Painterly Days Watercolor Coloring Book (#TheDailyMarker30Day Challenge)


– [Voiceover] Hi everyone. Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. I’m starting out
with a Painterly Days Flower Watercolor
coloring book. This is a book from Kristy Rice and she sent me along a copy and actually I had it on
order from Amazon (laughs) so I got the one from Amazon and then she sent
me another one. She has a couple
different options. She’s got this flower
one and a pattern one. The pattern is the
book that she sent me, but I wanted to show you
guys this coloring book because it’s really
kind of cool. It’s specifically for watercolor so you know you’re gonna
have some good paper inside for your water coloring and there’s also
awesome designs inside with lots of bigger spaces where you can really play
with your watercolor. Some other coloring books
that have smaller images where you don’t have
much of an opportunity to sort of play around
with the different colors, but this is a really great
book that has some larger areas and, for me, flowers are always
really fun to color anyway. So I’m gonna take out one
of the pages from the book and I’m going to
start coloring it and then put it on a
card for today’s video. So, I wanted to mention that the designs in
the coloring book, you have the same design on
the front and back of the paper and it’s not a problem because it doesn’t really bleed through. I did a little bit
of water coloring on some of the
pages from the book and I haven’t had any
problem with bleed through. Had a couple of questions
in my YouTube comments about how I position
my blue painter’s tape so evenly when I
tape down my projects so I thought I would show
you guys this process and really emphasize what I do. So, I tear off a
strip that’s about the size that I need. I hold it down
with my left thumb and then I can pivot and kind of slide it
around with my right hand and that gives me the
opportunity to get it in the perfect
position before I press the tape down onto my project. I’m gonna go ahead and
press that down on that side and then when I did it in
kinda more real time (chuckles) what I usually do so you
didn’t see me kinda of wiggle it around very much. So I started painting
with my Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers. This is the color
Violet that I’m using and that flower over
on the left side I started coloring it with
my Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pen in the color clear. I was using just
that as the kind of moisture to spread
around the color and then I decided I didn’t
like how that was going so instead of throwing
out this piece or possibly even just turning the page over to start over, I decided that I would
just slide everything over to the side and I would
focus on the other side and really practice and see what I wanted to do with the
rest of the picture. So, I started coloring the
other side with some flowers and this time I’m
just using plain water in my water brush and
the more I painted it, the more I kinda
started liking it. So I’m glad I didn’t
give up on this painting and that I kept going. I’m only using three
different colors for this coloring. Like I said before, I use the color
violet for the flowers and then for the
leaves and stems I use Ochre and Olive Green. So after I had all the
flowers pretty much painted in I moved on to the background and I’m going to be using some Peerless Watercolors for that. The color I’m using
is Neutral Tint. It’s from the bonus pack
of Peerless Watercolors and I’ll have all my
supplies that I’ve used today linked in the video
description below or in the supply
section over at my blog. So I’m just coloring
in the background area with that neutral tint. I’m sort of thinking that the
light is coming from the top so I’m adding a little
more shading to the bottom of each of these areas and I’m
only coloring the background for the right side of this
piece that I have taped down. I’m only gonna be
using a narrow strip. I’m going to be
cutting off that flower where I started coloring before and I actually did some color
testing on that side as well. So I’m gonna fill
in all these areas and because I missed some of those center areas
of the flowers because I added so
much color on top I’ve used a white
gel pen to draw in those center
areas of the flowers. Like I said before, the
front and backs of these pages have the same design and because I cut
this down I was able to take the other
side of that design that was on the other
side of the paper and I turned it over. It’s the exact same pattern and I used it as a
reference for how to draw in the centers
of the flowers. So I’m gonna remove the tape. I always bend the tape
back almost back on itself and that helps prevent
any tearing of the paper so now I’ve showed you
how I apply my tape and also how I remove it. And then I took my paper trimmer and trimmed the whole area down. I first trimmed off the sides that were protected by the tape and then I chopped
it off so it was just that narrow strip
so only the coloring that I worked on today
is what I’m working with. Now I’m taking some
basil 40 pound vellum, trimming that to be four and
a quarter by 11 inches long and then very lightly scoring
it at five and a half. This vellum is a
very brittle paper so you don’t want
to score it too much cause otherwise
it could crack it or tear the vellum, so very lightly scored and then I folded it back
to create my card base. Putting that inside this dotted embossing folder from Cuttlebug and I’ll run that through
my Big Shot machine. I switched out my
magnetic platform and I am instead using
my multipurpose platform so that I can use
that embossing folder. So I’ll just run that through and then I have some fun
embossed dots on my vellum. Going to be adhering
my water coloring piece over the top so I’m going to use some Tombow
Xtreme Adhesive and I’m just putting
that all along the back of this piece here and then I’ll be adhering it
onto the front of the card. Now you might be thinking,
“Well, won’t that show on the inside of the card?” and it absolutely will so I’m going to cut down
some white card stock and put it on the
inside of the card. The white card stock
I’m going to use is Neenah Solar White and this
is the 80 pound version. I’ve actually cut out
two of these pieces that are the exact same size. One for the very back of
the inside of the card and then one to go
on the other side of the inside of
the card for a place to write a message
to my recipient so I’m adhering this down
onto the inside of the card, trim off anything that
was hanging out the side and then I’ll go ahead and prep that other piece I
was talking about. So I’m putting adhesive on
this white card stock here and then instead of
adhering it straight down I’m actually going to put
it down on top of that other piece I’ve already adhered and this has the adhesive
facing up at this point and I’ll line that up
and then I’ll go ahead and close my card
and press that down and that makes it so
that that inside area is in the exact position
so you can’t see it from the front of the card. The cool thing
about this vellum is you can kind of see through it so it’s a little
bit translucent so you want to make
sure that the area on the inside
where I would write a message to the
recipient wouldn’t be shown from the
front of the card. As far as the sentiment
goes for the card, I’m using the congratulations
die from Simon Says Stamp. This is actually one
that I created for Simon so it’s my own handwriting. It’s kind of fun and I’ve cut it out in
two different colors. I’ve cut it out
in Neenah Solar White and also in Dark Chocolate
card stock from Simon and I first adhered
the white version just using a little bit of my ranger multi
media matte adhesive and I just held that
with my tweezers, applied some little
dabs of adhesive and then placed that
down onto the card front. In order to hold that in
place while I keep working I’m going to place a large
acrylic block over the top and that’s just going
to hold everything after I have
everything adhered down and you’ll see that in a minute. Then took that brown
cut out or die cut and I placed that right
over the top of the white and I had it just a
little bit off set. This is going to
give that brown die cut a little bit of a shadow and make it more legible on top of this kind of busy pattern. So there’s that block
holding it in place and then I was able
to add some adhesive to the second half
of the brown die cut and adhered that down onto
the front of the card. This is going to finish
off the card for today. Super simple and easy. Decided to keep it rather simple since the rest of the card was a little more involved
with all the coloring. Hope you guys enjoyed
today’s video. This is part of The Daily Marker
30 Day Coloring Challenge. For more info on the challenge, you can head over to my blog and I’ll have more info there. It’s from my awesome
friend Kathy Racoosin who is encouraging everyone
to do a little bit of coloring every day for the month of July
and a few days into August. So that’s the card for today. Hope you guys enjoyed. I will see you in
the next card video and thanks for watching. (relaxing music)

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