming week of reading
will be much better. Thank you so much for watching this reading vlog. I hope
you enjoyed it and I will see you next time. Bye!

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