Reading an E-Reader Outside | Book Nerd Problems


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25 thoughts on “Reading an E-Reader Outside | Book Nerd Problems”

  1. Kristalia Astari says:

    Don't have this problem on my iPhone and iPad ^_^ but I did on an android tablet I had a few years ago XD

  2. Imani says:

    There are newer e-readers where you can read in the sun…

  3. Giselle Leiva says:

    Hahahahaha amazing. so real!😂

  4. Martha Oakiss says:

    there's no problem like this with e-paper

  5. Mizumono says:

    Doesn't happen with Kindle Paperwhite. 🙂

  6. BookChat hosted by Eyeluv2read says:

    This is why I own a Kinder e-reader. Eliminates that for sure. ☺

  7. Evgenia Frantzeskaki says:

    This is literally me

  8. brynnamary says:

    Margot have you ever read Tiger's Curse?

    It's a series by Colleen Huck. The first is Tiger's Curse, the second Tiger's Quest, the third Tiger's Voyage and the last Tiger's Destiny.

    Succchhh a good series! I think you would really like it. Let me know if you decide to read it.

  9. Nancy Brandt says:

    Both the Kindle and the Nook are e-ink technology, so it's just like reading a page of a paper book. This shouldn't be much of an issue anymore.

  10. luna palm says:

    You can see an ereader perfectly outside ?

  11. Boston Book Bitty says:

    This was my biggest disappointment when I get my kindle fire. Granted, can't complain, it was free. But still. XD

  12. riceball1759 says:

    My Nook simple touch doesn't give me that problem, but I prefer indirect sunlight anyway ^_^

  13. Stephs Romance Book Talk says:

    Not sure what kind of eReader was in this video but I do not have this problem with my Paperwhite…..

  14. Evan Dicesare says:

    This is the first one of these I can't relate to since I don't use ereaders ever 😂

  15. Nati says:

    i dont like to use e-readers but i have a nook simple touch and those actually need sunlight, they dont have a backlight so you cant read in the dark

  16. Zarsla says:

    This is why I use my smartphone since it can adapt to the sunlight outside.

  17. Katie Grams says:

    haha i did that once people were really weirded out… one asked me if I needed help… and im like in my head "Nahhhhhhh… but maybe just hold the towel there and the umbrella there and stand here. Great now dont move a muscle."

  18. Charlottesreadsthings says:

    I've lucky to have an ereader with backlight so I don't have this problem.

  19. Kels says:

    Most ereaders now are fine outside. This video is funny but not accurate.

  20. Sophia T. says:

    The struggle is so real it's not even funny anymore

  21. liverpool6139 says:

    come on. be truthful. because this video isn’t.

  22. deohannah ps says:

    if you have this problem then your ereader is really really old. LOL.

  23. James 246 says:

    This video isn't really applicable to almost all popular e-readers. Kindle e-readers have NEVER had this problem and to my knowledge neither do Kobo e-readers. I often read my Kindle Paperwhite at the beach.

  24. Sherlika G says:

    that is so not true. Kindle doesn't give any glares

  25. msmissjordan1 says:

    I read my kindle outside once. Only issue was there were kids screaming outside, cars honking, bees buzzing, dogs howling so my room was my only quiet sanctuary.

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