Reading Strangers’ Deepest Regrets


My biggest regret was not going through with a sexual assault trial against my grandfather. What is the worst thing you’ve ever done? What are you- *Questions jumbling together* I regret… She eventually started having feelings for me, but, I never believed I was good enough for her. Now she’s getting married, and it feels like I missed out on the best thing in the world. When my step grandfather was diagnosed with severe dementia, I avoided contact with him at first because he wasn’t the man I knew anymore. Three years after he was diagnosed he died. I never told him I loved him and only after he passed did I think about how scared and alone he must have felt. Having an abortion at 16 years old And it’s so hard I can’t Say what I would have done in that situation. You know? I can’t judge I mean at 16 years old I was – even now. I’m 10 years. I’m um, you know I’m about to be 25, and I still don’t think I’d be ready to have a kid right now But I’ve never been put in the position to have to.. decide You know, do I keep it or? You know, do I abort it? My ex called me ugly so many times that I eventually got plastic surgery It’s funny how we let people have that kind of control over us you know and a lot of times It’s hard to define why a single person has that kind of influence over our lives when maybe a hundred others do not. I do think that there is light at the end of that Dark emotional tunnel. Like, I hope they’re doing – they’re in a more positive headspace regarding their body and image now. Abandoning my three months old son and his mother because I was unable to accept myself and my demons I was deathly afraid of recreating the physically and emotionally abusive environment I was raised in. It’s been 19 months, and I miss him every day. Wow I relate to this one because a lot of times I don’t trust myself But you could tell that guy has a heart He misses his son every day That’s all he needs. I think is that heart and carried into his relationship. I wish this person unconditional love for themselves To have faith in themselves, yeah

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100 thoughts on “Reading Strangers’ Deepest Regrets”

  1. Duhsaki Sailo says:

    I regret not obeying my mother and hurt her feelings several times without knowing she loves me with all her heart..I Realise how much she loves me later on after having a son…but its too late…can't do much for her in my situation…ILove you MOM…

  2. Violet Jones says:

    i regret not saying: "i love you." to myself as a kid.

  3. Ezekiel Wong says:

    I regret turning down pizza all the time

  4. Fatma Matereka says:

    My biggest regret is having an abortion at 18 just so my boyfriend would be happy yet I wanted to keep that baby …… I still cry over it till today …… I really wish I could have kept my baby

  5. Madison Chicken says:

    My worst regret is staying back a grade because I’m a girl and I’m older than all of the boys and no one wants to date older girls, school is so easy for me and I hate it I wish I had a chance to make that choice but my parent did it for me

  6. THE-FACTOID says:

    Dear Past me

    it got better,
    please believe me


    Future Self

  7. pozishun says:

    My biggest regret is not appreciating the ones who loved me. And now they don't, and I'm the only one to blame.

  8. Babymon says:

    one of my biggest regrets was not calling my grandmother. She always told my dad whenever he visited her to tell me to call her. All she wanted was to hear my voice and to see how I was doing. Her birthday is Feburary 6, and I thought about calling her for her birthday, instead I played video games. She died 2 weeks later and I never called her after months of her begging me to. It's been almost a year and it haunts me all the time.

  9. Pinja says:

    My deepest regret is self harm and suicidal thoughts

  10. De says:

    i regret of not wearing seat belt in my driving test today….
    i passed the test but in the end he saw that i was not wearing seat belt so…he failed me..

  11. Louisa Yates says:

    “I wish that person unconditional love for themselves” wow that’s beautiful

  12. Alleyezon Blasian says:

    So sad the grandfather raped his daughter… I hope he rots in hell.

  13. Xander Elias says:

    My biggest regret is not coming out as transgender sooner because now my mom and everyone thinks I’m lying

  14. Richa Bhatt says:

    I want to talk to my grandfather through prayers(as suggested to me my someone)…but I can't… I don't have so much courage to talk to him even through prayers..if he will listen he would hate me…
    Because the thing is he was sick bedridden for almost a year because of paralysis and whenever I met him I don't know why I never felt that pain he must be going through… I mean I loved him alot! But still.. my brain always shields me from sadness and pain and I ignore everything bad happening around me.. one time when I was leaving for my home after visiting him.. when I went to meet him(for the last time) he started crying… Though most of the time he was oblivious to what's happening around him… And since he was always connected to some equipments I didn't hug him cause I was scared to harm the equipments and him and the getting scolded by the elders… I regret that to this day cause after some months he did.. I went to his funeral but I was not moved at all.. after some weeks the realisation came to me that my loving grandpa not there anymore… It was so difficult to write this with these tears in my eyes..

  15. Irfan Hossain says:

    i regret turning down my crush and made her believed that i dont give damn about her.i still ignore her.Really dont know why im doing this?In the deep,i really wanna talk to her but i cant

  16. Bhavana Rai says:

    my deepest regret is that I never told my dad that I always loved you and just because of you i always feel secured but now its too late 😕

  17. Ludovica says:

    My deepest regret is not being able to prevent being raped for 2 times. I still cant forget and also i should have call police , but I did not. My biggest regrets are those.

  18. Kumar Aman says:

    2:00 ❤👍

  19. Cierra Johnson says:

    I regret not trying my hardest in college. After when I found out my dad cheated on my mom I started to drink alcohol to cope. I would try to drink every night and skip class. I had to drop out of college bc I failed my classes.

  20. Chandreyee Dasgupta says:

    My biggest regret is I never learned to love myself

  21. jikook's secret love child says:

    Some of the stuff I've said in the past I regret. It makes me feel really bad about it, I just feel annoying. I just want people to think I am nice, because I'm such a nice caring person, but because of child good trauma (i don't get angry often but when I do) I get very mad and sometimes my friends will feel the wrath of it. One of my bullies, she was and is horrible, but I just want to apologise to her for yelling in her face.

  22. Explorer V says:

    I love that people in the comments are strong enough to share their own regrets…it makes me feel like I’m being trusted❤️

  23. Stacy Wilson says:

    My deepest regret:

    Being an asshole and losing all of my friends because I fear that I'm not good enough, so I push people away

  24. iya says:

    my deepest regret is going against my mother’s words and getting myself a boyfriend at an early age. i feel like i could never get my mother’s trust back and that i’ve destroyed our relationship so early in my life. i wish i could turn back time and never let myself have a boyfriend in the first place.

  25. Aviator Joe says:

    0:31 many of us got hit, deep, right there.

  26. sahba S says:

    Wow… 3:08 hit me so hard

  27. xføřëštx says:

    My biggest regret is leaving my best friend. I miss him so much Everyday. my life is empty now.

  28. Kyra T says:

    my biggest regret is not being closer with my dad or taking more pictures with him… he passed 2.5 years ago and I was only 21… he had diabetes and growing up, i was a major “germaphobe” and lowkey avoided contact with him

  29. Sara Joshi says:

    Plot twist: They're reading their own secrets

  30. Farah Lopez says:

    My biggest regret saying I wanted to be an adult really fast because I thought it was the best thing ever 👎🏽

  31. Isobel 378 says:

    My regret is not stopping my friends from bullying.

  32. aurelia x says:

    My biggest regret:

    When I was about 7 I went to my uncles house just to visit them. We had so much fun me, my aunt and him. When I was about to go home I hugged them goodbye but because I was a shy kid I haven’t told him how much I love and appreciate him. Well.. 3 moths after he went to work on a motorcycle, had an accident and died. I didn’t went on his funeral to say my last goodbye because my mom wouldn’t let me. I regret this and I will for my whole life.

  33. siiigh says:

    My deepest regret is falling into addiction and never being able to get up from it,

  34. Alyssa Costa says:

    My deepest regret,

    Not realizing how short life is sooner, and living every moment to the fullest

  35. Mark Carson says:

    I regret watching this boring video.

  36. Adith Krishna says:

    My biggest regret is not learning to love myself, and hence having never been happy my whole life.

  37. Liz says:

    My biggest regret is declining my big brothers phone call…… I didn’t know at the time but 5 mins after I rejected his call he hung himself…..

  38. Charles Bronson says:

    I regret eating 3 month old chicken nuggets

  39. Kavya Dabla says:

    My biggest regret is fighting with my dad the day he passed away. I miss him everyday and I’m so sorry for not telling him that I love and miss him so much and how sorry i am for fighting with him that day. I’m so so sorry daddy. I miss you and I want you back.

  40. Gross says:

    since everyone is doing my biggest regret ill guess ill say mine,

    my biggest regret is not speaking up for myself, im afraid of everything that can hurt me, while in the end. the people who hurt me didnt know how much it hurt to be called a failure in life. just to let people know im fine, ive started speaking up for myself and for being who i am.

  41. Enara D'cours says:

    My regrets to boy who love me a lot but I always think he not love me and caring me but he always hide his feelings to me for to focus on my life and aim but some situation I was wrong …he always beside me when I am alone and afraid to deal ….he knows I did wrong things but he love me without any conditions and regrets…he thinks I can be good person one day and I definitely try to my best to prove everyone. ….i love you forever sarang

  42. iamextinct. Grg says:

    I regret staying up late at night everyday for someone who didn’t deserve it.

  43. Mochi Bun says:

    I regret not telling anyone when I was a kid that the neigbor they trusted to look after me has sexually harrased me,and that resulted me to do the same to my younger brother.I was 8 and my brother was 4 my neighbor was 17 or 18

  44. jessica ophelia says:

    My biggest regret is hurting my ex so many times and after almost 10 years not having the courage to tell him I am still in love with him. I have not been able to love anyone after him. I am sorry …

  45. GoatGang Dizz says:

    ASIDE FROM RAPE if you don't wanna be a parent, don't have sex. Simple

  46. kasey loughrey says:

    My biggest regret was getting angry and shouting at my best friend who lived 3hours away when he attempted suicide in 2018. Another regret I have is not visiting that best friend as much as I should have now he is gone after his second suicide attempt and I’ll never have the opportunity to see him again.

  47. Ziah Wise says:

    I regret nothing because every painful or horrid thing. Ive been through or donw has taught me valuable lessons, and never again will I allow myself to be put in those situations again.

  48. Alexis Tombstone says:

    My biggest regret is not telling my family and friends that I was sexually assaulted on the bus home from school until it was too late. I was 12 just started year 7

  49. Nobody Here says:

    My deepest regret is not taking more pills than i did

  50. Silvia Cortes says:

    My biggest regret was loosing the person that loved me unconditionally because I haven’t faced my demons.

  51. Ibirounke Odufale says:

    I regret how I let people define me and not being myself

  52. OH! My GG says:

    My deepest regret is how I am always so scared of everything and am always running away.

  53. Sharmin Sultana says:

    My biggest regret is that I let my depressions become me . I am a different person now . I can't intract with anyone even my family. It's not that I don't want to but in those moments i just simply can't. I wish I could become the same person earlier

  54. Denise Hernandez says:

    I regret making so many mistakes so early. I am 18 years old and I regret how many sexual partners I've had. I regret letting my fathers sexual abuse define who I am today. I want to be ok. After so much damage to my self worth from my family and myself, I regret not supporting myself more.

  55. Kimberly Balogh says:

    My biggest regret not telling my Mamma that I understood why she hurt me & my sister's. And not telling her I Loved her before she committed Suicide.

  56. nobody literally nobody says:

    My deepest regret was trusting people i shouldnt have

  57. jerica Mandagit says:

    My deepest regret:

    I met a guy when I was in college. He was my classmate actually. His name was Ethan. Ethan has a friend and I like him so much. Ethan always tease me to his friend everyday. He always message me in messenger about his friend that I admire. As time goes by I suddenly fell for him and he is not that handsome btw. My feelings for his friend suddenly fade away. Ethan always call me especially when it is my birthday. On my birthday, Ethan called me and he told me that he's drunk. He laughs and he told me that he wants some food. But I totally ignore his cravings. My friends always saw us together. And they asked me if I like him. And I always said that no we're just friends. So one day I suddenly realized that I was falling for him. I don't know why but I just feel like he is kinda attractive in some ways.

    But one day we had this not so serious talk in messenger. He told me that if I have feelings for him. I was shocked and I don't know what to say. So I said that I don't have feelings for him. And he just said ok. From that day he started to ignore me and I regret that I didn't tell him what I felt.

    I still love him and I will always love him.

    Hope y'all understand. Thank you

  58. Kzry Allen says:

    My deepest regret would probably giving up on someone that I like just because I saw that he liked someone else.

  59. Sarah says:

    My biggest regret is setting myself up out of fear when I have so much ambition. I keep trying to run away from my pain and I just need to enact better discipline. I’ve also been stuck in the last, I need to move on so I can get out of this city.

  60. PrettyChaotic says:

    I regret not really loving myself for who I am…

  61. Mikayla Duh says:

    My biggest regret is letting myself be scared of people i dont like and that led to me losing touch with people i love so much

  62. Your sleep paralysis demon says:

    My biggest regret is not telling Mom I love her.

  63. Tylerisntasheep says:

    No regrets, can’t afford it

  64. Henry Choo says:

    Trusting someone

  65. Red Skittles says:

    I regret laughing at things that aren't funny because I feel it's what I'm supposed to do.

  66. Rayna Avery says:

    My biggest regret is not coming out earlier about my multiple sexual assaults. I was raped by 4 people at my highschool and then a few months after my father assaulted me. I was terrified. I thought people would blame me. A part of me blamed myself. How could I have let this happen? Could I have fought harder to protect myself. I’m more open about it now but there are some days where I find it hard to function and I don’t really feel alive. It’s hard to explain. It’s like I’m living in black and white.

  67. NaCl Ωmega says:

    My biggest regret is reaching the ovum first… :/

  68. undeadfan says:

    My biggest regret is cutting. Doing it for 4years.

  69. Anna Mirza says:

    I regret falling in love . . . . i loved him more than anything i forget everything & he left :') easily

  70. Jacqueline SantAnna says:

    My depeest regret is avoiding trips, parties and other stuff Just because i'm insecure, Just because i'm afraid to not be fun or pretty enought to people that would be around

  71. Sarah Daldiri says:

    My deepest regret is to letting lazines dominate me all the time.. That sad 😢

  72. xs_ fox says:

    My deepest regret is my low selfesteem and willpower to do things different. I could have such a great time if i wasn't always thinking things like "i can't do anything right", "she is prettier and better than me" or "i wish i could be thin again". It ruins my life.

  73. xs_ fox says:

    Leaving a mother with her child is selfish and so brutal on many levels. Sure he regrets it, but what about the single parent mom and the baby that never gets a father?

  74. MR DiamondHQ says:

    My biggest regret was pinching my first pimple

  75. Sasha Bootcher says:

    I regret not being content by myself sooner.

  76. QuiNN_SSS says:

    My sibling’s friend went missing one night and I over heard my family worrying over it. I had the friends discord dms but never thought to text them. Turns out they had stolen another friends pistol and had killed themselves that night behind a home depo. When they they found them, it had been a week and his body had been preserved the building. Turns out he had blocked all cell phone numbers, deleted Instagram and Snapchat, but had not deleted their discord.

    If I had texted him that night. I could have done something. He didn’t have many people on that app but I had texted him before on it. I still look back on the few texts.

    At the time I was 14. And the person was 21.

    Unfortunately in my life this would be the first of few. It’s been a year, but it still hurts.

  77. xinx says:

    I regret trying to love my mom before loving myself after she put me down so many times after telling me I was a mistake , I fell for her lies so many times . Just wish I didn’t 😪💔..

  78. PastelX Crown says:

    My biggest regret is not realizing how mentally abusive my ex boyfriend was. I was in love with him as I thought yet I let him get away with the pain he inflict into me. My mom had to find about it through someone else. He continues until now. I’m 15. I sometimes wish things were different so I can live my life without him hunting me down.

  79. Evelyn Gonzalez says:

    Something I deeply regret is liking the same dude for 3 years, dated him, then broke up with him and we both still can't move on and can't be together bc we know we're toxic

  80. Lembread says:

    I regret regretting things

  81. jessie vasques says:

    My biggest regret is letting my mother get to me after leaving my family and breaking me into pieces. I will never be the same.

  82. Alex says:

    At a young age don’t have but I can say I should have read more when I was younger

  83. Paulo Correia Filho says:

    I have one thing to say to everyone here who's have a regret: forgive yourself.

  84. AA Beats says:

    the abortion one . 🙁 if the girl felt the need to do it then yeah i understand 😭 i would defiantly regret aborting my baby. i would never abort a baby even if i was pregnant at 13 years old

  85. Shivangi says:

    My biggest regret is that I WaS BoRn

  86. Dennis Xu says:

    My deepest regret is forgetting to replace the toilet paper so I had to use my fingers

  87. William Chen says:

    I’m a very anxious person and I can’t do anything without feeling that way. My life is going downhill exponentially. It’s not even just social interactions and going out, it’s eating, doing the laundry, grocery shopping etc. Normal day to day things “normal” people do. I’m skipping lectures and wasting away money. Disappointing myself and others. So I guess my biggest regret is not going to therapy when it wasn’t this bad. Maybe things would’ve been different.

  88. Razor Mike says:

    My biggest regret is wasting so much valuable time.

  89. Angel Cakes says:

    My biggest regret was when I blamed my best friend for pushing my brother into a rose bush, my parents made me lose contact with her bc she was “violent” I miss her 🙁

  90. Hope Falls says:

    My biggest regret is turning down amazing opportunities because of my anxiety and not wanting to get out of bed in fear of embarrassment.

  91. RaleJB says:

    Literally me from 0:36–0:48 😢

  92. 김하나 says:

    My biggest regret is not killing myself when I had the chance.

  93. Romper Stomper says:

    This must be the most nicest comment section on youtube 😉

  94. Jon Carr says:

    I regret changing my personality around my friends, I loved this girl and changed into a different person around my friend group, she has left me and if I wasn’t such an asshole I could be happy with the girl of my dreams

  95. Ken Knapp says:

    Becoming an alcoholic… somehow something that once was fun has morphed into something I (my mind and my body) couldn't function without and led me to basically losing everything… for me a million drinks aren't enough and one drink is one too many. (I'm now only 3 months sober and have mixed feelings about my situation and addiction)

  96. Donna Heard says:

    Regrets don't solve things, ( though you can't help thinking this way at times I know) but you cannot change what was/ the past so no point really to dwell on things,look ahead…everything is for a reason and meant to be…so I don't have any regrets now

  97. Frederikke Sanderhage says:

    My biggest regret is not given a boy a chance, because I was scared of what my friends would think

  98. Shibly Rahaman says:

    My biggest regret is watching this video while not doing my homework

  99. camila gomez says:

    My biggest regret is rejecting people I love because I'm insecure

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