Presidents Day Sale- The Real Reh Dogg (Paperback)


The story of a boy who grew up in a place filled with dysfunctional problems. He suffered with rage, confusion, and low self esteem due to being a victim of circumstances. He struggled being sociable and having any long lasting friendships and intimacy was at best lost in a place never to be found. The different forms of love are hard to distinguish leaving the boy at an awkward sociable level. Learning to self heal and change his pattern of behavior is a true miracle with the help of strong faith in God. overcoming distrust only to trust the wrong people has really isolated the boy into manhood causing a forever lasting lonesomeness for his own protection. On sale now for Presidents day. Give this to a Reh dogg fan of more than half the original price Only on LULU

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4 thoughts on “Presidents Day Sale- The Real Reh Dogg (Paperback)”

  1. 2ddi says:

    A must buy for any fan. Sadly i can't afford it this month :'( breaks My heart you didn't have this out for Christmas.. Love u Reh

  2. LEMMON Man says:

    Im here for another reason

  3. Josh Cruz says:

    Why must I cry 😢

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