Original Garlic Chilli Shrimp Recipe (Gambas Al Ajillo)


The beauty of tapas is its simplicity. And what I love about hanging out in tapas bars is so often you’re seeing the food cooked right before your eyes. Because it’s prepared and cooked right behind the bar. And so I wanted to share with with you guys one of my favorite tapas recipes and I figured instead of showing you how it’s cooked in my boring kitchen, why not go to the source of tapas, where tapas actually come from… A tapas bar! And learn how to make tapas recipes in the tapas bars. So I’ve come along today to La Casa del Abuelo, a place that’s been in the same family since 1906 when it opened, and you’re gonna see how to make gambas al ajillo. Gambas al ajillo or shrimps with garlic and parsley and and chili – this is a very typical Spanish tapa that you’ll see all over the country and this bar La Casa del Abuelo is famous for it. Javi is going to show us how you cook gambas al ajillo here on the premises and you’re gonna see how you can do it in a mere matter of minutes. Hola Javi. ¿Qué tal? Muy bien. Si. Enséñame. So hear we are. I’ve got my dish. It was ready in just a few minutes. Javi, a genius! You can see how this is pretty easy to make home. What is key with Spanish food are the ingredients. Great shrimp, good garlic, great oil because going to be soaking up all that delicious oil with the crusty bread, all the garlicyness. If you’re going to pair this with a Spanish wine I would suggest in albariño, which is a wine from the Rías Baixas region in the northwest. A delicious white. If you come to la Casa del Abuelo they pair it with their own red. There goes my bread. They pair it with their own red which is a sweet and fortified red that if you were in Madrid about 50 years ago this is what you’d be drinking. It’s called the Vino del Abuelo and the sweetness cuts through the garlicyness. Delicious. Que aproveche and hang around for more recipes next time in tapas bars… the best place to learn.

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24 thoughts on “Original Garlic Chilli Shrimp Recipe (Gambas Al Ajillo)”

  1. Lemmy says:

    Which Casa del Abuelo is that?, I used to go in the one near Goya and it isnt that one

  2. Katie Clarke says:

    Hi James great video!!! I'm off to Barcelona tomorrow and have a great list of places to go with the help of devour Barcelona! Thanks for your great efforts helping people find great tapas!! Big love ✌️️🇪🇸

  3. UnderneathTheBottle Wine Sommelier says:

    I love how laid back the Spanish culture is. Great to see an upload from you! Keep it up 🙂

  4. Chasing Charlie says:

    Yes! James I've been on the lookout for a new video! Fantastic! Keep them coming!

  5. Gary Johnson says:

    Wow. So much oil.

  6. mistreated says:

    Thanks James! Another great video from one of my favorite bars in Madrid.

  7. Glenn Stubbs says:

    Hey James ! What kind of bread is it ?

  8. Aim Zee says:

    James, you are a gem and your videos are great! I feel more prepared for my Madrid trip coming up in the Sept/October.  Your Spanish is excellent btw!  I look forward to your future uploads

  9. tonydeltablues says:

    Excellent! I hope you got some more bread to soak up the good oil 🙂

  10. AT M says:

    ☆☆☆ …. what else?

  11. David Cuevas says:

    Wow! We made the trip to La Casa del Abuelo. Javi served us, the Gambas were magnificient. We did not have a bad meal in Madrid! On the train to Valencia right now. Looking forward to paella, then 4 nights in Barcelona!!



  12. cristina millonaria says:

    Genial y estupendo tu video!!

  13. James says:

    Should do more of these ?

  14. Antonis Paraskevopoulos says:

    Keep making videos mate. Love the tapas tours.

  15. ToonieMama says:

    OMG! That looks so incredibly delicious! I love Olive Oil, I love Garlic and I LOVE Shrimp!!

  16. Gerard de Vries says:

    I would love to see more recepies like this one. I might visit la Abuela this weekend myself to try the shrimp 🦐

  17. Susana Castaneda says:

    Thanks You!!! Definitely making this recipe this weekend.

  18. Francis Eyre says:

    I've just made it, tasted great.Thanks

  19. Chere Garcia says:

    You should do more of these recipe videos!

  20. heliosheath says:

    were seeds removed? It didn't look like it. I suppose if they were not removed, then the chili pepper itself should not be broken so as to release the seeds in oil.

  21. Leandra Cohen says:

    Wow! You sound like a real spanish!

  22. Isabella Morrell says:

    OMG!!! we love Casa del abuelo. We will be in Madrid on Wednesday so will be heading there and to Botins as well. We love both places and head there whenever we are in Madrid…

  23. Brien Welsh says:

    We recently visited this restaurant on a Devour Tour with Carolyn and loved it, delicious !

  24. Dea Barnett says:

    Thanks so much for this video. I had this dish at Casa del Abuelo while on a Devour tour last year and was so happy to be able to make it at home. Just made it for visiting friends who had done the Devour tour with me—brought back memories of a wonderful tour!

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