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Mr Bounce by Roger Hargreaves Mr Bounce was very small and like a rubber
ball. He just couldn’t keep himself on the ground! He bounced all over the place! And, as you can imagine, that made things rather difficult. Last week, for instance, Mr Bounce was out walking when he came to
a farm. He climbed over the farm gate, and you can guess what happened next, can’t you? He jumped down from the gate, and… …bounced right into the duckpond! BOUNCE went Mr Bounce. SPLASH went Mr Bounce. “QUACK,” went the ducks. The other morning, for instance, Mr Bounce was in bed. He woke up, and jumped out of bed, and you can guess what happened next, can’t you? He bounced right out of his bedroom door and
all the way downstairs. Bouncebouncebouncebounce! That happens quite often, which probably explains why Mr Bounce leaves
his bedroom door open every night! After he had picked himself up Mr Bounce went
inside his house and sat down to think. BOUNCE. Mr Bounce bounced off the chair and banged
his head on the ceiling. BANG went Mr Bounce’s head on the ceiling. “OUCH!” said Mr Bounce. “This is ridiculous,” Mr Bounce thought to
himself, rubbing his head. “I must do something to stop all this bouncing
about.” He thought and thought. “I know,” he thought. “I’ll go and see the doctor!” So, after breakfast, Mr Bounce set off to the nearest town to see
the doctor. He was passing a tennis court when he tripped
over a pebble. BOUNCE he bounced. And he bounced right on to the court where
two children were playing tennis, and you can guess what happened next, can’t you? The children didn’t realise that Mr Bounce
wasn’t a tennis ball, and started hitting him with their tennis
racquets backwards and forwards over the net. BOUNCE! “OOO!” BOUNCE! “OW!” BOUNCE! “OUCH!” Poor Mr Bounce. Eventually, one of the children hit Mr Bounce so hard
he bounced right out of the tennis court. Mr Bounce bounced off down the road towards
the town. “Oh dear,” he said, feeling very sorry for himself. “I’ve been bounced black and blue!” A bus was coming down the road, and Mr Bounce decided that the safest place
for him to be would be on it. He got on and sat down, still feeling more than a little sorry for
himself. The bus drove into town. The bus stopped right outside the doctor’s. Mr Bounce stepped down from the bus. And you can guess what happened next, can’t you? He didn’t step down on to the pavement outside
the doctor’s. Oh no, not Mr Bounce! He stepped off the bus, and onto the pavement, and bounced, in through the doctor’s window! Dr Makeyouwell was sitting at his desk, enjoying his mid-morning cup of coffee.. Mr Bounce sailed through the open window, and landed… Well, you can guess where he landed, can’t you? That’s right! SPLASH went the coffee. “OUCH!” squeaked Mr Bounce. The coffee was rather hot. “Good Heavens,” exclaimed Dr Makeyouwell. After the doctor had fished Mr Bounce out
of his coffee, and sat him on some blotting paper to dry
out, he listened to what Mr Bounce had to tell
him. “So you see,” said Mr Bounce finally, “you must give me something to stop me bouncing
about all over the place quite so much.” “Hmmm,” pondered the doctor. After some thought Dr Makeyouwell went to
his medicine cabinet and took out a pair of tiny red boots. “This should do the trick,” he told Mr Bounce. “Heavy boots! That should stop the bouncing!” “Oh, thank you, Dr Makeyouwell,” said Mr Bounce and walked home wearing his
red boots. Not bounced! Walked! That night Mr Bounce went to bed wearing his
heavy boots. And then he went to sleep. The following morning, he woke up and yawned and stretched, and bounced out of bed. And can you guess what happened next? No, he didn’t bounce down the stairs. He went straight through the bedroom floorboards, and finished up in the kitchen!

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  2. John B aka Smooth Chocolate says:

    Lol, Mr. Bounce seems to put Tigger, who also loves to bounce, to shame. I really didn't think he was that small until he landed in the coffee cup, lol. Great read, my friend.

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    nice reading~~~

  4. Sweet Husky Girl says:

    Once again me in a nutshell

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