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[Sparkle sound effect] Using OneSearch, you can easily search for books by keyword, title, author, or ISBN, all using the same search box. Enter your search terms, then, before you search, select “Books & Media (CSUF)” to limit your results. We got 49,000 results for this search for engineering books. You’ll if know a book is available by its status. Click on the book location to learn its status. If the status is listed as “Item in place” that means that the
book is not checked out. If the status is listed as “on loan,” that would mean that someone had already checked it out and the due date would be listed. If you think a book is really interesting, you can get a preview of the books that will be on the shelf next to it. Just click Virtual Browse, then it’s just like you’re browsing the shelf! We can also look for specific books by title. OneSearch is pretty smart – you can just enter the title and, if the library has it, it will appear at the very top of your search results. For example I want a book called “The Secrets of College Success.” Here it is. And this actually happens to be an ebook. If I just click on “ebrary academic complete” I can read it right now. Whenever you search for books using OneSearch, ebooks come up as well! It will say “online access” if it’s an ebook, versus having a location if it’s a print book. To look for works by a particular author or creator, use the Advanced Search. Change the “Any Field” dropdown to Author/Contributor. Say I want to browse novels by the author Stephen King. I just enter his name, and here’s a list of all the Stephen King books that the library has. You can also look for books by ISBN – this is a good search strategy for looking up textbooks or course readings. Just enter your ISBN. OneSearch will then show you all versions we have of that particular title. For example, for the novel “Things Fall Apart,” we actually have three different editions. This is a great way to find a specific edition of a
book. Finally, if you have trouble finding a specific book, or you want to find a specific range of books, you can use the Advanced Search to be very exact in your search criteria. Advanced Search fields include Title, Author, Subject, ISBN, Call Number, Publisher, and Location. You can enter as many criteria as you like! Add more lines if necessary. [Music]

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