Power Book 2 Ghost Trailer – Top 5 Characters You Want Power To Bring Back To Power And Power Book 2


take the kid man power season 6 has been
one of the top 10 highest rated shows and TV series history with the huge
fanfare and some great characters it’s easy to understand why so many people
love the series in this video we’re gonna go through the top 5 power
characters you wish could come back that have been killed if you’re finding me
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American heroes and if you are a court color looking to get some good free
streaming check out the link in the video description number five on the
list some this is it this is your revenge it’s not personal
Milan just business I underestimated you know you an estimated us we could have
killed you in the club Milan we wanted you to know that we outsmarted you this
time so you die here he was a thorn in the side of ghost and Tommy for a long
time he had an elaborate plot that caused him a lot of issues and he even
popped up at the st. Patrick’s home to have dinner and that was the last straw
for him when we knew ghost and Tommy was going to find a way to overcome this
adversary that I really really enjoy seeing on the big screen and number four but I still didn’t do it we gotta kill
Lobos easy massage my fans one day you will find me so standing right here the
weird and quirky Felipe Lobos he was the first distributor for Tommy and ghost
and this guy was very very weird eccentric bisexual and he created a lot
of story plots that really really helped to boost this story and I would have
loved to see him have to interact with some of the other bosses that was a
threat to Tommy and ghost number three it was a good run Proctor and see fucking over it is for you my
god Proctor when he died a part of me went
with them you talk about a lawyer that’ll do anything for his client this
guy was a better lawyer to ghost then Rudy Guiliani has been for Donald Trump
he done everything to help his guy and in the end he was truly loyal to ghost
but at the expense of Tommy he died and fans are still wondering right now what
is gonna happen with that little skandhas that his daughter Lisa Marie
currently has considering that cousin Benny is dead we also want to know where
is ELISA Marie what is she doing I guess we’ll find out moving forward number two Angela Valdes yes the sweet chick the
round away girl who created probably the biggest story plot on the whole series
died last season and a lot of people didn’t know how much they was attached
to her until she was gone but having said that the show moved on they’ve been
able to keep a good story going but I would love to have seen her come back
and see what kind of mischief she could have made on this season considering all
the things that are closing in on ghost by himself with his dynamics and with
him being shot it would have been a great story to see how she could have
played a role into the whole thing and number one on the list probably the most ruthless individual
empower history dat dude Kanan you want to talk about someone who was
cold-blooded who was callous who was calculated it was Kanan the only one he
really showed love for was the person he basically sacrificed his life for and
that is to read which leads a lot of us to believe that Tariq is going to go on
to lead a spin-off and may be turned into the next cold calculated Kanan who
a lot of us wish could come back to join in the menagerie that has been power
Season six please let me know who did I leave off this list that you really
really wish could come back from any season of power what are you all looking
forward to in the next five episodes that they have for power and what are
your expectations for the spinoff if you enjoyed this content please subscribe to
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33 thoughts on “Power Book 2 Ghost Trailer – Top 5 Characters You Want Power To Bring Back To Power And Power Book 2”

  1. SupportGaming 2019 says:

    I want ghost to come back,also tommy,tasha,dre,effie,2-bit

  2. Shelly Long says:

    If Ghost dies it will be the worst in ratings.

  3. Ernie Potts says:

    Season 1 of Power don’t even feel like Season 6

  4. Tim Windsor says:

    Thanks for sharing brother LAMONT. Much appreciated. Keep the content coming. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. Enjoy your day. Love ya bro

  5. Tyrone Edmonds says:

    It has to be Julio or rolla

  6. Louisiana Boy says:

    I missed Angela.

  7. Alban Onfleek says:

    Tariq snaking on everyone:

    Everyone on this bloody series

  8. Alban Onfleek says:

    I think Ghost killed his own father

  9. Mike Willi says:

    I did a list before listening to your video and I agreed with your list with the exception of Lobos. My 5th person Ruiz. And Rolla got the honorable mention tag.

  10. rko Kan says:

    Julio for sure , I miss Angela aswell man 😍😍😍

  11. Joel Baxter says:

    Suck I gotta get still dre on my birthday

  12. Andre Bishop says:

    Rolla better be in this top 5

  13. Andre Bishop says:

    List was wack as hell I mean damn really lobos ???????? Lobos my guy 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. Wendell Wordplay says:


  15. Marty B says:

    I miss proctor I was hurt too when he died😰

  16. Marty B says:

    Tariq is getting out of pocket

  17. Kristin Williams says:

    Julio and proctor

  18. Dr. Kadisha Rapp says:

    Lobos!!! Canan, Proctor, then Ghost and Tasha as a married team.

  19. Maurice Nash says:

    Bring back Julio!

  20. DesignerPovertyMusic says:


  21. Barbara DOLL says:


  22. Barbara DOLL says:


  23. Angelés Consuelos says:

    Rolla or Two-Bit💯

  24. DEE SWIFT says:

    They cant being back KANEN "ALL Y'ALL BE DEAD OR SON"DUNN"

  25. DEE SWIFT says:

    Angie had to go some how😲 she was the inside quilt that ghost had, the 🚔 inside with her without that it becomes 🤔🤔🤔to stay steps ahead "POWER"

  26. Juan Marley says:

    Bring Rolls back he died for nothing lol

  27. shayboossie says:

    Are u serious Julio has to be on the top five your not a true power fan from the beginning

  28. Natalie Roach says:

    Notice people mention Ghost's father dying… but no one says how Ghost dad was actually killed. They only say he died but never how. I think he drank himself death or killed himself. Sometimes I feel that he is still alive and ran because the drug king pins he was paying wanted to kill him and Jamie. So they both ran. I think he was watching Ghost from his car and the conference centre when it was announced on the news that he would be running Lieutenant Governor. I know it's a stretch but at this point I say anything is possible

    I would also to see Ruiz
    well as Donovan and Knox on the list

  29. Ace Hardy says:


  30. alicia white says:

    The little girl shot ghost

  31. James Hollister says:

    I think this power book two is about to be mostly side stories

  32. Wendy Lee says:

    If we're bringing ppl back,Procter ,Julio, lobos,Lakisha, Angela cause she was a big part of the storyline, and rolla, Donovan, loved power from day 1,but after the next5 episodes I will more than likely be out, Michael Rainey Jr is a great young actor,but if the new show is leading with him and his friends, I'm doing a ghost.

  33. mccraejoey82 says:

    50 played this part so well

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