Power Book 2: Ghost | Power Spinoff To Feature Mary J Blidge | Keisha Will Die In Season 6?


yes yes that lady is going to be one of
the headliners for the new power spin-off that’s gonna start next year
and for those you don’t know mary j blige is an accomplished actor as well
as a song composer and singer and we’re going to talk about her possible role
and the upcoming spinoff that is entitled power book 2 goes but first
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event this past week Courtney Kemp and 50 cent god bless both of them announced
that they’re gonna be doing these spin-offs and the headliner for those
one spin-off PowerBook to ghost is gonna be mary j blige ladies and gentlemen and
at the same event 50 cent was about to break down what the storm was gonna
consist of until Kourtney Kim slid in and said hail to the north 50 you’re
running your mouth too much let’s just chill out and let’s just keep it on Mary
and so Mary appeared with them and it sent us all in a buzz and what we do
know is that we’re gonna at least get four seasons because 50 signed a
four-year deal with stars to make this series happen so I’m expecting a lot of
things what role is Mary gonna play that’s something we don’t know but what
we do know is that with these spin-offs probably very few people are going to
die in power that have great status in the main story of course people are
gonna die I have a feeling Keisha is gonna kick
the bucket I have a feeling Keisha is going to be the main death
and this coming year of power and maybe Mary J for lives is gonna step in and
fulfill that role I’m thinking marriage a blast could possibly be some kind of a
drug kingpin lady in the series now for those who don’t know Mary has performed
in a whole host of other shows her list goes from Grey’s Anatomy beat Shazam
little the Umbrella Academy Sherlock gnomes the looming tower the
Oscars tonight Starring Jimmy Fallon she was up there a couple of times
Empire and on and on and on Mary is just as
much a great actress as she is an accomplished singer and I think that
this pairing with her in this role is going to be great for the series but I
want to know what you guys think leave me comments are you excited that we’re
gonna be getting married a blige and the spin-offs how do you think she’s going
to interact with some of the other characters because these are prequel
series and they’re going to be more prequels coming this is just only one of
a few that they have announced for power leave me your comments on what you think
mary j blige will be doing in the prequel that’s gonna do it for this
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36 thoughts on “Power Book 2: Ghost | Power Spinoff To Feature Mary J Blidge | Keisha Will Die In Season 6?”

  1. steven bons says:

    Can you help me with something

  2. steven bons says:

    Can you say to Mchanga that i love her

  3. Arthur Booker says:

    Mary sell-out Blige Sucks

  4. steven bons says:

    Ok thanks Man then i am a little furter thank you i ve done something wrong but i don t what so if you speak her again and you Will becease i don t believe you

  5. steven bons says:

    Good luck

  6. Tez M says:

    As long as she's not live singing she should be okay. lol She might be somebody that he use to run drugs for. Somebody crazy like Jukebox.

  7. viarod007 v says:

    Mary J Blidge Check Your Spelling My G

  8. Tim Windsor says:

    Thanks for sharing brother LAMONT. Much appreciated. Still haven't had a chance to watch it. Keep the videos coming. Hope you have an awesome day

  9. WATERBOY -315 says:

    I’m guessing it will be prequel based , maybe Mary J will be some sort of drug kingpin and mentors ghost

  10. Eric James says:

    keisha will die cause she is starring in her own drama on starz produced by 50 cent called Interception

  11. Hortence Jones says:

    I love Mary J… as a singer she's awesome!.. but I just don't see her in a gangster role.(just my opinion)

  12. dskillet says:

    Mary's a cop

  13. dskillet says:

    She's Ghosts Mama

  14. phatgyrl77 says:

    I definitely think that Keisha will die amd Mary may be some type of king drug dealer that Ghost used to work with or for before. I can also see her as Kanan's old girlfirend or something. It will be interesting to see who she plays. I think she's a pretty good actress starting out. With more roles she will get better at it.

  15. SammiMiami Bailey says:

    Wondering if Effie character is connected to Mary J Blige up coming character.

  16. Comedienne Ms Lipps says:

    MJG the new queenee

  17. Jaajaa Rogers says:

    Wow Thank you for letting that POWER is still go on and still Exist , it’s great Mary J Blige was chosen I think she gonna be as big as 👻like LoBos and Milan , 🌟✊🙏🏼

  18. CJ32 pull2 says:

    Already sounds horrible to me so I hope not

  19. Ashton says:

    Ghost can’t die 😭

  20. Africa 4Life says:

    MJB is going to be Kanin's mom or Ghost's mother is my prediction.

  21. Charles Williams says:

    I think she is going to be ghost new old lady

  22. angela williams says:

    I like Mary J , I really do , but sorry she is Not a good actress.

  23. eliezer deleon says:

    Listen, Mary j i don’t think is a good fit for this show, ghost and tommy has to live those 2 are the only ones that matter and need to live for the spin off

  24. Shawtie Taylor says:

    Ugh Mary can't act sorry at all wld have bn better with queen latifa

  25. T K says:

    I think Mary is going to be Effie's mom or related to Kanaan

  26. Katherine Blessed Beauty Fleming says:

    I think she gonna be Keisha momma looking to find out what happened to
    Her daughter

  27. Pam Rivers says:

    Tommy and Ghost will die

  28. Doris Coleman says:

    I love Mary I believe she is Kesha mom. But her acting is not that good. It should have been Viola Davis. Lol

  29. Nesta Parks says:

    I don't see her as a drug kingpin. I see her as a teacher in Tariq school, possibly Ghost estranged sister or Keisha's, or possibly a cop. Her being a drug kingpin would be the last thing I'd suspect.

  30. Dionna B says:

    Yes! I am excited about MJB coming to the franchise. I foresee it further boosting ratings with all her accolades for which acting is one. Can't wait! Maybe she will turn out to be a relative of Ghost. Huh; interesting?

  31. Ryan Anderson says:

    Book 2 isn't a prequel… It takes place 48hrs after the original series. It's been confirmed

  32. Ashley McKeown says:

    Anyone else hoping ghost die and tariq takes his place?

  33. Mario Ringo says:

    She’s Ghost’s big sister….

  34. Anthony Leftwich says:

    It's gonna be🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Daryl Whitten says:

    Ok, I think I figured it out. I hate to say ghost is going to die. But before he does, his whole life is going to flash before him, giving us a look at his early years. We will get to see a young Tommy, Angela and Ghost along with Breeze. These last remaining episodes will lead to the spinoff. And oh yeah, I think Tariq did it

  36. A Maria says:

    I’m only cool if Omari and Joseph are part of it

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