Our 4-Star Hotel Booked with Points πŸ˜€ !! (Hilton San Diego Gaslamp)


You can actually unlock your room by tapping a button on your phone How cool is this? What is up members of the barrio It is Jon coming to you from the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego California The West Coast adventure has begun And today instead of a tour of an apartment which I would normally do. I’m actually going to show you our hotel The Hilton Gaslamp Quarter Which we booked entirely through points, just 9,000 Chase Ultimate Reward points Per night We got an ugpraded loft room And i’m going to show you why sometimes I prefer to stay in hotels Over apartments This place is pretty cool Now I am a Hilton Honors Gold Member Through one of my American Express Cards And we had a really good experience last night When we checked in at about 12:30 I said to the guy at the front desk do you have any upgrades available? It’s Adriana’s birthday And they upgraded us to these loft style rooms Which he said were the newest in the hotel We’re going to go right now Normally the flight to San Diego is about 5.5 hours But yesterday we had to sit on the tarmac at Newark Airport for something like 2 hours And I think in the past I would have complained a lot more about that. But I caught myself not really sweating a small detail about Travel ever since the whole Testicular Cancer thing happened. I’ve just been a lot more chill About the smaller problems in life. Alright we’re approaching the room right now. And Adriana is in here. Say Hi. Enjoying the view of the Gaslamp outside? Of course. Good people watching here. A lot yeah. You can see exactly what’s going on, there’s a welcome to the Gaslamp Quarter sign right there. Very nice king size bed. Kind of some modern amenities. Not really a really large room per say. I think this TV Is way to big for the room. Do you agree? Yes. I want to watch a movie. Right now. It’s got to be like a 55-60 inch TV I don’t know if you can really tell from the vlog How big this TV is compared to the actual room size. But for two nights, you can’t complain about this location. Right in downtown San Diego. This is the bathroom. Nothing overly special but. The shower. 9,000 points a night is a steal for a hotel like this which is 4 stars Normally about 200 dollars Which is why I keep on pushing people to get the Chase Sapphire Reserve Or other credit cards where you can Get bonus points for hotels and now we’re going to talk about when I would book an Airbnb And when I would book a hotel. Normally i’m all about staying at an airbnb or apartment when I Travel. But when you’ve got points to use especially when traveling with a boyfriend or girlfriend. In this case my points don’t just go towards my flight. They go to a hotel room. Which we’re both using. Factor in also that i’m hilton honors. Through my American Express Card Which you guys should definitley look up trying to get. And I also got free breakfast here. Got an upgraded room. Got free internet. Got free waters at check-in so for a short term stay. Where you can make your points work for you. I would always recommend getting a hotel. For a longer term stay I don’t think I could stay at a hotel more than a 4 or 5 nights. And if you guys have any questions about Airbnbs veruss hotels Leave me something in the comments. I’d love to talk about it more. Nothing to crazy today. I just wanted to show you guys a little bit of the hotel expeience. Here in Downtown San Diego I promised Adriana for her birthday I wouldn’t vlog to much. We’re actually going to go get some great food At the Gaslamp after. Definitley subscribe if you’re new here. Hit that like button. We’ve got a lot more stuff coming out From Southern California The next video should be in Anaheim. Right around Vid Con Where i’m going to be this week. Feliz Cumpleanos Thank you. We’re at San Diego’s argubaly smallest bar. Pop’s liquor cabinet. Shout out to my friend rob for the suggestion here. You can fit like maybe 10 people. It’s got this New York vibe to it actually. I like it already.

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15 thoughts on “Our 4-Star Hotel Booked with Points πŸ˜€ !! (Hilton San Diego Gaslamp)”

  1. Here Be Barr says:

    Be sure to like and subscribe ( Tell me if you prefer an Airbnb over a hotel and why ?

    Travel Tips Playlist!! :

  2. Easy Company says:

    I really enjoy these videos. San diego looks beautiful

  3. Tao of David says:

    Looks stunning. I stayed in that area once many years ago.

    Because my roots are in 'budget' backpacking i will always have a soft spot for hostels, so now I'm in my mid 30s and a first world traveller (see what I did there) I still find it difficult to get an airbnb (despite staying in one right now lol).

    The thing I like about airbnb is that is does still offer dorm style accomodation (This is just my preferred taste) however will sometimes splash out on an apartment When i can.

    I think airbnbs are an ideal option for short trips or holidays, less so for long term travel.

    That door unlocking thing is amazing!

  4. The New Travel says:

    Great looking room! Happy b-day Adriana πŸ™‚

  5. Louis Y says:

    Wait wait wait what? U got cancer??

  6. Kimberly Cochran says:

    Love the Gaslamp area. We're Marriott members & always ask for an upgrade, so great when they have a room available. Yes, that tv is too big for the room. We have never done ArBnB but looking into it. πŸ˜€Great food in SD!

  7. Vegard Heyerdahl says:

    That's awesome to unlock the room with the phone πŸ™‚

  8. Generasian X says:

    when you walked into the bathroom for a second i thought you weren't wearing any pants. disappointed to find out you were.

  9. DavidisDawei says:

    When I'm alone it is all about budget…
    safe, clean and good wifi
    then it comes down to price.
    Hostels are often the least expensive option. I tend to look for single rooms in hostels or budget hotels.
    When AirBnb add fees, it usually doesn't make sense when I'm alone.
    Traveling with a girlfriend or family changes this a bit. They probably would not appreciate lower priced options

  10. Estela Cuautle says:

    welcome to my beautiful city make sure to check out old town and little Italy. Feliz cumpleaΓ±os Adriana

  11. Radames Vlogs says:

    I only stay at Hiltons, we have a beautiful mutual relationship πŸ™‚ love the digital check inn experience lol, I'm a Diamond HH hehe. Glad you got an upgrade and glad you and Adriana had fun.

  12. Hornet Realm says:

    Can you be our next Casey?

  13. TheTravelingClatt says:

    Fantastic job bro this was really awesome and helpful!

  14. 31SecondCarShow says:

    I have a lot against Airbnb, I always choose hotels now almost exclusively. For a variety of reasons:

    1. Airbnbs are usually……..overpriced. I think the biggest misconception about Airbnb is that they are cheap. Well this couldn't be furthest from the truth because, people usually overvalue their place. This doesn't even include the pointless fees, but people don't think about Airbnb as competing against hotels, but instead as "oh my god who wouldn't want to live in a cool place like mine."

    2. Then when you get to the Airbnb, you find out, its not as cool as they made it out to be. Having someone's stuff lying around doesn't scream neatness. The beds can be smaller than they seem. So can the entire space.

    3. Oh yeah I'm black, I don't think they'll accept my request to book….Oh yeah I'm black.

    4. When leaving the place, you realize shortly after you left that you really never used that kitchen you thought you were going to use. So then what's the point?

  15. Galaxy S7 says:

    I've been to the West Coast in June 2017 as well (non-US citizen) … how ironic

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