PROVE THEM WRONG! – Study Motivation


how much time do you spend negotiating
with procrastination debating in your head whether you should go and study or
procrastinate a little longer well let me tell you something your feelings
don’t matter you might feel like going back to sleep you might feel like
watching TV you might feel like doing something maybe you don’t feel like
doing something it doesn’t matter and instead of not doing it just go
ahead and go through the motions go through the motions get it done go out
there and do what you’re supposed to do don’t negotiate with procrastination get
up and go and study most of us go through life with our brakes on holding
back not giving everything that we have most of us go to our graves still
holding on rather than releasing it because of past experiences past defeats
past pain we look back well it didn’t work out then it probably won’t work out
now whether you feel like it or not things
don’t always go your way you have to make them go your way and the work is
only going to get harder the exams are only going to get tougher it’s the way
life works what you need to do is get harder and you need to get tougher we all know the students that complain
about their grades but then do nothing about it I’m failing my exams the exams
are too difficult what are you doing about it you got to take action in your
life find a solution to your problem don’t be the problem take action for
every action there is an equal and opposite reaction it reminds me of the
words of William Hollis imagine if you got what you want every time no struggle
no challenges no hard work required some of you are saying that would be great
you would be weak and then when something hard comes up in your life you
wouldn’t know how to handle it because you have never gone through anything
that strengthens you you cannot grow without struggle you cannot grow without
resistance pain is your friend maybe not in the moment but in the long term to
develop a stronger human being pain is your friend
if you didn’t have failures if you didn’t fail some exams if you didn’t get
knocked back in class you would have no strength no courage how could you you
are given pain because you’re strong enough to handle it you’re given this
life because you are strong enough to live it because you are strong enough to
drive through it to inspire others through it they will look to you and say
he did it she did it and I have the strength to do it – you are stronger
than you think you’ve survived all your challenges to this point and you will
survive whatever is coming but next time a struggle comes I don’t want you to
curse the skies just know that it was sin for a reason it might be to make you
stronger it might be to teach you patience it might be for you to show
others your spirit there is a reason so don’t you give up you have a purpose in
this world and you will only find it if you keep going and keep growing if all
you do is complain nothing’s going to happen in your life be obsessed over
your future be consumed by the possibilities the super-successful don’t
stop when they hit their targets they simply reset and go again that dream is
not going to just sit there and wait for you to come and get it
you’ve got to chase it like a man possessed you’ve got to go and get it

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16 thoughts on “PROVE THEM WRONG! – Study Motivation”

  1. MINI MENON says:

    Get strong…,aspire others….,survive the challenges…,they make u more stronger and successful.Keep growing.Loved it….!!Just be positive….,dream…,achieve

  2. Aryan AA says:

    I spend 10 hours studying but still feels everything is useless

  3. JAKEd says:

    I won't disappoint you.

  4. Allen Adam says:

    anyone know the girl in the video

  5. Damarcus Mitchell says:

    What do i have to prove??? its life

  6. Chukwuemeka Okekeze says:

    Prove them wrong/

  7. muhammed baasil says:


  8. Abdurrahman Dilara says:


  9. __urshu__ says:

    I DREAM to be,
    I DESERVE to be,
    I WANT to be,
    I WILL be,
    I CAN be,


  10. Yashar says:

    Anyone know the songs used in this video?

  11. Suma Suma Gowda says:

    This is what we called motivation

  12. Carl Johnson says:

    What to do I study for 12 he's a day and I have less sleep.sleepy now

  13. Kinin Calypso says:

    It reminded me the book of John Maxwell's " Sometimes you win sometimes you learn " failure is the best pills !! He made my life the way better than before. And I started to know that when you succeed you leaned less about it compare to failure.

  14. Maha Shahid says:

    Does anyone know the music in the background halfway through the video

  15. Swapan Das says:

    Thank you

  16. yarasi nikitha says:

    a strong motivational video loving it

  17. Maria Hasan says:

    i big love from me

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