PAST LIFE MEMORIES of ATLANTIS: From Ancient Aliens to Mayan Ruins – Carol Anne Chapman

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Have you ever had a dream come true?
It happened to me a number of years ago, and that dream turned out to be just the
beginning of a number of a really bizarre incidents that not only totally
changed my life but also opened up an amazing world to
me – a totally different reality. Hello, I’m
Carol Chapman. I’m the author of When We Were Gods. I had that dream when I was a
single mom. I had three kids, aged 10 to 15. I had a really great job at NASA as a
photojournalist, but I was single, and I really wanted to marry again. And the
dream I had was about this handsome, very sweet man who smiled at me. The next day at work, in the NASA cafeteria, I saw the man I dreamt about. I almost
fainted. Well, anyway, we’ve been married now for 22 years. But, like I said earlier,
that was just the beginning, because, after we got married, I got pregnant and
had a miscarriage. And then I started to gain weight. Now, I’ve always had a weight
problem, however I was gaining weight at the rate of a pound a day.
It was really, really scary, and I went to four doctors, and they couldn’t help me. I
was starting to get stuck in theater seats. It was really, really scary, so the
reason I’m telling you all of this, is because I am not the type that goes to a
hypnotherapist. But a friend of mine said, “Why don’t you go to a hypnotherapist,
because maybe they need to tell your body you’re not pregnant or something.” So,
I did, and that is the only reason I went to a hypnotherapist, because I was
desperate. I didn’t go there to find my past lives or anything. I would have
never gone except that I was gaining a pound a day. Well, not only did I connect
with past lives that would lead to being overweight in this life like, for example,
being really skinny in a past life and actually wanting to be fat, but horror of
horrors, I connected with a first lifetime on earth.
I wasn’t even human. I had come to earth from another star system I was a Light
Being. I was an alien. Of course I had to be a Light Being, because how else could
I get through the Stargate? My God, I was just like, I can’t stand this, this is so
weird, but I kept going back to the hypnotherapist, because, after that
session about the Light Being, which is supposedly when I was in Atlantis,
I stopped gaining weight. I wasn’t losing weight, but I was no longer gaining it.
And then I had a vision, and in that vision, I saw young people all over the
world, very bewildered, wondering “How could we be in such a mess?” And I called
them The Golden Ones, and I said that they had decided, in Atlantis, to reincarnate
now, when we are on the brink of self- annihilation again, to help us and also
to bring in a new world. And it was my purpose to awaken The Golden Ones. Huh! I
didn’t want to do anything like this! I mean, I was a NASA photojournalist.
I am married, now, to a NASA scientist. This is crazy! But, the guides said to me,
“Unless you tell people about this, you’re not going to lose weight.” So, I decided to
write a book. And, more bizarre things happened while I was writing the book. I
had a nighttime visitor who turned out to be Pan, Lord of the Wilderness. He wanted
to be included in the book. He had a message for mankind. He wanted man to be grateful for the wonderful agreement Nature had made with our souls, the Light
Beings, to create humanity, to help us to go back to being who we really are, which
is these Light Beings. And my garden was phenomenal that year. I had sunflowers,
I’d never seen them so high! I had peppers that were the size of squashes, and I
realized Pan was showing me that these are just a little bit of what the Nature
Kingdom can do for us when we are cooperating with it. At the end of all of
this, at some point, I was sure that I was crazy. I went to doctors again. They
assured me I was not. And, in my hypnosis sessions, I had seen how we, in Atlantis,
had been building the Great Pyramid, and we had been disintegrating stone and
reintegrating it, so that it made those stones that the Great Pyramid is made of.
And, these are multi-ton boulders that are fitted together so closely that you
can’t even get a knife in between the different stones. I mean, we can’t do that
today. So here, I’m now totally obsessed with pyramids, and my husband won’t go to Egypt, but he took me to Yucatan, where there are pyramids as well. And, the
amazing thing in Yucatan, was that I’d had a scariest memory in Atlantis, and
that had to do with falling into a serpent’s mouth, And then, after that,
I was flying through space. And sure enough, we went from ruin to ruin, and
finally, in Uxmal, we found this image of a man in a feathered serpents mouth, and
behind him, were stylized images of stars. And that’s when I realized, “There’s a
chance that what I’m remembering is not crazy after all.” The next thing that
happened, me and the publisher of my first book, we went to Egypt together. And,
in the pharaohs tombs, in the Valley of the Kings,
we found paintings there that were images of my experiences in Atlantis. So,
I got to revise my opinion of myself, which was that maybe I’m not crazy, and
maybe there really are Golden Ones here who are waiting to be awakened. And so,
that is what I’m doing. And you know, if any of this resonates with you, and you’d
like to know more about this, please just remember to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.
Thanks so much. It’s Carol Chapman, nice talking with you. Carol Anne Chapman

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