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Welcome to research 101, where we show you how to research smarter, not harder. In this video, I’ll show you how to find books at kennedy library, using OneSearch. I want to find books about electric cars. The best way to use OneSearch is to first search then filter. For print books, use the filters “Available at Cal Poly”, under “Availability” and “Books”, under resource type. For ebooks, use the filters “Available Online at Cal Poly” and “Books”. So here we have a list of ebooks. Click on “Online Access” to get to the ebook on the Publishers Platform. Let’s try another example, where we need a specific book, Oliver Twist. The first result shows that the book has a number of versions. Click on “See All Versions” Note how this adds an active filter “List of Versions”. Now, apply the filter “Available at Cal Poly”. We get three results, but we need to pay attention to location. The first result is in our Special Collections and Archives, which is Library Use Only. The second is part
of the Teachers Resource Collection. The last version is in the Main Collection. Click on the “Available” link to confirm its’ availability. Use the call number with the library’s book location map to find its location in the library. A call number is the book’s address. It uses the Library of Congress classification system to organize books on the shelf by subject. This book’s call number starts with “PR” so it’s on the 4th floor. By the way, you can use the pin at the upper right to save the book to your OneSearch account. Just make sure you’re signed into OneSearch. That’s it for now! Happy searching!

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