Reading in Russian 📚 Book Club Introduction 📖 Episode 01


Hello to all! hi friends this is max and this
my first streaming on YouTube, yes, this is my first streaming and today our topic is
my book club, rather, our book club!
many of you wrote that you are interested … interested is my idea of ​​creating
such a book club, yes, the book club and I decided to start today, I decided to start
right now. Today i will tell you a little about the idea itself, yes, about the idea of the
book club and we start reading the book, yes, we will start reading the
first book together with you. And unfortunately, unfortunately i wanted to make
this video using my camera which i use for my videos … this is my camera it is Cannon G7x.
But with it I can not do streaming. It doesn’t let me do
streaming, so the video quality is not very good now but in the future I will
buy a new and good camera, and I hope the quality
will be much better. So first, first what i would like you to
tell you is “Who is this book club for”. Who for? Who
I do it for. This book club for people,
let’s say, intermediate yes average level because of course you will
read short stories short tales in
Russian, so you need to understand Russian a little. The second point is “what is my role in
this?” What will i do? The first thing is I want to motivate you,
I want to motivate you to read Russian books, yes, reading books in the
Russian language. Well, approximately, like this …. Here’s your book! read read read read! Because, I believe, I think that
reading in a foreign language is very very useful thing. Why is it useful?
Why do you need to read in a foreign language? Well, firstly it will give you … it will expand
your vocabulary, that is, expand … You can expand
that number of words that you know. And also when you read a book, yes, here, I have a book here, this is the book. When you
read a book you can … you automatically acquire
and you learn language structures, which are very often used. Therefore, I believe that it is very important and
my task is to explain new words to you. That is, to explain the words to you and I will tell the general concept, the general idea, main idea of ​​the book.
Today we will start reading the book “three little pigs”, yes, here it is – “three little pigs”,
but the text will be online, I will not read the book from here, the text is on the
website, online. And I will now … I will send a link of
this text, now I will copy it … So, how can i send chat message? Pam Pam
pam pam pam Maybe I can not send … Oh! Excellent!
Great, I even see the message: marco, marco writes “hello max!” Hello Marco! Sorry, I do not know how to pronounce this name correctly but
hello to you too, and thanks! So here is a link, this is a link to a book,
which we will now read. But first, I want to tell you how you can
read books. In general, there are two ways. 2 approaches, two concepts how to read
books. And the first way is – you are reading a book, yes, you are opening
the book you read the book and you try to understand every word! Yes, for example
first word, second third, fourth. Every word you try to understand. If you
do not know the word… about what is a chick? A chick? I do not know what is a
chick! I need to look it up in the translator, yes, or in the dictionary.
This is the first way when you want in detail, very detailed very concrete
understand the story or the book or tale (novel). And the second option, the second
way, the second concept, yes, the second approach is when you just … Oh, Dan, Dan is writing
“Hi max!”. Hi Dan, hello! The second way is to read and try to understand. only essence, only essence, only the main idea. So, you take a book, yes, you take
a book. You start reading it and I do not know this word, this word, this word,
or this. I do not know these words but I understand the general concept, I understand the general idea,
the idea of ​​this paragraph, the idea of ​​this paragraph, of this piece of text, I understand it all
okay. It’s enough! It’s important for you to understand the concept. Oh,
Ali is writing “Hi Max.” Hi Ali, hello! So, therefore … two ways … I advise you,
I recommend you not to look up every word in google translate or in the dictionary, it is not necessary.
Just try to understand the overall concept. Ok, so, let’s go on! Every audio from my,
from our book club, Yes, from our book club, every audio
will be available in my podcast. Comprehensible Russian Podcast. We may not
just watch but then listen to the audio.
I think it is very important that you listen… you listen to smth for several times. Oh great! We have new people coming. Billy … Hi Billy, how are you? So you’ll hear the audio in the podcast.
And the audio will be in good quality. Great quality! Okay. Properly
the last thing is – this is my first experience, this is a test,
yes, this test of my book, excuse me club. Test, yes, and I do not know what will be
better for you, what’s best for you what you will get more help from, what you will like more and what
you won’t like. So let’s do, let’s do this book club
together! Okay all together! Sorry, guys, it’s hard for me to say
names are correct sometimes. But hello hello everyone!
Therefore, let’s create together this book club! so today you are
write to me in the chat you see the link which I throw you you see this link
and steppe www. planet of fairy tales dot ru you see this link yes or no write
plus sign in chat, put plus in chat if you see this link is excellent excellent
yes everyone sees this link is super this is ours story
this is our first story this is a story called as I said three
piglet three little pigs yes here look three
piglet why i chose this story why on
actually there are two reasons two reasons about
Dasha joined us and mature rush in club hi dasha hi rame hi
vertex Ali and frame and tanner and everything is all everything
the rest hi hi and edward too hello and stefan hello yes yes you are right
your name is easier stefan here and so open this
you can open now or you can now listen to my explanation of this
of this story and then read this story yourself so for those
who just joined i still tell you now we will read
him to read in Russian and so three piglet
This is an old English fairy tale. english
history but as you know very often old stories or fairy tales yes fairy tales
from for example england they they are borrowed another country such as Russia and yes
there we take the English fairy tale itself but we transform it a little bit we
we change yes then there are some changes there is in this inhibits video oh so dasha
says that she has video friends write me you have a slow video or not
slow video works well or bad please put a minus if you are bad
see me and plus if the video is good works well okay let’s go about plus
plus great thank you all thank you friends so go i open the text i open
text and so mean three little pigs part 1 today we’ll take the little one
part of this tale is a small part and i don’t I will read the entire text
word for word i won’t do it but i I will take each paragraph
up to 1 paragraph then the second paragraph and explain the words that are there and
so will i memory memory memory memory also I will share
concept and general idea of ​​the paragraph three piglets all went to tell
part 1 there were three little pigs in the world they were brothers i mean three brothers they
were the same tall swell pink with the same fun
tails and the names they had too identical they were similar their names like
their names yes you know their names nif-nif and nuf-nuf and naf-naf yes that is, the names were
similar and what lived-were in the world firstly there were
this is a standard start Russian fairy tales almost every fairy tale yes
if you look it will start from the words were lived
it’s a fairy tale next fairy too lived once
it’s like an english lance panacea or apex and so on further lived-on
the light three piglets light light has two
values ​​first is daylight yes here you see the light now
and the second meaning is the world is the whole world world yes all countries
our planet our planet earth from and lived-were in the world means lived-were on
the planet in this world and so three little pigs three brothers yes and what they were they were
of equal height they were round yes that is the shape of a piglet he was
round round and pink is pink of course the complexion yes they were pink and
they had identical tails to ponytail ponytail is the back
piglet here for example here at the fox have a tail
yes here is the tail and the piglets also have tails tail is an ordinary word and
ponytail is diminutive the word means that well, like for example
there is a mug and there is a mug to the mug and mug
here is something small something we say with love that’s next
yes guys i’m not looking now I do not look at the comments yes I see
A book about Dasha says that you can Shesit screen live now
Let’s see how I can tell the screen so how to do it so you can see too
the book so dasha tell me how to make everything
see a book so everyone can see my screen well ok i don’t know now let’s without
this next time i will try share the screen home there is not even me through
google life through youtube live well ok next time i will show you the text
ok now without text just listen okay so three little pigs
nif-nif and nuf-nuf and naf-naf rosy round was fine on
summer before was summer and what did these three piglet
in the summer they tumble in the green grass they basked in the sun
they basked in the puddles yes that is, they entertained piglets
tumbled around somersaults from the word somersault this such
acrobatic trick when you hall doing this action
jump and roll over this somersault and
the piglets tumbled in the grass in the sun basked in the puddles basked
means to have fun is it cool low warm good little pigs
rejoices fine but autumn has come we know the seasons it’s winter
yes, now winter comes spring then summer and then autumn until 4 times
years now autumn has come autumn cold season and
naf-naf told us it’s time to think about winter that is, naf-naf decided to think about the future
because now the summer is more likely to fall now autumn and what will be in the winter how to live
in the winter winter is very cold and so naf-naf decided
think about winter and he offered his brothers
build a house yes he said nif-nif and Nuf-Nuf
let’s build a house one big house and we will live there together we will be there
winter until winter is a verb to winter It means to survive the winter that is soon
winter i want it to be warm I was fine so I want something
make up to overwinter that is survive winter because winter is in russia
the harsh season is cold and so on okay and his brothers naf-nafa brothers they don’t
wanted to get to work what does it mean to take up work to take
sorry to take a verb here i take it take a book and get to work well this
abstract concept meaning start To do work
his brothers did not want to go to work they didn’t want
they didn’t want to do anything what work brothers
what did they say have time before winter still far we walk we take a walk we
by enjoying life and then we will build a house that is piglets said
have time to do something means do something in time do something
during do something when it is necessary yes that is
to have time to build a house before winter means build a house before winter i have to do
it is actually but nif-nif and nuf-nuf they they were lazy and
yes they did not want to do building a house they didn’t want
build a house well ok then naf naf naf naf was so harsh
pig wise stern pig he said then I will build myself a house I
I’ll build myself a house without you leaving well done naf-naf well done
and so what happened next nif-nif and Nuf-Nuf
they did not hurry that is they did not want have time to build a house
they just wanted to play before the book here it says they played their
piggy games to piggy games piggy here is an adjective that is
they did what piglets do yes yes played piggy games jumped and
tumbled around here and they said today we will walk a
tomorrow we get down to business today we walk and tomorrow we get down to business and
take up business means take up work
two alike words yes that is get down to business
means start doing up to take up deal take up work get down to business
take up work before start acting Damn it
but the piglets were they did not want to be taken for their work every day every day
little pigs saying no today i don’t want do it i will do it tomorrow till
every day they put off work every day they put off work
but what happened happened what happened every day was getting
colder and colder yes that is today is cold tomorrow is colder
it’s even colder tomorrow after-tomorrow is even colder and so
then it got colder winter is near so here and only then
when the piglets saw a puddle of a puddle which froze they started they started taking
for work yes I can be with you now I even go up
this puddle what is puddle yes that’s puddle and it got colder and colder and
colder and puddle puddle she froze up turned into ice
the ice has turned and the book says and she covered with a thin crust of ice
thin crust of ice that is imagine I will now show you to me here
there is everything to show puddles here is water and water and there were puddles on top
the crust that is not all the depth is not all water is frozen but only on top yes here
ice tan tan tan tan tan here boules boules boules water thin ice crust
on the puddles and nif-nif and naf-naf took up work finally urea finally
what did nif nif what did nif nif nif nif was lazy to nif nif was
very lazy he did not want to work long and work hard so nif-nif decided
which is easier and sooner or faster easier just make a house of straw
up the straw i have a picture of straw yes the easiest way to make a house of straw here
this is straw this is house see nif-nif and in the book has the word make make
straw house what does it mean to make with tinkering
means make up make make their nif-nif did not consult with anyone
he did not ask any he did not ask recommendations naf-naf tell me how
make the house nuf-nuf advise me how do house nif-nif not consulted not with
by whom and he made a house of straw he was very pleased nif-nif was
happy yes i made a house i made my look at my house
nif-nif very pleased he is glad cheers and he he sang a song he sang a song
Well i don’t know if i can sing but let’s
try to sing this song at least half the world bypass
bypass bypass better at home you will not find you will not find you will not find this song nif-nifa
that is, nif-nif said if you go around yes that is you will walk around around
of our planet until we talked light means our world or our planet and gender
of light this is half our land and if you go around half the light
i.e. half the world, then you will not find at home is better that is nif-nif said that
my home is the best my home is better than the rest of the house he sang and rejoiced
ok he sang a song and he went to noo-noo u naf-nafa the book says he headed
to nuf-nuf he went to nuf-nuf or headed to the nuf-nuf it well this
similar words yes here nif nif goes to nuf-nuf he went to nuf-nuf
Nuf-Nuf not far away, that is not far too built a house or
house up a big house a little house and Nuf-Nuf
he decided that the house is made of straw it’s not very good he decided that the house is from
the straw is very cold till winter in this house is very very cold very
it’s cold yes therefore Nuf-Nuf Nuf-Nuf decided to build a house of
from branches and twigs yes, so where are our branches here?
branches and this these are twigs to twigs
here is a house of twigs and twigs i.e. it is happiness of trees yes these are parts of trees and
Nuf-Nuf decided that such a house would be warmer and
the roof yes the roof of the house is the roof the roof of the house yes
here is the door here is the roof to the roof of the house he put up or we say piled in
the book uses the word pile dry leaves
yes look dry leaves on the roof he brought dry leaves
and nuf-nuf made a house then he with proudly bypassed the house to bypass the house
getting around it means going around the house walked around the house and he did it with pride
pride is a cool word pride means you’re proud you’re meaning you
did something and you like it you you feel that you are good that you
Great that you are right here yes you are proud of the verb proud of you
proud of yourself before or you proudly go yes I go with
proudly here and nuf-nuf with pride walked around the house several times and sang a song
he sang up little pigs love to sing at all in Russian fairy tales and very fairy tales in general
often fairytale characters love to sing this is such a folklore feature to
folklore song feature and so I tell you I will sing her now
I have a nice home a new home a solid home I’m not afraid of rain and thunder rain and thunder
rain and thunder and so it says Nuf-Nuf I have a good home new home
durable home durable means you can’t break it yes
he he he durable durable house his not break down
and nuf-nuf says I’m not afraid rain and thunder yes I am not afraid that is i
not afraid rain and thunder okay and to him right there
nif-nif and so nif-nif and nuf-nuf here they are together nif-nif and nuf-nuf
nuf-nuf built a house nif-nif looked on this house and said oh yeah we did
yourself houses we made ourselves houses wow cool cool cool cool cool
all work is finished now we are free they built houses they are free
you can relax you can drink tea and everything type in the book says we can do
all that we want all that take it easy phrase
отличная оно означает что ты хочешь делать все что приходит тебе в голову да
например я хочу попить чаю да я хочу попить хоккея включать я хочу почитать
книгу о кей я читаю книгу я хочу пойти на улицу я иду на улицу я делаю все что
мне вздумается все что придет в мою head
ok что было дальше что было дальше дальше 3g два поросенка
наф-наф и нуф-нуф они пошли к наф-нафу верни ниф-ниф и нуф-нуф
пошли к наф-нафу они пошли к наф-нафу ля ля ля ля ля
они хотели посмотреть какой дом построил себе naf naf
да ведь смотрите еще раз ниф-ниф построил дом из соломы нуф-нуф построил
дом из веток и прутьев да то есть из дерева
а какой дом построил себе наф-наф какой дом они пошли к наф-нафу
а а наф-наф наф-наф несколько дней и несколько дней до
он был занят строительством то есть он строил свой дом несколько
days несколько дней он был занят да он делал
something чем наф-наф был занят постройкой дома
постройкой дома и как наф-наф строил дом давайте посмотрим так как он строил себе
дом как он строил себе дом себе дом себе house
атак на fnaf натаскал камней да камни что такое камень камень это ну там
пам-пам-пам вот это ко мне да вот здесь вы можете посмотреть это ко мне вот это
камни и наф-наф натаскал камней то есть это значит что он тащил камни он
притащил один камень затем он притащил второй камень затем
притащил третий камень он таскал камни он долго таскал камни и
натаскал камней до натаскал большую кучу камней второе что сделал naf naf
второе наф-наф нами сил глины нами сил глины что такое глина глина это
это типа цемента до это то что мы используем когда строим дом
то есть мы берем один камень мы накладываем цемент да сейчас все
используют цемент мы накладываем цемент затем второй камень затем цемент 3
цемент цемент цемент но раньше раньше вместо
цемента использовали глину до глина это то что находится в земле и наф-наф строил свой дом долго он не
торопился он не спешил он хотел сделать хороший дом naf naf
смотрите какой у какую дверь наф-наф себе построил вот здесь есть
дверь он сделал в доме он сделал в доме тяжелую дубовую дверь да тяжелую дубовую
дверь что значит тяжелая до тяжелое тяжелое это кружка легкая эта
книга тяжелая она тяжелая круг кружка легкая книга тяжелая а так вот тяжелая
дубовая дверь дуб это дерево дадут это дерево вот
примерно так выглядит дуб да то есть дверь была сделана из дерева из какого
дерева из дуба она была дубовое и более того на этой
двери был засов да вот он это засов
до чтобы чтобы закрыть дверь и чтобы волк до чтобы волк волк не пришел и не
смог забраться в дом до волк не смог забраться в дом для этого нужен засов
засов и друзья что произошло дальше дальше поросята ниф-ниф и нуф-нуф
спросили наф-нафа что ты делаешь что ты делаешь это это
это так это так долго это так сложно да смотрите сколько работы сколько работы
ой у наф-нафа до наф-наф что ты делаешь зачем ты строишь
дом или ты строишь крепость до дом или крепость что значит крепость ну крепость
это это типа замка да это это это но это место где
которая очень очень очень укрепленная да это например в петербурге есть
Peter-Pavel’s Fortress да или если если вы посмотрите на
королей да например король королева они живут в замке а это большой дом такой
большой огромный и вокруг дома есть fortress
да то есть это такое крепкая крепкая крепкий крепкий крепкий дом очень
надежный очень прочный дом очень крепкий до крепкий крепость так
вот поросята спросили что ты строишь крепость или дом крепость или дом и что
ответил наф-наф что он ответил наф-наф
ответил дом поросенка должен быть крепостью дом поросенка должен быть
крепостью то есть если я хочу построить дом тот дом должен быть хороший ниф-ниф
и naf naf они посмеялись ха ха ха ха ха ха что это
за дом зачем такой сложный дом зачем зачем столько времени тратить на этот
дом наф-наф зачем и они смеялись над ним они смеялись ахахахаха и ниф-ниф спросил
наф-наф ты хочешь с кем-то воевать воевать воевать
означает вести войну вести войну то есть этот глагол означает воевать поэтому до
в общем на этом мы заканчиваем первую часть друзья потому что я хочу чтобы
чтобы это видео не было очень долгим да она и так уже длится около 50 минут
вот сейчас я хочу немного почитать ваши комментарии
посмотреть есть ли какие-то вопросы и если вы хотите меня сейчас спросить
задать мне какой-то вопрос то пишите в чат я сейчас отвечу на несколько ваших
вопросов давайте посмотрим итак тогда шах отличному много людей присоединилось
джон we shall лин здесь и катя здесь генри диего кто-то с корейским именем но
я не могу прочитать корейский язык извините о привет из турции фатих пишет
привет потех привет турция так катя катя is life ваш он спрашивает
ты стал китайцам пьешь из каких minis сильных кружек я не знаю что значит
мениске льных это может быть какой-то диалект или какой-то это новое для меня
слово наверное это означает маленьких и миниатюрных да да у меня есть целый
чайный набор вот он выглядит примерно примерно вот так ну вот здесь есть чай и
все остальное вот так так макс пьет чай но в следующий раз я думаю что
я буду пить чай и читать книгу одновременно а это французское слово
французское слово ну чтож друзья на этом у меня все вот если у вас будут какие то
идеи то пишите мне в комментариях под этим видео
так али пишет мне нравятся более серьезные сказки но очень интересно
рассказываешь поэтому я досмотрел до конца и узнал несколько слов да а ли мне
тоже нравятся серьезные сказки мне нравятся серьезные топики
но для первой книге я выбрал эту простую историю эту простую сказку потому что
this этот тест да это мой первый опыт до 1
мой live live streaming поэтому я выбрал эту историю
вы можете предлагать какие-то книги или рассказы
да что бы вы хотели почитать я думаю что этот формат до формат книжного клуба я
буду все равно менять я буду что-то пробовать что то что то менять что то
что то я буду может быть перестраивать полностью да то есть посмотрим поглядим
спасибо всем большое друзья спасибо до встречи
следующим следующем книжном клубе я не знаю как часто я буду его делать может
быть один раз в неделю может быть один раз в две недели может быть 1 раз в
month я не знаю ну наверное может быть один
раз в две недели вот доска го до скорого да vertex до скорого до скорого до
скорого всем да всем всем ребятам всем пока пока и до встречи в следующем

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