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Hi, it’s Olivia and today is the first-
the start of the first full week of the year.
My current read is Becoming by Michelle Obama- so happy to finally be reading
this and honestly I love the preface, I thought it was so strong. But, being very
honest, like, the first um, the part after the preface, a little introduction, I keep
falling asleep. And it absolutely could possibly be due to the fact that I pick
it up at like midnight before I go to bed, but we’ll just have to see how that
goes. I feel like I should probably get rid of
these lights by now since they’re very festive looking, Christmassy, but they
create a kind of purple glow in my room that I really don’t want to part with
and so there’s that. I’m also definitely stalling because I don’t know what comes
next in the vlog aside from me taking a nap, that’s what I feel like doing right
now. Here’s for- and for anyone who’s interested in planners, this is the one
that I got from Barnes & Noble, it’s my 2020 planner and it’s really pretty I
really like the design of it. And I also got this, I’m so excited about this book-
The Science of Interstellar. I think I’m just going to try to read this
periodically throughout the year, but you guys- if you know, if you know me at all
or have been following me for a while ,know that I’m obsessed with that movie and I
couldn’t be more excited to read that Several days later Hi there. I’m not good at vlogging- it’s
already Friday and I haven’t vlogged since Monday so, anyway, I am at the library
right now- I just picked up this book they finally got this book in that I’ve
been waiting for, it’s called Little Leaders Exceptional Men in Black History.
I’m so excited to read this, it’s a children’s book. And I did read everyday
but, like, the bare minimum. I was reading like five pages a day, but the chapter I
just finished in Becoming- I love how it ended. She was talking about how when she was little, a girl told her that she- you can’t even see my face with all these
shadows- but Michelle was talking about how a girl asked her once, why does she
talk like a white girl? And I was like oh! She’s talking about this- I love it! I
love it, anyway tonight I’m making pizza. I only just recently did this for the
first time and I’m excited to do it again because it’s so easy and I think
it’s really fun to make pizza and uh that is my night
hopefully. Reading and making pizza. [music playing] I call this “Bold and brash” The next day Hi, I keep losing track of when I update
things, but currently I am well over halfway through the book and it’s gotten
so much better and I am loving every bit of learning about her journey- ooh there’s
somebody walking by I’m trying not to- I’m trying to look casual .This is not
casual. Also at Michaels right now because the plan is to deface a certain
book that I may or may not have been talking about for this video- oh the Sun
is not helping, and I need gray spray paint. I’m really hoping this is the
right color that I needed, I’ve never done this kind of defacing before. I’m
going to, like, actually do it straight on to the jacket so we’ll see how this goes.
So hello again, it is Sunday night and I decided to blow
out my hair and the intention is to put twists in my hair, but it’s already
like 7 o’clock at night but here’s my plan. My eye has been on You. So I’ve
actually owned that book for a very long time and obviously right now the show is
poppin, I walked downstairs the other night and my sister was watching it and-
but I haven’t started yet because I knew deep down I wanted to read the book and
so my plan is while I sit there and twist my hair I’ll just try listening to
the audiobook. I’m sure that will last the rest of the night because this will
take a while. I also decided on the spur of the moment to start a new channel,
hopefully by the time this is up I’ll have started another channel iLivieforcurls, which is where I do like hair videos, but yeah. So I’ve got my
headphones and about to start You, I’m so excited to finally get to this.
I decided real quick to just grab the book in case I wanted to follow along. He just said, I think this is the first
paragraph of the book, he said “You’re so clean, you’re dirty.” I can already tell this is going to be a
fun audiobook because some of the things that he is saying- that the narrator is
saying already is like- boy! I really wonder what it’s like to be this guy who
is narrating right now, like, the actual audio book reader- our narrator is a
piece of work he is- and he’s stalking this girl and the things that he is saying, I just
really wonder what it’s like for the audiobook reader. 298 frozen patties later… So I decided to just
continue entirely with the physical book and I’m almost done and I still can’t
get over this one passage. I don’t know if it’s because it’s 2 a.m.
or because I’m kind of sick or whatever it is, but this is just not clicking to
me. I mean there’s a lot of stuff- this should be the least of my concerns right
now regarding our main character and his disturbing- his entire disturbing self.
But this one part, let me just read this. It says, “I let you try on
my black fleece and it drowns you and I’d like to pick you up by the collarbone
and bring you to the F-K section where you went your first time here when you
didn’t even know what you were looking for (me), and I can do that because I’m the
boss and you want me to do that and I want to do that but I won’t.
Can we back up to the collar bone? Are we thinking about the same body part
because the imagery is not clicking here, how do you imagine picking somebody up
by- am I overthinking this? Am I under thinking this? Not to mention that was one sentence as you can tell, it’s kind of like a run-on sentence and that’s what a
lot of sentences are like in this book because it’s kind of like stream of
thoughts from our main narrator. I’m going to finish this, and then I’ll share
some thoughts. moments later… I finished. So I was entertained by just,
like, the basic idea of it- that we have this, you know, this narrator who is this
disturbing stalker and you know he’s willing to go- he’s willing to get rid of
any obstacles in his way basically to get to what he wants, which is Beck. And
you- it’s- I think you’re pulled in because you want to see just how far he’ll go to
do that, and you want to know whether or not he’s gonna get caught, you know, if-
who’s gonna find out if anybody. But beyond that, these characters as the book
went on, these characters are- I found myself really having to suspend my
belief for so much of this especially as it went on, not just because of you know
what our narrator is doing, but because of the decisions that our characters are
making. They just seem so unbelievable, like, it didn’t make sense in some of the
situations. I can only suspend my belief for so long, and there are so many
coincidences, and some things just didn’t make sense to me. I’m so excited to start
the show, I think I’m gonna do that right now- even though it’s like it’s like 2:30
in the morning. many hours later… So I finished Becoming, and I am so glad
that I read this at this point in time. Not earlier, not later, now. At the start
of 2020, because this was a great read. I think I’m gonna sit down right now and
just film a quick 2 minute book review for this, but some quick general thoughts-
I appreciated her honesty, because even when she talks about, like, her critics
she has no shame in just putting their names, and I love the pictures that they
included because I found myself always trying to look stuff up, just wanting
to see where she was, what- you know- a certain event looked like. Her journey is
interesting to follow even before a certain dude shows up in the picture. So
this is the setup I normally have when I’m doing like a book art or just art in
general. It’s not always- it’s not ideal because what I would wish for is that
the camera was directly overhead, but I don’t have any setup like that and also
my windows are over here and my- I’m left-handed, so the shadow always falls
on this side. Also this book right here, I actually have no idea what this book is
about or- I’ve never heard of it. I’m sorry to this man, but I got it for a
dollar at the library so that way I can use it to test some stuff, you could kind
of see with the spray paint, because I didn’t know how that would turn out. And, like,
this is me, so I look forward to doing this.I’m going to have to go outside to do the
spray paint but I think I’m gonna end this here because even talking is a
stretch I keep coughing. I think that’s it for this- this vlog. Thank you
for watching, and I ‘ll see you in another video, bye.

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    I'm reading the michille Obama books to picked up from my library the other day

  2. Olivia Barker says:

    must be one strong and incredibly pronounced collar bone

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