Outlander Book Review: Book Club Week 1


Hi guys this is my Outlander book review
on Melissa Elise TV so stay tuned What’s up everyone I’m Melissa Elise and you’re
watching Melissa Elise TV welcome to my brand new series of videos called book
club the first book we’ll be reading through is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
if you don’t know anything about Outlander this is book one in the
currently eight book series that tells the story of a former combat nurse
Claire Randall who while on her second honeymoon with her husband Frank
in 1945 Scotland is mysteriously transported through a standing stone in
the ancient stone circle of pregnant d’un to 1743 Claire is dropped in the
middle of rising tensions between the Scots and the English leading up to the
Battle of Culloden on her journey she meets the gallant young Scots warrior
James Fraser and the epic love story unfolds This book is so much more than
just a passionate love story though it’s got a little something for everyone if
you love history action adventure you should definitely read this book and I
would love to read it along with you You can find Outlander at pretty much any
bookstore but if you’re like me and you just want it to arrive at your door I’m
gonna link up in the description where I got my book set from and you can follow
along with my reading schedule also in the description but of course read at
your own pace this week we’ve read chapters 1 through 11 so let’s jump in
starting with the plot the story is definitely character driven moving more
slowly as we dive into the inner lives of each character as far as pacing the
first two chapters are a bit slow going but by the end of chapter 2 Clare is
already through the stone and back in time so once you get past that point
this plot picks up more steadily from there and the thing is you need the
first two chapters to get to know Clare and the life that she’s trying to return
to this brings us to the central conflict which is Clare’s mysterious
departure from one time period into another
and her quest to get back to the stones at this point she has the real way of
knowing whether or not she can go back into her own time period but her main
concern is getting to their location first since she’s been taken deep into
the highlands some sub conflicts arise obviously between Claire and her captors
first with Black Jack Randall Frank’s ancestor then with morta and Dougal and
finally Colum and nobody but Jamie and Mrs. Fitz seemed to trust Claire the
plot itself is in part chronological because we follow the story as Claire
lives it but she does a lot of remembering and storytelling from her
past experiences during the war and from when she was a little girl
overall the story is told through Claire’s perspective so we as the reader
only know as much as she does I don’t have a favorite passage yet but pretty
much any section with Jamie and Claire is great she learned so much about Jamie
really quickly and they developed this deep intimacy that she attributes to the
circumstances of their meeting and riding through the night together she
talks about how sleeping in someone’s presence is a sign of trust and they’re
pretty much forced into this trust right away one passage I really did like was
when Claire finally breaks down the first night in Castle Leoch and Jamie
just holds her and soothes her from then on they’re like awkward little teenagers
together and it’s so cute we have to talk about them as characters to in
general I can’t really relate or identify with any of the characters but
I think it’s mainly because of the story setting I can’t identify with the time
period or the situation that the characters are in but I’m still very
sympathetic to them and care about them in part because I’m already coming into
the books as a fan of the show but I’m even more interested in them and care
more for them as I read them the way that diana has written them in general
they’re very believable characters and you feel like you know them
Claire is definitely a great character she’s so strong she holds her own with
Highlanders and she’s keeping it together pretty well despite everything
she still hasn’t told anyone her situation and I love the insight into
her in the book because you get to see like the inner workings of her mind and
she thinks about what would have happened if I told people that I’m from
a different time and she considers how often this might have happened over the
years and there’s so many things you can say about Claire she’s definitely a
likable character very intelligent she’s naive to her surroundings her new
surroundings in Scotland in 1743 as she would be but she’s so smart drawing back
to all the things that Frank told her and trying to convince Colum where
she’s from by only telling him the things that are in part true she’s just
she’s very cool and I like her in the book almost a bit more than the show no
disrespect to cap because she does a wonderful job portraying Claire but the
way that Diana has written her and like I said the insight into her just opens
up the character so much however Jamie is my absolute favorite character hands
down there’s just something about him I mean obviously as he’s described in the
book even the other characters are drawn to him by his physical appearance he’s
very tall handsome but even despite like his situation not having any money can’t
claim his own name can’t go home has a price on his head
despite all of those things he’s such he’s always in such a good humour he has
a great attitude like even with the stuff that Dougal puts him through he’s
still honorable he’s gallant you know he’s everything you want this character
to be and more and he just kind of reminds me of like some of the great
literary male characters like Darcy or Heathcliff or Angel Claire I haven’t
quite caught any major themes or overt symbols or irony yet but I’m sure by the
end of this book there’ll be so many to choose from well that’s it for this
week’s book club of course I’d love to hear from you guys who is your favorite
character thus far and why leave me a comment and I’ll see you guys next week
thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video like and subscribe for more

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2 thoughts on “Outlander Book Review: Book Club Week 1”

  1. Silke K says:

    Fantastic that you’re reading the books! I really loved every single one 💕 Thank you for your great reviews/reactions of the show as well, I’m a big fan myself 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 please keep on reading 📚 hope you’ll enjoy reading Outlander

  2. Edmar Matis says:

    Good job with the review. I agree with you, I am a man, but I am not even half cool as Jamie is. So much respect for him.

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