Racha (Betting Raja) Telugu Full Length Movie || Ram Charan, Tamannaah

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Sir, getting late.
– Coming. New clothes, wear it. New clothes? Neither it’s my
birthday nor any festival, why new clothes, father? Today is a victory day
of our entire village! Entire village’s victory?
What is victory, father? Victory is that which we think
and accomplish it. I too thought of something.
– What’s it son? I won today and
I’ll win everyday from now. Okay, I’ll comb your hair.
– No father, this is latest style. Okay, but Ammu will come
neatly dressed. Is Ammu’s family too
visiting the temple? Ammu will be conducting
the program there. Then, you turn that side, father.
I want to tuck in. How long will you both discuss here? Sister and family would’ve left
by now, get ready quickly. We’re ready.
– I’m also ready, come…come. Very fine…how are you sister? I’m fine sister. Greetings.
– Tings…tings… What’s that hairstyle?
You don’t have a comb? We’re very happy to see
you two families, sir. True friends like you are seen only
in epics not in real world. We were just farmhands but we’re
going to become farmers now, and the credit goes
to your friendship, sir. You both must live happily
for generations. Not just we, our entire place
will be happy hereafter. Come.
– Come. Where are the white lilies? Have you forgotten our tradition? How could you forget?
– Sister said she’d bring… Sister, I made a mistake. I forgot it at home because of
these father and son’s troubles. Why don’t you go home and bring it?
– I’ll bring it, mother. You? Will you go alone?
You may get scared. Scared? Me? Cherry, I love white lilies.
Will you bring it for me too? What will you give if I bring, Ammu? I don’t want farm documents. I’ll give you this
powerful Lord Anjaneya, nobody can challenge you
if it is with you. Then, okay. Greetings.
– Tings…tings… This is for Ammu and
this is for Goddess Mother. You all know about this train race. But this time there’s
a little change in the race. You’ll not compete with the train, you’ll go facing a train
coming from opposite, first one to go aside is the loser! Cars are there. Cars and concept is mine. lf it hits, we’ll die. Is there kick in the race
without any risk, dude? That’s why guys… If you bet Rs.10000,
you can earn Rs.1 lakh. There’s only one Charminar and
Golconda in Hyderabad, you’ve proved it again that
I’m the only one in betting. Hey crap!
– Alias dirt! AKA dog! Calm down. Entire Hyderabad knows there’s
only one man to win over you. To win over me?
– Yes. Who is it? You?
– Not me but my leader! Who is this street leader? He’s not street leader
but gang leader. Gang leader? If he takes a step, he’s Audi, If he shows up, he’s 3D, his walk has a style,
there’s always a smile on his face, there’s craze in his eyes, there’s a terrific body
under his shirt! Look there! Human little, high risk! Hey downtown!
Are you challenging me? Don’t underestimate downtown people,
your balls may crack up! Have you come knowing
my track record? Our boy is here to break records! You will lose! Hey proud! l like winning,
I love the pride of victory, I like to be number one and
I love to defeat guys like you. Take Rs.10000! Stop! Proud gang versus downtown gang. Sweat versus scent! It’ll be sensational! Here’s the money won in the bet. Keep it for sister’s college fees. You risked your life for my sister.
– She’s our sister. Where’s the party, bro? I’m there for it, right?
Come on guys.- Come to party! Man of silence… Man of violent action…
With electric body… He’s a cheetah…
He’s a strong tea… He’s Mr. Win All sensational… He’s a sensational winner… He’s a winner all way in
Ceded, Andhra, and Nizam areas… He’s a greenhorn… He’s a man of all seasons… When he goes all out,
he’s sensational… He’s star of this modern era…
A star that shines day and night… I make my own way…
I’m my competitor… I’ll ward off the evil
eye cast me myself… I carry my own weight…
I move the time myself… I’ll write my history myself… Sea is within me…
Mountain peak is below me… Destination follows me… He has gone mad… If you understand its not
madness but confidence… If his determination catches fire,
it’s sensational… His arrogance is his booster… Blowing whistles, playing drums
and rock the world… Ovations, claps, thundering applause…
He’s sensational… O my dear, you’re rocking… He’s young and sensational… Ambition of victory is in my nerves…
Victory is the language of my senses… My blood thirsts for victory only… Victory is my slang…
Victory is my language… Victory is my visa to the world…. My father gave birth to me…
You gave me life… He taught me to win… He’s spotless in character… Anyone against him is a kid… He’s sensational where ever he goes… Poster boy of young men and women… What? Do you want a maid? Sorry brother, I don’t work
in bachelor’s room. Tell me after you’re married,
I’ll work then. Software guys’ clothes,
iron it softly. I’ll do but why don’t you agree
to work for those bachelors? What an husband! It seems they’ll fix up…
May l? Why so early in the morning, father? What am l to tell you?
I remembered Rama Narayan. Who is he?
– Did you see? Though l’m drunk,
I still remember your father’s name. But you forgot him. Father, my father’s name
is Suryanarayana. With a peg in,
I forgot two letters. It’s 13 years since we found you, son. It’s 13 years since he found us
not the other way. What? You got drunk and fell
in railway station. He brought you home in a train. Sorry son, I’m telling you now
what I should’ve told 13 years ago. What’s it?
– Thanks son. Okay. Enough…stop it. What if anything happens to you
after a drinking binge? What would happen to this? You don’t worry,
I’ll sell it before it happens. Look son!
He never realises my pain. Hey silly woman! We’ve a 70 kg gold son in home,
nothing will happen to me. Why don’t you quit drinking, father? Okay, let’s quit, you quit betting
and I’ll quit drinking. Both would never happen
in this life. That’s sure! You come here on the first of
every month to beg that is also sure. Madam, please give me alms! Are you saying we both are same? How can l dare compare
you with him? He begs from outside every home
and you beg inside the home. Punch dialogue on owner!
Throw up! Throw up my rent. My son will take care of
rents and currents. Move! He’ll never reform.
– Am I man to reform? I’m a drunkard. He would’ve had spurious drinks.
– What’s it, uncle? What’s there? If you pay rent,
we’ll buy provisions. Right? Why are you asking rent newly?
We’ve a bet every month, right? Enough of cheating me for years
since you came here. Every month we’ll have a bet
and invariably I lose, and rent gets exempted. l want to stop this tradition, right? No uncle…
– You can’t convince me. I’ve done Yoga and followed
Mantena Sathyanarayana’s diet too. I’m asking you for
the last time, uncle. Even if it is last time for you,
my first answer is the same. Shall l lock it?
– Anything other than me. Okay, your fate. I’m here! Aunty, my bet money. Why should my wife pay
you bet money? I had a bet with your wife that
you’ll not bet this month. What has happened to you?
You bet every month, right? What happened to you this month?
– Don’t pinch me. What’s wrong with you?
Why did you wage a bet? Because of pride
– Why are you encouraging young men? Stop it! Take your action to home,
my bet money, please aunty. This month’s rent too gone!
– Don’t put hands my pocket in public. Take it. Your rent and my percent.
Bye. No use in playing with me, tomorrow the man who plays
with you will come, you will face the music then! I lost to him! Nothing gives you more kick
than victory. Real kick to me is to win over him.
I must plan it. I’ll do it…do it. Men have won the toss. Listen sisters! Playing cricket much easier
than running a family. Bat is nothing but broom, batting means sweeping with a broom. What’s bowling then? It’s like making cow dung
cakes on the wall. Guard please. If you don’t hit a six, it’ll hit you! I’ll not accept! She showed her navel
and winked at me. Will you stop playing
if she shows anything? Your guard is out! I’ll hit a six! Fool! Stand before the wickets! Aunty stop! Mother, don’t catch! lt’s a six! Am I out? Buddy, show your magic!
– Hit all sixes! Rock them! Brother, as they bowl, hit a six!
– I’ll hit sixes, you drink! Bat well son, shatter the records! Father! If you get sweat,
you’ve my half sari is ready. If you’re thirsty,
I’m ready with a drink. No…no…why are you shaking
hands with him? He’s our opponent now,
go to your fielding position. Go, silly girls…go… Forget about those young girls,
I’m also falling for his charm. What are you murmuring, aunty?
– Nothing… Come father…
– Bring it fast. Father, run fast! Find it quickly! Search girls! Run fast, father! Father! Hubby! Father! What happened, father? Get an ambulance! Father, get up! Father… No problem, right doctor?
– There’s problem. His liver is completely damaged
due to excessive drinking. Medically it is known
as liver cirrhosis. We can save his life only
with a liver transplant. Is there any chance with medication? We can hardly manage him
for a month with medication. How much a transplant
would cost us, doctor? It could be around Rs.20 lakhs! Mother, serve biryani. Why are you putting chicken
pieces in my plate, father? I’ve grown old and
unable to digest it. So, you’ll have chicken
and I’ll have rice. Have it son! Why are you looking at me
instead of eating, father? Nothing son, watching you makes me
wish live for few more days. Do you want to save
your father’s life? You? What are you doing here? What you said was right boss! Kick of victory is different.
Thrill of victory is different. Ever since l lost to you,
I don’t like myself anymore. So, let’s have one more bet again! Till now you’ve won a lakh or two
in all the bets you waged. If you win in this bet, I’ll give
Rs.20 lakhs you desperately need. But if l win, you don’t need
to pay me even a rupee. I mustn’t see you in any
betting in Hyderabad. I mustn’t hear your name in
any betting place. What’s the bet? It’s not car or bike race this time, must make a girl fall in love with you.
– Love? Girl? What’s this meaningless? You said betting must have
kick and risk to life. What’s the risk in it? Do you know who the girl is?
Bellary’s daughter! Who is he?
– Who is he?! I love only two things. One is money and two is money. I’m busy in making money, and you’re busy to get a place
in my daughter’s heart. I don’t know anything sir. She asked me a doubt
and I cleared it, that’s all. If she asks a doubt, you must clear it
in classroom before the students. Not personally! She liked your teaching. She liked what you taught! What if she likes you too?
What would my position be then? Never go after a speeding bus or
train or a wealthy man’s daughter. You’ll die! That’s Bellary in brief! His daughter is a moving
Kohinoor diamond! Her name is Chaitra,
she’s studying BDS. She’s life-size form of Bellary’s life. With the salaries for the security
men he employs to take her to college, half of Secunderabad’s water
problem can be solved with it. Sathi trusts knife! One who trusts Sathi will
live like a knife! You must tell I love you
to his daughter. You’ve come to me
at right time with a right bet. I’m for the deal. But you must do it within 30 days!
– 30 days? You think you’re a win all, right? Would there be fun without
a boundary in the match? Today is December 2, by December 31,
she must say I love you to you. if not, you must say good bye
to betting once for all. This is the girl’s photo
and other details. James, keep the money ready. I like your over confidence. Not over, just confidence! How dare you run into madam! I’ll kill you… Order me, madam!
– Leave him. Yes madam! Not leaving him but
excuse and let him go. Next time if you dare touch
madam’s shadow, I’ll throw you down from top
floor not from her, mind it. Go…go…
– Watch them! Let her security go to hell. What a security! Let’s turn back. What did you get from it, buddy? Nothing…
– We mustn’t attack directly. How? Are you mad? If you agree one more history,
if not another blood history. What the hell are you blabbering? If a girl refuses,
will it be blood history? College is a temple of
Goddess Saraswathi. Will you threaten an lndian girl
to love in the place of Boss? You…
– Stop bro! Who are you brother?
– Not yours but her brother. Hey Gandhiji…Bapuji!
What a horrible thing? These idiots have brought the situation
to refrain girls coming to college. What? What’s happening here?
– I hit my brother instead of him. Come here.
– You hit and then pacify me. What did Kandukuri Veeresalingam say?
What did Gudivada Appa Rao say? It’s Gurazada not Gudvada. Brother is in flow,
you carry on bro! What did he say?
He told to beat eve teasers. Why the entire college
is watching fun? Youth isn’t just having Beers;
you must beat rogues like him. Hold this! Will you throw acid on girls’ faces
if they refuse to love you? Will you cut necks in the classroom? Or else will you throw them
from rooftops? No! Don’t clap! The only action l hate in
Telugu language is claps. Stop your over action and watch it. Have you united?
– Not now, lovers from day one! They’re the college’s best lovers.
– Is it? If they marry, they’d become
best couple too. If we’ve a fight,
he raises a hell to cool me. Couldn’t you’ve told me
this before sister? You went after him like Hitler brother
and didn’t give me a chance. Let’s go to class. Which college are you from?
– Next college. I came here to react on social causes. Don’t react too much,
scene may go against you. Father, sleep for sometime.
– Okay. What? Got the complete details about her. Calm down, security is very tight in
college and home, meeting her is difficult. You don’t dash all his hopes,
she attends dance classes 4 days a week, if you also join it,
very easy to trap her. Because security will wait
outside only. Should I learn to dance?
– Don’t learn, teach her that’s enough. Teach her? Yes, a dance master Rangeela is
coming from Chicago. If you catch him, yourjob is done. When is Lawrence coming? Here comes Rangeela! He looks like a spoon lifter
from Shamshabad. Turn it. Remove the dark glasses and walk. All are one rupee people! For whom you’re here?
– For you only. It’s written here. But I don’t have any information
about your coming. But we’ve full information sir. Hey washer man! My name is Bobby not washer man!
– I’ve changed your name. Why are you stuttering?
Maintain distance from me. Why are you asking to
maintain distance from you? Who are you? Your currency? Our currency is dollars. What’s the distance between you and us? Rs.46! Maintain a distance of at least 46 feet. Greetings! Who are these Black Berrys? They Nigerians,
students of our dance school. What is he saying? It seems they offered prayers on your
name in Goddess Mother’s temple, and brought offering.
Take it sir. How come foreigners too have
become great devotees? Take photographs also
along with autographs. Is this Audi ours?
– This auto is ours! Why did you bring me here
instead of dance school? You would’ve got tired
travelling long distance, right? To freshen up her.
– Should I fresh up here? I need minimum Taj Krishna
to freshen up. This is father of it, Raj Krishna!
It’s sensational inside. Why is the outlook so
atrocious like his face? Inside will be great like your face. Look at this! Is it beautiful? Though slang, piece is good. Would they do Thai massage?
– They’ll do Tanuku massage. Tanuku massage?
– They’ll massage with kicks. With kicks? Come in with right leg first.
This is suit room. Is this hotel? This looks like
Municipal dumping yard. Would humans live here? What’s that stare?
Is this sofa? They’ve put a pillow on a bench. Is this a fridge? Why are you making gestures? You wanted kick massage, right? Not to let the sound leak out.
– Why would there be sound? There will be sound if we bash, right?
– Who would you bash now and why? I’ll tell you why there would be
sound if we bash anyone? Why would there be sound? Why have you filled my suitcase
with sugar packets? How did it surface in my suitcase? It came with a call from marijuana. Marijuana?
– It accompanied cocaine. How did all this stuff came into this? Like that! You said temple offerings and
filled my suitcase with drugs. Who are those Black Berrys? Nigerians drug cartel caught
in Hyderabad. I’ve understood the matter clearly. You’ve kidnapped me, right? You’ll go there as dance master
in my place. You’ll free me after
yourjob is done. Till then I’ve to sit tight here.
That’s all, right? Give me the bouquet. I thought of welcoming but
why did you come? Do you know that I’m not Rangeela? Bald top and paunch down,
how can you be Rangeela? You could be just an assistant. You got it right. Here’s Rangeela! He looks like Adonis! I thought master would be aged like him.
You’re quite young. My name is KV, I’ve a sister,
she’s a golden child, it may appear silly to say,
she has 20 kgs of gold. 20 kgs?! My sister is the lobe heir
to this academy. Your biggest fan.
– Mine? How can she be your fan? Master’s fan! Come sister. Brother! Master is very handsome! She tears at least 6 shirts every day! Get me a new shirt.
– Okay sir. Today’s your quota is over,
you go inside please. I’ll do it with master, brother.
– What? No dear, you’re a learner. If you make a mistake,
you’ll lose impression. Do it with him if you want. Brother!
– I trust him. He won’t! Come.
– Go! Teach her to dance. Have you brought shirts? Today you’ve met your master,
Hip-hop classes will start tomorrow. Disperse now. Hello doctor girl!
Have you recognised me? I don’t remember you. Looks like she’s a brand
ambassador of arrogance. What’s this? As a student in
college and master here. What’s the matter? Don’t act innocence,
as if you don’t know anything. Stop over acting.
Are you here to ogle me? Will you tell everyone about this? I don’t discuss such cheap
things with others. They’ll know who you are
from your monkey dance. They’ll send you out and my men
outside would pack you up. It would happen parallel! Please switch on left indicator. Like wise right too. Bumper too is okay! But the vehicle’s pick-up
is little weak. You’re good from outside,
I’m here for you, if we unite, it’s sensational! Are you angry at my drinking
habit for ruining my health? Calm down father, had you not
been drunk would we’ve met? I would’ve become
an orphan without you. Had you not met me that day,
I too would be an orphan, father. Stop it! What’s that?
Hip hop or lolli pop? What’s the drill like a drill master? Students, I’ll show you a new program. Dance without break till the music plays. Why did you stop it?
What happened? Didn’t stop, my body aches
dancing continuously. I’ll have some water. Me? l’m not Rangeela master. I’m not a kid. He has come in your place
blackmailing you, and you’re helpless,
I know everything. Thank you very much,
at least you know it. We’ve seen rogues and
crooks to the core, but he’s purebred crook! He’s using my face and my position. He’s playing with my life now. I beg you…I’ll fall at your feet,
please save me. You needn’t have to fall
at my feet, I’ll see that he falls at your feet. Why are you limping?
– I slipped in bathroom, master. Slipped? I too slipped yesterday. It’s wrong dear, you’re like a girl. Don’t say slipped, say leg slipped. You stop, sir. What’s the condition now?
– I think I’ve sprained my leg. Can’t you dance today? When did he do?
– You shut up! I think I can never dance again.
– Go away! Today’s class is dismissed.
Let’s continue tomorrow. Why can’t you dance master? If assistant sprains his leg,
why should the class be dismissed? You’re finished, downtown! Me?
– Yes master. We love to see Sachin hitting century,
Rajini smoking a cigarette, my slim sister wishes to see
you dance like Megastar! Brother!
– I told you l’ve only one shirt. Look, I’m a coach! Whether it is cricket,
hockey or boxing, have you seen coach playing? Why are you watching silently?
You pay hefty fee, right? Ask him you want to see your
dance magic not this words logic. Master! You must dance! Finished! You want me to dance, right? I always dance with a good partner. If there’s a good dancer among you,
I’ll definitely dance. There is! Me? O my parrot, may I bit your sweet
and alluring lips… Heir of the Konidela family,
have you become so daring? Don’t know what happened my heart
is rebelling and is after you… Oh no! Don’t come after me,
calm down, new bridegroom… Hey white chick! You may become a mother by
morning in the anxiety… No way you can do it… Your street smartness won’t
work out, my dear… Hand to mouth existence
is your life… Rolling in Rolls Royce’s
is my range… Love between you and me
is ajoke, my boy… Though loaded with arrogance,
you’re an epitome of beauty… I too don’t like a love without risk
which has no thrills… I’m the Everest, which
no beauty can match… Angels would follow me
at the snap of my finger… Abracadabra! This marble statue’s
beauty would vanish… Don’t over reach yourself,
you can’t get me so easily… With body like Brad Pitt and
learning hip hop dance… If you plan to trap this rich girl,
you can never succeed… There’s no speed breakers
till I get what I wish… I’ll never miss my goal
once I set my target… Are you mad? Don’t fry my brain
with your craziness… What a horoscope yours is!
I’m following you… Dance practice is in
progress there, go! How is my touch? Did you sleep last night? If you cross my path like this,
you’ll go sleepless. Threatening me?
– I’m confirming it. Matter of love! I’ll do anything for love. Love? With me?
You’ll lose. My genes have only victory in them. Why are you walking away? Are you scared of falling for me
if you talk to me? Look downtown, I’m not a girl to fall
for your cheap tricks. You claim to have victory genes. Do one thing, I love you
is three letter word, I’ll give you three tests.
– Love test? Take it as you feel. I’ll pass out with distinction! My entire family will be in
GVK mall for birthday shopping, give me love letter and propose as
my family and security men watch, I think about you then. Isn’t this any plan to trap me, right? Right? I’m not that fluent in English. I’ll give you love letter and
open the first page of love in you. Let’s meet in the mall tomorrow. If you beat my people or
if they beat you, you lose! Have you laid a condition? Okay, let me see it! What will you buy for me, daddy? I’ll buy for your birthday too, dear. Hey Bellary! Who are you? Shall I come to you or
say it from here? Send him to me. What’s this Bellary? What’s this security?
Why so many goons? Why these gun men?
Why this tight security? Are you so scared to come out? Do you know with whom
you’re talking to? I know, B-E-L-L-A-R-Y! Why did you name after a place as
if you didn’t get any other name? Change it. I’ll blow up your head. Remove the gun. Who are you? Human little, high risk! I don’t know when or where I saw or
met your daughter but I’ve fallen. I’m unlike others. I’ve come to propose to your
daughter before you. Baby, you call it as pudding
if there’s rice in milk, and if one gets a lover like you,
it’s known as fate! Kill him! Move…move… This is a TV reality show,
if you’ve guts, do it! Will it come on TV? Shock to the celebrity,
it’ll be on air on Sunday sir. You did a good jog sir. You’ve won a prize with
your perfect performance… What’s that? Claps please. Stop! Who is the director of this program?
– There he is! Wash him using this Surf Excel! Smashed your nose… While washing clothes with Surf,
I slipped and fell down. Why are you taking this risk? Why don’t you live happily
washing my sister’s clothes? Should I wash your sister’s clothes? Why? Do you think your sister wears clothes? It’s tents and camps. I can’t wash your sister’s clothes. Where are you going?
– For dance practice. Go! How was my yesterday’s twist?
– Very cheap! Cheap?- I thought you’d show your courage
not a TV reality show. What to do? You said conditions apply
and I applied my common sense. That’s street smartness,
anyone can do it. As second test I’ll come to your
home and give you a flower. Will you come to my home? Right into the middle of your home. Four floors, eight halls,
20 bedrooms, 200 security men, securing with knives and guns. Will you enter my home,
give me a flower and propose to me? Definitely. I’ll not enter like a thief, I’ll enter breaking your door
like a hero, I’ll come in bashing your men
like a Cheetah. You can beat anyone.
But nobody must beat you. Perfect condition. If anyone beats me or a drop of
my blood touches ground, I’ll say quits to this love. You saw reality show earlier,
now you’ll watch real show. Will he come? Is he so brave? You? Again a TV reality show?
– This time a real show. My sweetheart, my heartbeat!
I’m here to give a flower to my love. Who are you? I’m proud, son of victory! If you give me way without
wasting time, I’ll present a flower to my darling. Dare take a step further! I’ll give you a bumper offer. Dare stop my on step! The place you stop me,
I’ll go back from there. If you’re a man of word,
take a step! Do it, it’s a question of honour. Come on. Did I crack any joke to
laugh so much? If not what else man? You’re tall like a palm tree,
broad chest like Papikonda, courage of Telengana,
Konaseema cuts and Rayalaseema guts. you’ve all this and
yet they’re brandishing guns, then either you must be a coward
or I must be powerful than you. Guns down boys! Brother, astrology predicts
bad day for us. Not mine but yours. Throw your guns.
Throw your guns in it. Run! Let him go inside but the flower
shouldn’t go inside. Human little, high risk. Boss! What happened here? That TV channel guy came and
gave a flower to madam. What were you doing while
he was giving her a flower? We tried to snatch the flower
from him, boss. We tried to beat him, boss. Did you beat him like that?
– He beat us like that, boss. Did you see how easy it is
to make you fall? After letter and flower,
love has come nearer to me. Giving letter or flower knowing my dad
isn’t at home is not heroism. Switch on left indicator. No muscle just arrogance! I’ll not come to you,
I’ll take you with me, not for couple of hours
but entire day, and present you as gift a memorable
day from your own life. You saw outside, right?
Security has been doubled. Look doctor girl! Once I decide,
guns or men don’t scare me. I’ll take you as your
security men watch. As they watch and without
anyone getting a doubt, I’ll drop you again in your home. Your love track is interesting now. This time you can bet anyone
or anyone can beat you. If you still live, let me think then. Hey my little dumb baby! Be ready to say it! Clearance will come immediately. Boss. The man who came in
shopping mall and home, he may come at any time
from any side, keep an eye on all sides. Remove those glasses. Atleast then you’ll see what he does. Brother, you remove it
and I’ll wear it. Bye father!
– Bye dear! What’s that commotion? Leave them, poor people. Where are our cars?
I’m asking you. Where are our security men? How would I know madam?
– You?! When did you get into the car? Get down madam. Son! He’s Brother A K Paul! How did you get into our car? No son, we’re in our car only. I you want check the number plate. We were going to spread good news
and car got mixed in your convoy… I think I’ve seen you somewhere. We’re all children of God, my son. Don’t keep crying face. Not for us, cry for yourself and
your missing madam. What are you saying? True, boss. She got into the car before my eyes. But she’s missing on
reaching college, boss. Search her.
Take the vehicles. You’re no ordinary man. I said I’d take you from
your tight security. Spend the entire day freely! Just a leg space is enough… Just a day of life together
is enough… A wish…you are my heart’s
only one wish… Hey, your tresses are
hot kurkure… Hey, your words are sweet
Cadbury chocolates… You are my rainbow… You are my day and night…
You are my happiness and worry… You entered my heart like wind…
Swiftly you arrested my breath… You are my dream…
You are my treasure… You met raindrops like lightning… You spread like thick
clouds instantly… Given a new life…
Becoming your life partner… I’m coming as the light
in your shadow… Hey, one day may I come
before you… Hey, may I show you wonders… Hey, may l give you the happiness
enough for a lifetime… There’s only one sky and
there’s only one opportunity… You gave wings to the birds… You gave shine to
the shining stars… There’s only one happiness
and only one message… Give colours to the flowers… Speed up the flowing rivers… Whether it is a rainbow
or gentle drizzle… Will it add fun to our happiness? You can’t understand
my tension, lawyer. Press and public mustn’t know this. Tell this to Commissioner. Boss, madam Chaitra is here! Move man! Please come now. Madam, you move, he’ll die… Not me, you and yourjob is over! Fire me sir! Fire me for saving and bringing
back your daughter safely. Don’t believe his words, boss. What will you tell?
May I tell what he’ll say, sir. Earlier gave letter and
said reality show, then gave a flower and said real show, now will give a twist and
say it’s night show. He’ll say he’s crook, boss. Is that what you’ll say, right? Stop that dirty smile and tell him. Don’t believe him boss he acts well. What will you say?
He cheats, beats and escapes. He scolds and creates some magic.
He says he’s a gladiator, boss. That’s it, right?
Tell him. Stop it! Who the hell are you? Good! Did anyone of these
fools ask me this? Who am I?
Where did I come from? Why did I come here? Boss, don’t believe anything he says.
He kidnapped madam. Did I deny it? I kidnapped Chaitra madam.
– Why? To tell you how many fools
are around you. Instead of spending millions
to feed such idiots, please think about
unemployed like me, sir. At least one application will get
reduced from employment exchange. I’ll leave the bike where you
missed Chaitra, go and bring it. Bye sir. Boss, my bike… Change his position from tomorrow. He said change their positions,
does it mean we are fired? Not mine, yours! Who is it? Didn’t recognise my voice?
It’s me! Sorry Baireddanna! I’ve good news for you,
got the clearance from Govt. Other than one hurdle we don’t have
any hurdles for laying foundation. Okay. I see some difference
in your voice. As foundation laying ceremony
approaches, I foresee a bad omen. I’m in political position
I’ll manage everything. Problem isn’t that one; some guy is
after Chaitra in the name of love, I’m scared of losing my daughter. Keep her away from him for
few days, stay away from him. Let’s see him after January 1, okay?
– Okay. Can you manage it by January 1?
– Definitely, doctor. After the formalities are over,
I’ll inform the date of operation. Bye. What’s your confidence? If seems you assured doctor
to pay the operation fee. May I tell you breaking news? Bellary has stopped Chaitra
attending college. Tightened her security till
her birthday. Just 3 more days for your
deadline and your father’s life. The number you’ve dialed
is switched off…please call… I’ve been trying your cell since
morning, it’s switched off always. It’s a long tale,
I’ll tell you later. Not later, I’m coming to you now.
We’re meeting, that’s it. No! Don’t take the risk at this time. Look, three tests are over. I want to hear those words from you. Love mustn’t be expressed in
tension or under pressure. I’ll come to dance school on
the night of December 31, at the stroke of 12,
world welcomes the new year, I’ll express my love and welcome
new life with you at that time. I’ll wait from now for those
magical moments. Why did you call me
so early in the morning? To give you a shocking news. That girl is coming to dance school
to express her love to me. Come there with money. You can with your eyes, hear with
your ears and give me the money. Carry on. Baireddy hasn’t come yet, sir. He’s not coming, he cancelled
for a party meeting in Delhi. Come here. What’s that? No cooling at all.
Didn’t fridge it? I’ll put ice cubes, brother. Add liquor to it and bring. It’s going to strike 12,
bring Chaitra quickly.- Okay. Chaitra is missing! Look properly!
– I did…she’s missing! Damn it!
What I feared has happened! What happened? My parents know about us.
That’s why… No need to fight them, let’s go. Enough of your show, leave her. Do you know what is sensational? Know it now. Let’s go…come…come… Are you mad?
What the hell are you doing? Will you kill your own
daughter in anger? Daughter? Who is my daughter?
Whose daughter is she? She’s not my daughter at all! What are you saying? I rose her so fondly all these
years to kill her today. He’s not taking away
an ordinary girl. Rs.10000 crores worth property! Have you know to know
her whereabouts? We’ve alerted all the
check-posts in the city. We’ve informed forest
department also. We’ve faxed their photos too. We’ll know about Chaitra’s
whereabouts in an hour, sir. Not will know, we must know. Yes uncle, tell me. Is the young man with you? Little away. Everything is going on as we planned.
Be careful. Okay uncle. That phone is not safe,
they may locate you with signals, throw it away. Okay. Chaithu is very happy and elated! I got trapped! You gave me so much happiness
but why are you dull? Last night’s twist was
too much for me. I was expecting I love you
but you brought me to forest. I don’t understand one thing,
you were silent till yesterday, why did you suddenly
change to vibration mode? What can I do?
I was insecure amidst security. But not now! New year, new life with you. Good! Raj, you passed my 3 tests
taking risk for me. There won’t be a more romantic
place than this to say I love you. That’s why… Stop…stop… You must not say it her
but before a man. Before a man? Since it is love, if you want
I’ll express it before your family, I’ll express it before my family also. But who is this new man
between us? Raj, they’re my men,
if they catch us, you’re dead. Who amongst you would
like to die first? Why are you looking at me? I want to die but not before
having a Thai massage. Arrange for it and then kill me. All are sitting down,
why are you sitting on a stool? Place has no difference sir. Once I got the stick from you,
l can’t differentiate top from bottom. He blackmailed and took your
place as dance master, what the hell were you doing then? To be frank with you, what the hell did you do when
he took away your daughter? We too did the same. I’m asking you for the last time.
Tell me his plan. I’ll spare your lives. Mother promise, we don’t
know anything, sir. We’re just friends because we
live in the same neighbourhood. We’re in now connected
to him, sir. Promise sir. We can’t understand his plans,
we’ll understand after he executes it. That we’ve been cheated! Give that phone.
– No balance in your phone. Give! He’ll definitely call you. He’ll not call me, I swear,
he’ll not call me. If he calls…? Like Bombay became Mumbai
and Madras became Chennai, I, dance master Rangeela would
become your driver Rangi. If he doesn’t call me…? I’ll leave you all by evening. Where the hell he is? He has left this pain with me. Give me your phone.
– Phone? I need to make an urgent
call to home. I forgot my phone in home in
the tension of meeting you. So, you came leaving your
phone at home? What happened to your phone?
You too came without a phone, right? While beating up your father’s men,
it fell in the dance school. So, nobody would know
where we are! But one person must know
where we are! We must find a fool who will
give the phone to us. What happened, darling?
– Run out of petrol, darling. Run out of petrol?
Where are we now? In forest.
– Forest? Jungle! I told you to take me on a long ride,
will you bring me to Srisailam forest? I didn’t bring you, darling.
You held me softly, I don’t know whether I liked your
hold or the place you held, I forgot about the world
till bike ran out of gas. How? Greetings. Not 0.5 bro! I’m a great fan of you, sir. Hearing your replies to love queries,
I got tempted and eloped with her. my answers have so much fire?
– As much as to misfire! No use in saying well done. Shouldn’t we tell our friends
about this issue or not? Then, give me your phone. What happened to your phone, bro? Would anyone come with a phone
while eloping with a girl? You’re my disciple, right?
Make calls. FM station guy will pay it. No Baireddanna, try to understand me. Excuse me.
– What? Why are you always on move
like 108 ambulances? Why don’t you sit in one
place and talk? Why are you beating me like ringing
bells in a school every hour? Boss, he’s getting a call. Unknown number, check it. Talk! Why should I talk sir? Won’t you talk if Bellary says? Talk! What master? Why did you call me? Had you not been there would I’ve
met Chaithu or eloped with her? So, I called you to wish you first
happy New Year. Oh my sweet darling!
Did you call me for that? That’s okay,
how are Nalla Seenu and Bobby? What do they lack?
They’re fine and fettle. What nonsense are you blabbering? Find!
– I got you! Tell me where are we now?
– Next to my father-in-law. Where are you? If you talk about my father,
let it be anyone, I’ll kill him. Where is my daughter?
– 160 lbs weight, 170 cms height, six pack body and
guts to face people like you, father-in-law, she’s next
to downtown Raj! You’re playing with death. That’s my hobby since birth. If I get you,
I’ll cut you like a bull! If you manage to catch me,
I’ll happily get cut by you. I’ll kill you before sunsets today. I’m giving you chance
till tomorrow’s dawn. Make a try! If you shout, just noise!
If I shout, it’s lightning! You… Sir, don’t get excited.
Listen to me. The girl with is not your daughter
but Rs.10000 crores! Send this incoming number
to our Inspector. Okay boss. You said he’d not call, right?
– I felt like that sir. A ball of mashed chilies, ball of dry chilies, a ball of broken glass pieces, mix all the three and
shove it into their… Their shouts must be heard all
over the state of Andhra Pradesh. Battery is low. If you push the bike,
we can talk and walk. We’ve to go that side,
your fans will turn up to help you. Fans? Push…that’s it! A Sumo is getting down
from a Sumo. What man? Are you here on patrol?
– Think like that. I’ve run out of gas,
will you please give me some petrol? Not little, I’ll fill the tank. You want regular or extra power? Extra power will help me go faster!
– Will it go faster? Okay, I’ll do but what’s your name? Who is this baby with you? Did she fall for you or your bike? Don’t ask me confusing questions, bro! Are you shaking hands
with him or ditching me? What are you doing in this forest? Your body has grown
but not your brain. We’ve come a long ride. What? Did you come on a long ride
to Srisailam forest from Hyderabad? What do you see on my ears? Hair!
– Taunting me! Who called just now from your phone?
– My disciple, bro. Just now he left for
sightseeing with his lover. Is he your disciple? Not ordinary disciple
but like Ekalavya! Do you know with whose
daughter he has eloped? Some scapegoat’s daughter! Not a scapegoat’s daughter
but Bellary’s daughter. Bellary? Who is he? This is atrocious, sir! Even Kasab is handled softly
in our country, it’s not good to beat
a celebrity like this, sir. Tell me, where is he? Where is your disciple who has
eloped with Bellary’s daughter? Sir, please raise your baton. I swear on your baton sir,
I don’t know who he is! I met him accidentally. He beat me again. Met you by accident and
took your phone, he went that side and
you came this side, right? That’s why you’ve become
an SI at this young age. Why are you beating me again, sir?
– I’m not an SI but CI! Like getting water in a draught
place, I got myself a girl, please leave me sir, we’ll go. I don’t have any link with him, sir. Without any link with him,
what were you doing with him in jungle? I said we went on a long drive.
– Shut up! Tell me clearly. Would anyone go a long drive
from Hyderabad to Srisailam? You…how many times
do I’ve to tell you? My bike is outside,
if she holds you from behind, I reached Srisailam,
you would’ve reached Srilanka. Is it?
– Indeed! Where are you going sir? You told me, right? I’ll go on
a long ride with your love. I said that in a flow sir.
– I like your flow. She’s tiny like a pulse and
you’re big like a bandicoot. No sir! Protect justice and
justice will protect you. My wife has gone to
her parents’ home.
– So? She’ll cook for me till
my wife comes back. Disciple! You’ve made my girl
friend a call girl with just one call. Come, let’s go home. He’s taking her away. I’m hungry! Would you like to eat me?
– How? I’m pure vegetarian.
– Then, eat leaves like a goat. I don’t eat plain leaves. Stop! Same sound! Come, let’s bath
– I’ll not come, you carry on. Why?
– I take bath once in two days. Why?
– We get water on alternate days only. You go, I’ll sit here. Rain is pouring down…
Mounts and valleys are thrilled… When my love’s mischievous eyes
touches me like gentle rain… I’m spellbound by an
unknown happiness… When my lover’s breath touches me
like gentle breeze… I’m charmed by an
unknown happiness… Beauty of the beautiful
damsel’s cheeks… It belongs to the macho man
next to her… Pollen dust of the first rain…
– Beauty of wet gold is eternal happiness… When my love comes closer
like a shivering wet leaf… I’m enamored by an
unknown happiness… When we are in a tight hug…
– It ignites fire of desire… In the falling darkness,
the chill winds are rocking… Youth is melting in the
embrace of desire… When laments become invitation
and desires cross boundaries… I’m overwhelmed by
an unknown happiness… I was waiting for this day
for 13 long years. We should be laying
foundation stone today, but she has made sit tight here. I’ll cut her into pieces and offer
it as sacrifice for our project. Stop it. I came down from Delhi
because you’re too emotional. Bellary, what knives can’t do,
guns will do it, what guns can’t do,
bombs will do it, what bombs too can’t do,
my son will do it. Call him from Dubai.
– Okay sir. Now, junior villain’s entry. You’ve power and police with you, you’ve gangs of goons, thought you’ve everything,
what the hell are you doing? We’ve alerted poIice
and check posts. Actually you must alert this. Till we get her property,
to stay away from her… You made me stay in Dubai.
What happened now? Without touching airports, without a trace in bus stations
and railway stations, without crossing any check post, where have they escaped? I’ll not leave her. He started the game
and I’ll start the hunt. Watching Discovery channel,
I thought forest would be very romantic. But it’s quite different. Your father and his men have
left us in this situation. Don’t know which side road comes
and which side is the city? And you want romance now?
Come. How many lilies! Stop! If it is deep, you’ll die.
– I love white lilies! Please get me one. I love white lilies!
Will you bring for me too? Nothing. I’ll give you this powerful
Lord Anjaneya. Do you like lilies so much?
– I love them. What about you? The girl I like loves it.
– Who is she? Chaithu! Look there! What’s that? Fog? Smoke! Either it must a roadside
eatery or a village. Thank God! I’ll get some food. I’ll get a phone, come. How much is a chips packet?
– Rs.10.- Rs.10? Can’t I get it for a rupee?
– No. No chance of getting?
– No way. You said no way, it did come, right? Develop man, how long
will you be like this! Where’s the phone? This is our special, Patala Ganga!
Water is free. I came first, serve first to me. Do you work here and that shop too? I’m a local. Idly must be before me
in half a second. If not this place will go up
in a second. Go…go… What do you want sir?
– Do you’ve a phone? No, I’ve hone! 0Punch?
– No, frustration. I’m dying with song. Okay uncIe, I need to make a
call urgently, you’ve a phone? He has that facility, he’ll not
give until you make a bill. Go quickly and get 4 chapattis
and egg curry. Today is Saturday,
I don’t eat eggs. What would you like to have? One chilly chicken please. Just now you said you’d not eat egg.
– But I’ll eat its mummy. Get it. Your idly! Not fresh? Okay, serve chutney. Chutney must be near idly.
– Okay. Playing with me? I’ve ordered items, if you give
your phone, I’ll make a call. Phone? I’ve to make an urgent call
to home and then I’ll give you. Sir, photos of people you gave
are in my hotel now. Send photos?
– I sent them. Tell me. Punjabi Dhaba in Domalapenta,
Srisailam. Keep them there on some pretext.
– You come fast sir. Son, they’re in a dhaba
in Domalapenta. Take it brother. Talk leisurely, no urgency. Here’s your chilly chicken
and chapatti. Come on, get in! You?
– Yes partner! It’s me! Stop the vehicle. Where the hell were you? I went mad trying to call
you on phone. Take out the money. Why are you laughing? Won’t you believe till she
expresses love before you? You must say I love you before him.
Say now. 6What are you looking at? Remember the tests and
risks I took to pass it. ls it fun to watch me? My father is dying there. Operation is over and
your father is safe. Can’t you believe it, Raj? Son, you bet on anything
since childhood, I was afraid you were playing with life,
but the same risk has saved my life. Your friend gave money and helped
protect your mother’s marital status. What’s this?
Before I won the bet. I knew you’d win this bet
the day you agreed to it. How do you know about the bet? She was the one who
forced me to this bet. Yes Raj, you think you entered
my life because of your father. No, I entered your life on my own
for my own sake. I’ve been losing for 13 long years
without a victory, I liked your character
who wins always and never loses, I saw your good nature to help
people not related to you, I liked your bravery for giving love
letter with 200 security men around. I liked you gut so enter my
home and gave me a flower. I liked your smartness for letting
me enjoy a day of freedom. Though your father was to get
operated next morning, you didn’t leave a girl in danger,
I liked your manliness. You’ve the stubbornness
of hundred people. You’ve guts of thousand people. You’ve intelligence of
a lakh people. That’s why I sent my close friend and
classmate James to you, and made you, one who does
anything for a bet to accept his bet. They’re there! Don’t spare them, kill them! Will you leave her hand or die? Come! Get her! It’s me Ammu! How do you know her name is Ammu? Only Ammu calls me as Cherry
other than my parents. She gave me this dollar. That means…
are you Suryanarayana’s son? Wait…just a minute. Hello father! Raj is none other
than Suryanarayana’s son! Come, let’s go to hospital. It’s not important that I live
but a truth must live. It’s important for
an ambition to be alive. It wasn’t a mishap that happened
while distributing land documents. They created it as an accident. Our place is Rayadurgam. For the village Goddess Sunkulamma
is unseen God, but your father Suryanarayana
was a living God to them. Your father and Raghupathy were
close friends from college days. Because of their true friendship,
on the advice of your father, Raghupathy leased his 3000 acres
of land to Rayadurgam farm coolies, and gave them a livelihood. After Raghupathy left
to London for business. His brother-in-law Bellary
came to know about a truth. Your guess is correct.
As you think this mud in this area, the 3000 acres of land which
Raghupathy leased it to farm coolies, it has A-grade iron ore. If we dig and sell it, we can
build bathrooms also in gold. Brother! To avoid people getting any doubt, power project on paper and
our project beneath it. As much as we dig it up! They made people to accept saying this
project will provide jobs and secure future. If factory comes up,
our children’s future will be happy. Your father tried to tell them project is
bogus and they want to dig for iron ore. We don’t care if it is iron ore or gold, we need to eat, please leave us. Like a goat trusts the butcher,
people believed Bellary’s words. What’s this? Why are you worried when
they themselves are not? They’re like kids,
we’ve to change them. I’ll talk to Raghupathy after
he comes back from London. He’ll not say no to me. Fearing he may talk to Raghupathy,
they took your father that night. They threatened to kill you and your
mother if he talks to Raghupathy. Next day Raghupathy
returned from London. Get down carefully. Entire village was wishing
to see Raghupathy, but he was eager to see your father. I thought Suryanarayana would
welcome me, where is he, Bellary? He has gone to Srisailam to fulfill
a vow for poor getting land. Even sun may rise late but Suryanarayana
would never come late to see me, Raghupathy got a doubt, With the same doubt he went
to his home, from the tears of your mother,
he came to know the truth, saving his friend, he wanted
to teach a lesson to Bellary. No! Go away from this
place immediately. Bellary left the place but
not brother-in-law’s property. From now no more lessees,
only owners will be there. On the coming full moon day,
my daughter Chaitra’s birthday, on that day, in the witness
of Goddess Sunkulamma, I’ll hand over the land documents
from the hands of my daughter, and make you farmers forever. If you attack the family now, entire property would go to trust,
you won’t get it. There would be some loophole
in every clause, right? Find it. There’s one opportunity. Property will go to his daughter
after Raghupathy’s death.- Yes. She’ll become major at 18, you can get the entire property
with just one signature. By morning coolies would
become farmers, the dawn too broke! Entire was in a festive mood. But as soon as you left to get flowers,
a murderous assault was launched. Hubby! Uncle! From today I’m not your uncle.
I’m your father! Bellary hugged her and
became father for her property. Threatening the survivors, they made police to believe it was
an accident explosion of transformer. Water should’ve wetted the
land but got wet with blood. Your father who fought
for land, died for it,. Your father is not alive
to tell the truth. You got the opportunity. Now I know why God saved
my life then. Take the documents of those
3000 acres of land. Go! Fulfill your father’s wish! Let’s go to hospital. Call Bellary on phone. Singareni is filled with coal… Polavaram is filled with green fields… Konaseema is draped in sari… My eyes are shattered seeing
this stunning beauty… Hands are itching to caress and
legs are yearning to put on her… My anklets are yours, my Cherry… My youth wants you
to get rid of my worry… Cherry will bring you anklets… I’ll do what you want, don’t worry… Fruit garden is there
but can’t pluck fruits… Tender tamarind leaves are there
but can’t taste its sourness… Milk pot is there but
can’t take the butter… Young maiden is there but
can’t take her into his arms… Lips are seeking something…
Waist yearns to be held… I’m your hairpin, my Cherry… I’ll come in a palanquin,
don’t worry… O my girl, I’ll come riding
the seven horses… Don’t worry, I’ll gallop with you… Cot is ready but
can’t get on the bed… Glass of milk is there but
hasn’t yet tasted it… Everything is right before me
but I’m confused… There’s home and comforts
but no romance… She says door is cradle…
and wants a pumpkin… Get me silver toe rings, my Cherry… I’ll follow you, don’t worry… I’ll come with sacred thread, my girl… Don’t worry, I’ll tie the knot… Aren’t you scared on seeing me? You’re not my father, you’re the demon who
killed my father, the moment I came to know this,
I’m not scared of you anymore. I raised her from this age. How did she come to know
I’m not her father, lawyer? How did she get the idea of
escaping the day she became major? Why are you asking me?
How would I know? What is your son James doing
in forest without your knowledge? Why is your son struggling
to save her life? I know, he went to forest to
save Ammu on my orders, he said father, soldiers die
first in a war and went. I was the one who breathed
Iife into this story. Why are you surprized? I won’t forget the sins committed
by sinners like you so easily. Remember again what you did! You’ve to be patient for 15 years
to get the property. It wasn’t for your good the idea that
you’d get property if she becomes major, to protect Ammu safely
in your custody. I told her the truth as she grew up. I needed a man before
she becomes major. That’s why sharpness of a knife, power of a bullet,
explosiveness of a bomb, I saw all these three characters
in a downtown boy, and selected them as
your opponent. Staying with me and eating my salt,
how could you do all this? I learnt it from you, Bellary. Kill me! To light thousand homes, don’t mind
losing the light of our home, so said my son, but think of your plight
before killing me. what’s there to think? Would that downtown boy
come after us? He’s not a downtown boy!
Do you remember Rayadurgam? Third ward…Fourth Street… House next to Panchayat office. He’s Suryanarayana’s son! Suryanarayana’s son? What? Is he Suryanarayana’s son? Is your body experiencing a Tsunami? Did you see how great God is? God melted for tears of the poor and
helped to meet Suryanarayana’s son. He would be coming for you. No, my husband would be coming! He would be marching
ahead for the people! Like a roaring tiger! Like an attacking lion! He’s going to jump on you
like a marauding force! His son! Talk to him! Tell him to come to Rayadurgam
with the land documents. Let’s finish him where
he escaped death. If not she’ll die here.
Talk to him. Talk to him. Hello son, I’m coming to
Rayadurgam with Ammu, ask Raj to come there
with documents. I didn’t tell him fearing
Ammu’s death. I said that in the happiness
that you’d die there. Same walking style!
Same pride! I feel like I’m seeing your father. Same place and same people! But whatever happens here now
will be history. You’re a kid, you’re not old
enough to create history. Hey old man! Age is not a
criterion to create history. Support of people is enough.
We’ve it always! What makes you so proud? I’m not one to beat thighs
for something, as promised, here’s the document. Where is Ammu? Ammu is not here. Everyone here knows where she is!
But nobody will tell you. Look there! 13 years ago they thought
you died here, the moment they came
to know you’re alive, they’ve come running for you, we want property and
they want you, and you want to fulfill
your father’s wish. It seems you’re a king in betting. It seems you know only victory
and never lost a bet. So, let’s have a bet. If you win, Ammu is yours and
the property as well. I risked my Iife for
my adopted father. I’m ready to take any number
of lives to fulfill father’s wish. You mustn’t take lives,
you must give life. Can you save a life that
will die in 10 minutes? Want to know who would
die in 10 minutes? Don’t shout. The place for which your
people sacrificed their lives, Ammu is now in that same place! I promise on Goddess Sunkulamma, with 1000 homes in that village, if you find in which home
your Ammu is, your dead father’s wish
would come true. Go! That’s Suryanarayana’s son! Till now you’ve seen power cuts
and harvesting paddy! Show them what is killing spree! Kill him! At last your father’s dream of
distributing lands has come true. May those great men be
born as twins to you.

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