PowerDVD – Set Up Your Media Library


Set Up Your Media Library When you first launch PowerDVD it will automatically search your PC for media files to add to your Media Library. You can add additional folders to the Media Library from the Settings window, or by clicking the “+” icon next to the Media Library tab. Here you can search for media files from specific folders on your PC or network. To add a specific folder, click the “Add Movie Folder” button and find the folder you wish to add. You can also ignore certain files within the folders. You can repeat this process for TV Shows, Videos/Photos and Music.

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4 thoughts on “PowerDVD – Set Up Your Media Library”

  1. Marc Christian Valerio says:


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  3. Timothy Andoniadis says:

    Limited guide.

  4. James Aitchison says:

    rubbish software…what is doesn't ell you is the 18hrs it took to import only 150 show, or that the library format for tv shows is tv name season number (i.e House M.D 1, House M.D 2 and so on) or that when it does import your movie library that if you have movie info switched on…then it can and will mislabel the movie with the wrong info as it takes this info from moovielive and not IMDB… Jriver media centre or zoomplayer is just as good and quicker

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