Professional Nomad Scott Shigeoka’s 5 Daily Essentials


– This box cannot be up for a giveaway, I have to go home with it. So now I drink decaf, like a quitter. (dog snorts) Ew, ugh, no! You have to come cut
my arm off, right here! And I hope that the hammer of justice comes down on him. I love you, but what you did was horrible. (upbeat music) (dog barks) Hi everyone! Thank you
so much for watching! My name is Jonathan, this is Noodle. This is Noodle. He is fully alive, I
guarantee you, he has a pulse. Yeah, look! And this is “Tools of the Trade,” the show where we find out exactly what everyday entrepreneurs need to get through their day. I am so excited to share this week’s box. It was curated by Scott Shigeoka, who is a man who we are so inspired by, because he truly, truly decided to make a big change for himself. He realized that people have
been more divisive than ever, and he wanted to make
himself uncomfortable. And he wanted to learn about people, and he wanted to write about it. So Scott packed up his car, drove cross-country, and met people. And he wrote about it,
and he made art about it, and Scott is just one of those people who truly is trying to explore what it is about us that can
help better our relationships. And it’s really incredible that there are people who are willing to sort of take that initiative, because I would never do that. So Noodle, who I know you guys can tell is super high energy today, was a little stiff this morning. He was a little stiff little prince, and I gave him some of his CBD oil that I use in conjunction
with his joint supplements to help alleviate some of
the inflammation and pain that he sees in his
body among his old age. It knocked him out,
totally knocked him out. So he’s doing great, but I wanna make sure that everyone knows that this dog is probably enjoying himself more than any one of you. Myself included. Okay, so, the first item we’ve got in the Scott box is, these fly metallic shoes. (upbeat music) I mean, more than anything, these are a conversation piece, right? If you show up anywhere, whether you are in Los Angeles, or, you know, is this a? These are electric shoes? What? They light up. It’s got the Christmas tree setting! This is crazy! Noodle, what do you think? Honestly, I think Noodle
thinks they’re kinda flashy. Picture this, you’re in Nebraska. It’s dark, you’re alone, you
don’t know anyone around you, your car broke down on the
side of the road, right? What do you do? You turn on your emergency shoes, and you flag down help. You know who probably
could have used these? The Donner party. They probably could have used
more so than these shoes, like a meal plan, or some jerky. But, aside from that, I can see (laughs). So Scott, these are absolutely
fabulous, I love these. Noodle, we’ll get you
a pair, in your size. This box cannot be up for a giveaway, I have to go home with this, my feet are desperate for illumination. Okay, the next item
we’ve got in the box is, it’s an aloha shirt! This shirt has come from a local boutique from where he’s from. It reminds him of where he came from, and he bought it because he also loves to help support small businesses. Scott, in his bio, he told us
that his ultimate goal in this was to pop his own bubble. Let me tell you, Scott, me too. You know, Noodle’s been trying
to pop his bubble since 1931. Aloha! (dog burps) Okay, (dog snorts) the next… Oh, God, did you see that too? Wow, he really just,
really showed up there. Thank you for that, Noodle. The next item we have in the box is I was holding on to
this a little too long, because I don’t ever wanna let it go. It’s a French press. No matter how much passion
you have for something, no matter how eager you are to wake up in the morning and go to it, you’re still human. Right, you’re still a human, and sometimes you need a pick-me-up. Sometimes it’s three
o’clock in the afternoon, and you’re just like, “I cannot
talk to any people anymore, “I’m too tired to light
up one of my sneakers. “I literally need a French
press, immediately.” I’m someone who can no
longer drink regular coffee, because I went to my doctor, and I was like, “Why am I
so anxious all the time?” He said, “Well, how much
coffee do you drink?” I was like, “Plenty.” And then I showed him my
hand, and he was like, “Yeah, you should stop drinking coffee, “you’re white-knuckling it.” So now I drink decaf, like a quitter. I think this is a great item. Any entrepreneur, any human being could use one of these. So, the next item we have in the box, it’s actually three items, I’m gonna pull this out right now. They are books. They are books. So one thing we can be
certain about Scott, is that he’s literate. And the same cannot be said about my son. (choir sings) you’re so smart! You gave me paw, you’re so sweet! (dog snorts) Ew, ugh, ew, no! You have to come cut
my arm off, right here! Noodle, that was gross, but
you deserve one of these, because you’re so precious. Wow, yes. Oh my God. Anyway, books. One of the things that Scott let us know is that he is always reading. And he’s always reading books
that help to better himself. And these are his current
books that he’s reading. “The Words of My Father,” “Get Together,” and “The Break Through Speaker, How to Build a Public Speaking Career.” It’s always important to
continue to better yourself, and Scott, as someone who is constantly trying to learn about other people, how incredible that he’s
also taking that time to learn about himself. And I’m absolutely horrified that I never successfully
taught you to read. He did master French, though. But the only way to do that is you have to hire a Parisian
nanny, when they’re young. The final item we have
in the Scott box is, it’s an Annual Parks Pass. So, this makes absolute perfect sense. Yeah! This is an absolutely incredible thing for anyone to have. But specifically someone
who is constantly traveling, and is meeting people, and wanting to explore new locations, and one of the big things
that Scott says in his mission is that he wants to find the
things that connects people. He realizes that there’s a huge disconnect in our culture right now, and there are certain things that we really can all agree on, and I do think that parks are one of them! And you’ll never see them. So the problem is, Noodle does like parks, but he has been banned from Bryce, Zion and Yellowstone, for life. I will tell you that
he was justly accused, and I really hope that
the hammer of justice comes down on him. I love you, but what you did was horrible. But he does love public parks, he just can’t ever go to them. He tagged “Noodz Was Here,” “Send Noodz.” God, you little perv. He walked right over to Yellowstone, he went right up to Old Faithful, and you know, “Send Noodz.” Noodle. Okay, that’s it! That’s the box. That’s the Scott box. I’m so inspired by him, as someone who is not a big traveler, and I do get scared to meet new people, and go to new places, I am in awe of him and his ability to genuinely put
everything he owns in a car and just travel and meet people. I think this box really spoke
to who he is as a person, and who he’s also hoping to be. So, if you are interested in seeing more videos just like this, please like and subscribe
to our YouTube channel, and don’t forget to ring
the bell for notifications every time a new video,
just like this, goes live. So, for Noodle, for myself, and for these, which I’m realizing have unending utility, way outside of putting them on your feet, thank you so much for watching, and I can’t wait to see you next time. Thank you so much for watching. (dog barks) please make sure to subscribe on YouTube if you did like watching this video, and be sure to tune in next time.

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  1. Adam Palmer says:

    Love it!! This episode has me in a thankful mood: thankful for Jonathan and Scott and Noodle. 🌸🌴🌸 Mahalo peeps!

  2. Nataly Duran says:

    THOSE SHOES!!! I need those in my life!

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    Thanks for another interesting episode … and time with a couple of my favorite fellas!!

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