you love these tank top we’re tan we are we gonna my gosh off our tans we’re badly to the end welcome back to the channel hey guys welcome back alright you don’t they do that yeah that’s okay I’m gonna do it first okay okay yes we’re finally back to Portland we’re span of fealty a few days in Florida with your family mm-hmm like a week and a half yeah a couple days and a couple of days yes it was your first time going to our like family vacation which we’ve done ever since we were little it’s like a big thing for my mom and dad we wish we could say that the vacation was amazing but to be honest we had some some some low points it wasn’t as relaxing as we thought it with you because just like for this instance we’re talking about about being in front of kids we’re very touchy in front of each other and so okay we go to Leesburg and we feel a little suffocated like we can’t do that not because my family said anything we’ve yeah we also did the video about my hometown growing up in Leesburg and about the therapy just went to do I’ve always wanted to do here they’re a job from the video we did get some some comments like oh yeah that therapy was 15 years ago you’re okay now but there are things like a lot of people didn’t know what was happening in the therapy and yeah when someone says that you you try to block it out like it wasn’t part of me anymore and you’re weighing through therapy for a long period yeah about three or four years three or four years that’s a lot and that causes a lot of impact and yeah Everson there were things that I was I wasn’t comfortable saying like verbalizing to me they were in my head and I didn’t know that they had affected a lot of my choices or made me kind of who I was today and I think it all came up at that trip and then finally I just there was one day at the beach where I I left my family I left you I was crying I didn’t know what was happening or what I was doing he had I he needed his space he went to the beach and because that’s where he feels yeah closer to God and and then you you said put your head on my shoulder but then I went to the beach yeah you’re like tell me more I know there’s more and so that’s where I shared everything and yours so when you had a breakdown yeah here’s static crying a lot and I thought that if I became true to who I was and to share everything that maybe you would have left but not throughout if you for sharing that with me so it’s a good step in and a lot of weight has been off my shoulders and it feels very good and feels very peaceful and that’s good that’s the beginning of healing but there are many good things that happen on spark vacation we also had high point yes right we did we have good Mormons we went to Destin which is not new for us because we’ve normally normally go to New Smyrna so the beach in Destin Florida I’ve never seen a beach like that before it’s so good [Music] Bernard’s gonna get his first snow cone ever and that crazy so that’s good okay what’s up I mean sweets good how is it good oh did you catch it and it was the first time we ever got one big house together cuz they were about let’s say 20 of us around trainee yeah so you had my family as people and then my then my aunt which of my mom’s sister and her family part of her family mm-hmm and yeah we were nervous to do it we went on a boat ride well actually two bites the first first one was redneck island down a pilot yeah it’s not a good name that’s not today the official name is crab island yeah but people call it redneck island [Music] there we go to be a fun day on the boat [Music] I’ll get them back [Music] my brother-in-law he has a boat so we went on the boat and I had never seen anything like it I thought that was something common for you Floridians no idea to get a boat and go somewhere yeah it was hang out there it is beer yeah but not for me for my sister’s it is and so for me it was new for me it was completely new I had never seen something like that yeah yeah and they were selling stuff in the middle of the ocean yeah and then you can drink beer which we weren’t drinking but you play games and hang out with the family on the boats it was really cool the next place we went to was a little bit different for our family because we normally don’t do this but we went on a big boat and we snorkeled and we saw some dolphins but it was because of my cousin who works on the boat he offered us to go on the boat and so we did it okay I’ll go scuba-diving guys like to welcome you home or the Seaquest my name is Cody let’s got Blake and Tate in here fun really turistic there but the kids like it for note of this too there are some crabs yeah are you scared of the crabs not really that really no don’t scare me the jellyfish scared me be careful the jellyfish that’s where it was oh right here I’ll be on there better if she gets done there it is yeah well it damn baby they’re just kidding Oh stupid I was gonna say I was gonna drop the camera I got stung crab crab Bernardo Bernard Bernard oh no Bernardo Bernardo Bernardo stop stop [Music] another tradition that we do is we go crab hunting with the kids your family has a lot of traditions will he do and that’s cool that’s good especially we go on vacation we have a lot of traditions you do like yeah hey a crab hunting was one of them but this time the crabs weren’t so big there were little ones but we found a big one and then at the end of all the crab hunting we put them in the buckets and then we let them everyone gets in a circle and then we let all the crabs go maybe free to press yeah and then you run for your life and we’re not supposed to run you did I did they’re little tradition Kaplan someone oh gee Oh like she liked it yeah you moved out of the circle what do you mean yeah we all created a circle and then we let the crabs go in you then no there was a huge one coming after me first falou next year the next year I’m gonna book movers and we had a chance to watch the sunrise and the sunset and they’re really beautiful in Florida yeah a lot of different colors they don’t live here I like that one since that’s very nice the Irish or there though the Florida funfair [Music] it’s warming the water and we would do cardio sometimes with mom sometimes with dad sometimes it both cardio it was about everyone here hey hey there dad and mom and we also celebrated your birthday twice actually we did yeah we did it once at the beach bit of a house it was kinda enough your birthday yeah but one of so one of my nephew’s it was his birthday in June but we celebrated it at the beach with all the kids so on my birthday it was actually his birthday yeah like okay you can have it but then we went back to Liz Berg where we had a chance to celebrate North’s something more private and yeah because that’s how you prefer it – yeah you don’t like when there’s a lot of people right now I don’t like that I don’t like that either but it was a good birthday yeah how I would like to spend it with family yeah with my husband their dad food right yeah he grilled out some state your dad in your brother-in-law [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] can make two issues and then the sad part is saying goodbyes this is the heart those are the hard parts for my mom and dad oh for us too yeah for us too but we’ll be back in October so October you have the competition so we’ll be back to Florida we have Goods and Bad’s good Tim bets but but we learned a lot from the goods and we learned a lot from the baton and that’s the important thing yeah it feels like we like went to another chapter if your hair really lies yes I think reading another level now remember to go out make memories and yeah you’re worth it I think that was hard to learn on this vacation but I think it’s it’s important I don’t want all on this vacation you like yes or no and we’re working on that in the hard lesson but is it going everyone is with thee I agree John Jim nothing all right we’re not saying I love you more it’s part of part of the deal yeah because we love each other just the same agree no more DVD is down now well our videos are getting so deep hi God back to being crazy we need a break from the deep to use yoga challenge in our other where

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    Your family is the first I've seen like mine where men kiss men . . . smack right on the lips! Fathers, sons, brothers. Seemed so strange when we'd get comments about it or that it'd even be, "a thing." Many of my friends said they'd do that when they had sons and they did. They've said they wouldn't have it any other way, now, and rattled off many reasons it's made their relationships much stronger than with their own dads. Proud of you two ❤️–Jay in Seattle

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