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Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy
vegan cooking show. I’m Heather and tonight we’re gonna do a peanut stir fry. Very exciting! I’ve got my wok all ready
to go but before we start stir frying we’re gonna do a couple of things first. One is
cook the rice if your serving this with rice so I’ve got my rice going in the back there
and we’re gonna make a sauce. And I’m gonna do a peanut sauce because
it’s so delicious and it’s basically the same peanut sauce that I use for different
purposes so if you watch my Thai fresh rolls video I used the same peanut sauce. I’m
just gonna make it a little bit more liquid since its going on to the stir fry. Now stir fry in general is a very healthy
way to cook vegetables because it uses very little oil, very little water, it cooks them
very quickly so they’re not exposed to heat for very long but it softens them up a little
bit so they’re easily to digest and the cooking quickly with high heat, with little
oil, little water means they’ll retain a lot of their nutrients. So we got started with the sauce. So our sauce
start with a good spoonful of peanut butter and I actually like to use a fork to mix this
up because I find it gets through the peanut butter easier. We’re gonna soften it up with a bit of sesame
oil, the untoasted kind. The toasted kind is a very distinct flavor so if you use too
much it can be a little bit overpowering so I just put in a little bit of that. Oops! I wasn’t watching and that was probably
a little bit too much but what are you gonna do? I’m also going to put some tamari in
here. Good amount of that, that’s where the salt is coming through, it’s gonna combine
this sauce together in terms of flavor so I’m not adding any salt. I’m just adding
tamari. Lots of people when they’re making a sauce
will put tamari and miso together but because they’re both made from fermented soy beans
putting them together confuses their flavor so I use one or the other and this one I like
to use tamari. You want to stir this until it comes together
into a smooth sauce. So if you see the texture there, all of those components of the sauce
have come together because of the salt in the tamari. And I’m gonna add some vinegar and I use
apple cider vinegar. Brown rice vinegar fine as well, has more of an Asian flavor but apple
cider vinegar is better on the digestive system. The vinegar is gonna cause things to separate
again so you gotta make sure you stir it out nice and then just go to whatever texture
you want for this. Like I said I like this one a little bit more liquid than I would
a peanut dipping sauce so I’ve got quite a bit of vinegar there. I wouldn’t add too much vinegar, if you
need to thin it out add some water, the vinegar is pretty powerful. Once your sauce is together,
let that to let the flavors combine. I’m going to use a little bit of dried seaweed
in this one. Seaweeds have an incredible amount of nutrients
in them including iodine. It is one of the richest sources of iodine which is crucial
to your thyroid function which controls metabolism so among other reasons to eat them, there’s
one, excellent source of minerals. So what I do with the dry is I put them in
a little bit of water and then let them soak and they’re gonna expand quite large from
where they start. I’m using a wakame seaweed and this is where
it starts dried and you can see they’re just starting to open here, they’ll be much
bigger than this by the time they’re done. Normally when I’m cooking vegetables I cut
them as I go to make sure they maintain their freshness but with stir fry you need to cut
all of your vegetables up front because things are gonna happen really quickly and you need
to be constantly stirring hence the name stir fry so you don’t have time while things
are cooking to chop stuff up. So what I’m doing is I’m cutting up my
carrots, my broccoli and my red pepper gonna get them all set and I’m gonna put a little
bit of green onion in this as well so I’m gonna cut those up nicely as well. To cut a broccoli flora so that you get nice
pieces here, cut from this part of the stem down as suppose to the other way and that
way they’ll stay together in nice chunks. I also cut up the broccoli stem, if you just
take off the outside of the skin its nice and soft in here, cooks up really nicely. Before you start stir frying make sure that
our rice is getting close to done or it’s already done. It will stay hot but the stir
fry you need to serve fresh so I’m gonna turn this on. I’m going to six and a half
which is out of nine so I call that medium high. Wait till this is really nice and hot.
We’re gonna get some sesame oil, not the toasted kind. And you may notice that I kept the vegetables
separated on my cutting board because I’m still gonna still add them one at a time like
I would if I was cooking them slower and I’m gonna start with the carrots, then the broccoli,
then the peppers and then the green onion right at the very end. Alright! The wok is ready, add the tiniest
bit of oil and start with the carrots and this is gonna be a really hot pan so be careful
and stir. Keep them moving around the pan. They only need a couple of minutes then we’re
going to the broccoli and stir. Your just looking for the very slightness start
of the cooking process. So the color of the broccoli is starting to
deepen right now just very slightly if you can see that so we’re ready for the pepper.
And last but not least, the green onion. Sometimes things will fly out of the pot,
they try to escape, if I’m with you, apprehend them and get them back in the pot. Ok! The last step is the fun part. You take
the slightest bit of oil, pour it on the side here, keep stirring and that’s where the
vegetables finish cooking is with the light steam. Turn the heat off and get those off of the
element. Now I’m adding this seaweed here so I’m just gonna squeeze the excess water
out of there. If there are any big chunks you can chop them up and make sure that they
don’t stick together in a clump becaause a big clump of seaweed in your mouth is probably
isn’t what you’re looking for. Ok! Stir those guys around, I’ve got a bowl
with some rice in there, put these vegetables on top and top with my peanut sauce. There’s your healthy vegan peanut stir fry.
I’m Heather, this is Freshly Served. You can find the recipe for this and other delicious
vegan meals at

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6 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Stir Fry || Healthy Vegan Recipes”


    Looks delicious!! Thx for this posting.

  2. The Medicinal Chef says:


    I make a version of this. I use stir fried spring greens, kale, red cabbage. I start with onion and garlic, add the other veggies, once they are turning, I add a big dollop of peanut butter, soy sauce, fresh chilli, and a teaspoon of chinese five spice powder. Mix well and throw in fresh corriander at the end. Yummy satay greens :o)

  3. ChaChaDave says:

    Hi. This looks very tasty. I'm not vegan but I would enjoy this.

  4. running90away says:

    what kind of rice is this? ty!

  5. PetaLoves says:

    If I cannot find that type of seaweed, Can I just use a nori sheet from a sushi kit?

  6. ehabtouch says:

    mmm thai fresh rolls and peanut sauce….

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