Randy Orton ‘SICK’ Of WWE Booking, Wants HEEL TURN! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017


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As watchers of WrestleRamble will know, I lost last month’s predictions battle to
Luke Owen – meaning I had to record a cover version of a WWE superstar’s entrance music
yesterday. Which you all overwhelmingly voted for as
Nia Jax’s. Well joke’s on you, Luke – because that
punishment turned into an opportunity, with the SwaftNation replying:
“Too…much…cringe…” “Please stop Oli, I can only get so erect.”
“Not my proudest wank….” I should’ve selected other comments. But none of those matter, because now Nia
and I are Best Friends Forever – as this retweet shows:
“NAILED IT! I mean, the dance moves, the props, that voice…this
is pure genius! Couldn’t have done with better myself DOUBLE
Nia, you’ve gotta stop calling me. I’m trying to shoot the WrestleTalk News,
babe. I’ll see what I’m doing that weekend,
but yes, I’m pretty sure I’ll be available to perform your entrance at Wrestlema-
Randy Orton Wants Heel Turn Randy Orton was the latest guest on Edge and
Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness, where the three talked about “bad physique heat”
– a concept about it being easier for heels to get a reaction from the crowd despite the
fact – as Randy so eloquently puts it – they “look like s***”. In contrast, a babyface is expected to look
physically impressive. Orton jokingly used a fellow Smackdown wrestler
as an example: “I guess Kevin Owens has it figured out. He started fat and he’ll finish fat. He’s trying to get himself over as the fat
guy that can fight. Bless his heart, that’s great. I’m jealous.” Now 37 years old, Randy confessed it’s become
“stressful” for him to maintain his peak physical condition – especially with him having
a sweet tooth – and he’s hoping to use the ‘bad physique heat’ in the next chapter
of his career: “I love it and I’m gonna use that, hopefully
sooner than later when I turn heel again because I’m sick of this babyface thing, that’s for
sure.” Technically, Orton was last a heel only seven
months ago – where he was aligned with Bray Wyatt in the one of the best storylines in
WWE at the time (although that didn’t exactly have the best conclusion). But it was never a full heel turn, with the
idea being babyface Randy had infiltrated the Wyatt Family – and he’d reveal himself
as a good guy in the end. And Orton’s babyface booking since then
has included a critically-panned feud with Jinder Mahal, over-the-top gimmick matches
and a throwaway match against Rusev at Summerslam last month. Orton’s last proper heel run was in 2014,
as part of the reformed Evolution and then aligning himself with The Authority. But The Viper isn’t the only WWE performer
who gives zero Fs… Daniel Bryan F**** Given Update
At the end of Daniel Bryan’s first Book Club video on the Bella Twins YouTube channel,
he teased which tome he’ll be reading next – one he presumably co-authored: The Subtle
Art of Not Giving a F*** by Mark Manson, which he sets up by saying… “There are some people who accuse me of
giving very few Fs as it is.” So few, I now make that -41. Bryan is infamously honest in interviews,
and in recent weeks he’s very publicly teased his wrestling return in Mexico or Ring of
Honor once his WWE contract expires this time next year. Perhaps that next book is his way of preparing
for the eventual Vince McMahon chat. Watch me sing Nia Jax’s entrance music! And check out 5 wrestling disasters, which
mostly involves stuff bursting into flames! Click the videos to the left to learn more,
press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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100 thoughts on “Randy Orton ‘SICK’ Of WWE Booking, Wants HEEL TURN! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017”

  1. MK Howsey says:

    Made my day seeing my 'cringe' comment on the video 😂

  2. NotSoSeriousNick says:

    I…I…I actually agree with Randy Orton for once?

  3. DSL InjusticeU says:

    WOW, Nia like Oli's cringy Music Video… I'm Shocked!

  4. David Reyna says:

    I am too. Face Orton is very tough to book.

  5. Legion says:

    Heel Kevin Owens or better, Kevin Steen >>>>>>>>>> Heel Randy Orton
    Yes, he's fat, but he can do more in the ring, than blind idiot Orton.

  6. FestivusMiracle says:

    I just thing Orton is overdone and either heel/face is boring anymore when it comes to him.

  7. roodboy606 says:

    "Why didn't you zoom in on your eyes at all?" -underrated comment on the video

  8. Kuribohchaos8 says:

    All he needs is to unlock his explosive combustion disorder

  9. Mike Burnam says:

    The 13 time champion who gets away with more shit than Robert Downey jr. Is upset with booking poor baby I'm sure those who haven't been alliwed to accomplished anywhere near what you have and have screwed up far less than you have still can't get a break in the damn company are far more upset with booking than you ever will be.

  10. Kain d. Badguy says:

    I want to see Nia Jax vs Wonder Oli at Survivor Series.

  11. #throwbackkk Music says:

    i want randy orton that live in breaking point pay per view the randy orton that destroy john cena in their feud and the randy orton that became the most top heel in the wwe history bring back this orton

  12. Clint Deangelis says:

    Randy Orton is sick of WWE booking? Join the club.

  13. Truistic 10 says:


  14. pvanganimare says:

    Randy Orton is a wrestler, everything about him looks and he works like an old school wrestler. But Vince has him doing Hollywood skits SMH.

  15. pvanganimare says:

    Randy Orton was mentor by jim cornette i think, so he works like an old school wrestler, nothing wrong with that. They just put him in lame Hollywood wannabe skits and programs.

  16. Kai Green says:

    I think Bryan is saying a this stuff so that when his contract is up he can say "either let me wrestler or I will go wrestle for someone else" and he knows WWE dont want that as he will actually move the needle for RoH or TNA/GFW/IMPact/roflcoptor/newname. I think there is a good chance it works and thet let him wrestle a few big matches per year, like the other part timers, but keep him as SD GM.

  17. crashpal says:

    Randy Orton Vs Road Dogg. Make it Happen WWE

  18. Mr. Smalls C/O 2016 says:

    S/O to Oli. Nia Jax loves you man.

  19. Perry John Kervin says:

    I absolutely love this channel

  20. Polka Productions says:


  21. Hamzah Iftikhar says:

    Ortorn is better as a heel can,t wait!

  22. Dick Fantastic says:

    Fuckin love this guy.

  23. Greetings. Have a nice day. says:

    I would be upset too. He had one of the best storylines with the wyatt family. ..after wm…it got boring…and so did randy.

  24. Dominick Santora says:

    NO! I will NOT be friendly in the comments!!! LOL

  25. Regular Show says:

    Randy Orton should join the the Miztourage

  26. AAQUIB CADIR says:

    Heel Randy Orton champion?
    Like if you agree

  27. Amuro Ray says:

    even orton agrees wwe sucks.

  28. Kelia Pressoir says:

    1:35 Randy Orton is just jealous of Kevin owens because WWE is booking him better then there are booking him.

  29. white sexual chocolate says:

    Give Curtis Axels dads Mr. Perfect gimmick

    Give Randy Orton his dads cowboy Bob Orton gimmick

    Give Bo Dallas His Irwin R. Schyster dads IRS GIMMICK

  30. yepp says:

    Be friendly in the comments? NO Come on then I'll fight you all in a Punjabi Prison for a Number 1 contenders match for the United States Championship

  31. Sergio Osorno says:

    Turn Randy Orton Heel for Real!

  32. ZJ DUBYA says:

    Randy Orton is not a babyface, I never seen a wrestler that was more suited to be heel than Mr RKO

  33. Fazo says:


  34. cjlp1021 says:

    come by 667… safe

  35. Jay Nadiah says:

    I hate Randy Orton and that stupid pose he does on the ring ropes. i just want him to go away.

  36. drpdachlpa says:

    I'm a simple man.

    I see Oli, I click like. I see Luke, I click X.

  37. wanderlustwarrior says:

    "Heel turn" – he has been a douche pretty consistently. I guess that's not a heel move? Is it just that what little character he has can actually be summed up as "asshole"?

  38. IceInMilk says:

    The title says September news but it's october😂😂

  39. E-Jay The Supreme says:

    HEEL Randy Orton has always been better!

  40. alexythimia23 says:

    Oil has god a mad Steve coogan type humour
    Which is why he does some hilarious shit
    What culture were fkn booooooring in comparison to oli

  41. Land of the Dread Heads says:

    Aren't we all sick of their booking, it's shitty

  42. The AceB says:

    Hey there's no comparison between randy and ko kevin owens is on another level kill steen kill
    kevin steen is the man

  43. The Lying Triangle says:

    Please WWE don't ruin orton give him what he wants orton his a Better heel since his debut
    "The Legend Killer"
    "Apex Predator"
    "The Viper"

  44. Gary Devlin says:

    And now tonight on Raw, Alexa Bliss, for the good of the WWE universe, is going to have to call Nia out and reveal the Oli footage on the titantron and while they're at it later in the night, Dean Ambrose needs to prank Seth Rollins by presenting his new and improved theme music: 'oooooh king slayer!'

  45. Tweeter05 says:

    👐 isn't a double high five emoji lol… it's a a celebration/cheering emoji

  46. Rabid wolverine says:

    Randy orton needs to win the world title more than John Cena because in all honesty he is the better wrestler an shouldn't be behind Cena by much or imagine them tied in title wins

  47. jc1990wm says:

    It's scripted…gtfo it and get your money…smh

  48. DrizzleLand says:

    Rko. Rko should b back on Raw plezzz

  49. ObsessiveFanboy says:

    Seems like Orton is always sick of WWE booking unless he's a heel.

  50. MasterCrazyKnightz says:


  51. Emperor Ren says:

    Randy should bring back the HEEL version of himself when he was with the LEGACY

  52. Flex says:

    Fuck you all.

  53. K M says:

    AS a child, I missed having HARDY around. It's been great but wwe keeps him down. He needs to just be champ again and then I don't care. Also, Rey needs to come back one more time.

  54. R. Shackleford says:

    The American Dragon vs The American Nightmare or THE BULLET CLUB 🤘can't afford to be suid for using natural body movements

  55. EAce says:

    I hope everybody who watches this has a great day c:

  56. The Cheeseburger_666 says:

    I'm sick of boring orton in general.

  57. The Cheeseburger_666 says:

    THE ELIAS NATION > oli's singing.

    Elias' cover of an Alice In Chains song is flawless

  58. Cerebral Assasn says:

    Randy is the best they have right now. Idk why they're acting like reins is tge face now. Orton is

  59. anasazi79 says:

    He's not the only one!

  60. Jayde Flores says:

    I can careless about randy being wwe like he’s not even a big deal nomore

  61. homelesshomie2 says:

    @WrestletalkTV randy should leave and join the bullet club

  62. Alif hgj says:

    I love you oli the bestt 😍😂

  63. Fynn Mc says:

    Heel orton vs styles. Take the title off styles so he can go and win the wwe championship and feud with nakamura at wm. Orton is a way better heel than face so this feud would be golden.

  64. Alex Holtzie says:

    Im just here for friendly comments.

  65. Preston Garvey says:

    Who isn't (also hi harrasing comments)

  66. STICKGAMES says:

    Ha ha, Randy said that Kevin Owens is fat 😀

  67. Matr Olmem says:

    Orton just needs to go away

  68. Gamingdragon says:

    Styles vs Orton feud plz

  69. J.P. Walkman says:

    The problem is the RKO gets pops. Also it was Randy being the anti hero/heel that got him pops in the first place. Randy Orton would have to do something drastic to become a heel. The only thing i can think of is Randy hitting AJ Styles or Nakamura with a chair over and over again until it sinks in.

  70. Jack Spade says:

    Randy Horton is sick of wwe booking, really randy? Is that why you've agreed to 719 heel/face turns in 15 years? Foh

  71. Mya LDeZaNH says:

    The tweet part put an actual smile on my face. That was fun.

  72. Manny Gutierrez says:

    Randy Orton is one of those wrestlers that just loves being the bad guy and it fits him perfectly heel Orton is like heel rock it's the best character he plays just like rock heel or Hollywood rock was the best Dwayne character

  73. D Wilkinson says:

    and i'm sick of Randy Orton…being a little whiny bitch. You don't like the fact that someone has gotten over with mic skills and a personality, go wrestle for GFW !

  74. michael stanford says:

    laughed out loud! well done!

  75. Ash says:

    Randy should grow his hair out again. His Evolution hair/look was fresh. It suits his heel and face days after Evolution, and overall looks better on him.

    Plus, it would make him look younger.

  76. OneManCast says:

    I would be fine with a Heel Randy if we get Face Rusev and Face Aiden English.

  77. OneManCast says:


  78. JtRipper says:

    So what he's saying is… Orton wants to be able to get fat?

  79. TheSarahkitten42 says:

    What has Randy done recently that's face-ish?
    Go ahead. I'll wait.
    No, legit. I wanna know.

  80. Tony Stark says:

    Randy Orton Vs AJ Styles for the United States championship

  81. Eric Olson says:

    don't think you could handle her olie

  82. WWE 2018 wrestling says:

    I am not going to be a friendly cat!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Michael says:

    Orton was never meant to be face

  84. Ricky YN6 says:

    We all sick of wwe's booking

  85. The Shane - Shavash says:

    #swaftnation oli and nia in a mixed double tag team!!

  86. Natalie Franco says:

    I miss Legend Killer Orton…..

  87. Cookie Ya Dig says:


  88. j d says:

    bring back orton from 2009

  89. Moe Faez says:

    byron saxton vs oli!!

  90. Monique Scott says:

    Bring back the old Randy Orton 2009 & 2010 evil Devilish Randy Orton

  91. Stephen Bryan says:

    #WWE @WWE +WWE

  92. wwefan12397 says:

    I agree Randy Orton should be the despicable heel like 2009 orton

  93. RockHEYS 00 says:

    It'll be hard for me to boo him if he's a heel Randy Orton but I'd love to see his heel turn.

  94. RockHEYS 00 says:

    Let's have an extreme rules match at WrestleMania with Randy orton vs Nakamura.

  95. William Smith says:

    rko sick

  96. Tyrone Lemon says:

    Heel please im begging you

  97. simon mwaura says:

    your voice is so cute

  98. Mac Anthony says:

    I'm sick of it too, baby face Randy just doesn't make sense…

  99. Mac Anthony says:

    How tf, Randy's better as a heel…I just wanna know, how Vince let him be baby face if he kicked the whole McMahon family in the head…

  100. Mac Anthony says:

    He can never be anything but heel now

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