Painting of @Special Books by Special Kids logo during Quarantine 2020


Hey Everybody! Today I will paint in my way Anyway Here we go First color is White and blue to make light blue Yeah, I don’t have light blue I mix up my own colors Have Red Blue Yellow to mix it up my own colors So, I’m going make light blue Lets do this Ok! Hope everyone has awesome day I know its crazy right now But, we will get through this We are strong Woop! A lot of paint coming out! oh its not good Thats why I have a towel Ok! Now Artists like to make mess Mess, Mess, Mess! Now add some blue see blue Ok Now, I’m going mix them! Blue and White to light blue Paint light blue I made blue on this canvas. what do you think I will make? Comment below Let me know!! I’m using big brush!! Now, I will do sides (of canvas) I’m cutting this off now so it can dry see Ok, I’m going end this video see you couple minutes! Welcome Back! Now, its all dry! Ready for second part Now, I’m ready Here we GO!! WOOHOO! Just yellow! Easy Done with yellow! You will have to wait! Bye Bye! Hey! Its all dry up Now, I will make letters which is hard for me But, I will try my best! Never Give Up I’m going make it in my way its all dry, I’m going work on detail I will show it in my way in my way! Ok Enjoy! Here we go! I will make S B S K! YAY!!! Look at this!! It does look like SBSK logo ahh!!! This is AWESOME!! Oh alright Ohhhh! SBSK I did it!! Oh alright! Now, I will do touch up with yellow I use Black to write TEAM ALL THE WAY! TEAM SBSK ALL THE WAY!!! Now I need to wait to dry! So exciting! YAY! SBSK I’m going hang this up Now the last part of painting Write TEAM SBSK All the way Thats our motto for fort nite I did it! The painting is done I need to sign it! I could be famous painter Oh alright Heres official signature! Heyyyyy! Woohoo! Well, that’s my painting! I hope you enjoyed my video and Heres the final piece Woohoo! Hope you enjoy it! Hope you enjoy this video made this from scratch Thank you for watching! You can do painting while we are stuck inside like this painting I want say Never Give Up, you will do fine! Stay positive!! Be Happy! Always smile! You can do this painting too and hope you enjoy it

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18 thoughts on “Painting of @Special Books by Special Kids logo during Quarantine 2020”

  1. Jessica Lappin says:

    I put Captions on the video so you can understand what I'm saying!

  2. Erin ModgePodge1111 says:

    Gorgeous painting, great job!!! I love doing arts and crafts to pass time and have fun. Thank you for sharing 💚

  3. Tem says:

    cool video it was really good

  4. Tem says:

    amazing video it was really entertaining

  5. Bee Agu says:

    Thank you for the video! I hope you are doing well.

  6. Angel Gming says:

    Amazing video Jessica!!!

  7. Cathy Block says:


  8. Jeuden Quiles says:

    Beautifull Work , good Job!!!

  9. Cathy Block says:

    Hmmm maybe a seaside painting?

  10. Cathy Block says:

    Ohh I was wrong but I love what you did!

  11. Ron Hunter says:

    You are very talented and thank you for the beautiful message at the end. Keep smiling and stay safe friend.

  12. Special Books by Special Kids says:

    Great job Jess!

  13. Alicia Barbon says:

    Yes we are strong and thank you for showing us your painting skills. I've always wanted to learn how to paint but I'm not very good at drawing!

  14. Linda Murphy says:

    Fantastic! What an enjoyable video. I like your choice of music too. Really well done. You are an inspiration, Jessica.

  15. Juliet Whitt says:

    I loved this, very relaxing too, watching you paint, with the music 😍🤗😁 xxx

  16. grey warden says:

    Love it! Great idea during this quarantine.

  17. Brenda Christensen says:


  18. Su sanne says:

    Yes! #TeamSBSK all the way! Thank you, Jessica! I love your enthusiasm so much! Stay safe and sane!😷🤗😷

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