Postgraduate Study at Newcastle University


I’d never been out of India before,
It was my first time out of India. I like the look of the city and the University. The University is very old. It has ancient good looks but you get all the facilities here. Employers always take into consideration from which university you’ve done
your Masters or Bachelors. If I’ve done my post graduation
from a very good university it makes a difference. The amount of knowledge that
I have gained here it’s very satifying. I have friends from South America from Greece, from Spain from Russia. It’s a really rich mix of people
from different nations. It’s very nice, you feel like
part of a community. Newcastle is like, relaxed It’s just calm, which makes
living here great. I like art so I take my time to look at the buildings, the structure
of the buildings. If you’re someone who likes nature, like me you end up looking at all the
flowers and beautiful scenery then be late for class. The education I’ve received at
Newcastle University opens up how you think and
how you face issues. It kind of opens up your mind. Once I’d made the decision I instantly knew it was the right decision. I’ve had so much fun so far I’ve learnt so much. I think the most important thing is the relationship with staff and
other research members. There’s this culture of helping each other out. The amount of support that’s available
and resources available here are great. I think Newcastle is a diverse and
welcoming place. I love eating and Newcastle has so many eating joints and it’s multi-cultural in a true sense. Living in Fenham is like living in a part of London vibrant, multi-cultural, everybody from different backgrounds. There are a lot of shops, a lot of African shops. And it’s safe as well. I’ve been cycling here for four years now. I think it’s a great city to cycle in. It only takes me 15 minutes to get
into University. If enjoy a bit more wild cycling, there’s Jesmond Dene. You can cycle relatively easily as well
out to the coast. Tynemouth is my all time favourite because it’s just 10 minutes by Metro from my place. The sea gives me peace of mind whenever I go there. I’m sure I made the right choice because I got a job here as well. And getting a job with Siemens it’s like a dream. It’s a very important step of my life. The educational system here makes me more employable. Putting Newcastle University on my CV is like – ah! that’s the guy
who went to Newcastle University. I could easily see myself staying in Newcastle. Getting to work with my supervisor who is so well respected in the field I couldn’t have asked for a better start
to an academic career. I think one year is very short I wanted more time here. I love Newcastle!

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6 thoughts on “Postgraduate Study at Newcastle University”

  1. Jamal Ahmad says:

    I Love Newcastle

  2. omar falah says:

    I love Newcastle

  3. Zeeshan Ali says:

    love it

  4. Israa A says:

    I wish to study the phd in chemical engineering in newcastle univ

  5. mohammed tarawneh says:

    Like A dreams

  6. Sajjad Azlan says:

    Do you offer Mphil program in English language?

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