Hey it’s Damon and it’s Jo and it’s Damon, and it’s Jo and it’s Damon, and it’s Jo and it’s Jo, and it’s Damon But it’s not Jo and Damon because then there are two vowels then it’d be Joand Damon Especially in French cuz there’s the liaison DamonNAND Jo Joanna Her name’s Joanne My name’s Joanna actually but What we’re about to do in this video is revise Jo’s little notebook from studying abroad from the year 1970… “1980” The exact joke we made in the last video Damon’s notebook from 1970 We’re up here on the roof, which is illegal It’s illegal here Everything in the United States is illegal You’re gonna take the easy way!? Yeah Do we go? or Do we not go? The door has an alarm There’s no alarm? Damon? Hey guys The most dangerous stairs in the world This is what it’s all about! Life! and death! Lemme not make jokes while I’m still on this thing I’m RIGHT here. It’s beautiful! We’re a bit French in that aspect We’re gonna do what we wanna do We even drank up here one time We smoked up here! No, no. We made love Here? Yeah! Together! Me, I have. You haven’t. Naaaaaan Yes, actually No. No, I’ve never done that. We’re going to…stop for the helicopter 5 Minutes Later 1 Hour Later …after the first five minutes He’s coming back? He’s coming down Here? Here!!! Two Hours Later …the first hour after the five minutes wait this is complicated Imagine if our landlord hired a helicopter to do rounds to make sure no one is up here Are there cameras? Nope, I already checked Look at the smog It’s good air He’s leaving, after all that. Yeah, he’s leaving Jo THE joke of 2017 So I found my notebook of words that I learned words and expressions that I learned during my four months in Paris for my exchange We’re going to do a test to see if she remembers any of these words First word: maîtriser learning Why do you pronounce it like that? It’s “d’apprendRE” I’m a gangsta To perfect/improve and I didn’t do that I haven’t seen or read this notebook And trust me, you don’t want to “That pisses me off” (Not the right word) Shoes? And here you wrote something about the Modern Temple Hotel Who were you there with? Right next to Pigalle! (where the prostitutes are) I know this one Your little bracelets and hair Stop “taquiner”ing me Wait did you just fart No it was this You wrote this “Se Moquer” – learn to conjugate like learn how to form the verb My French teacher Orphanage Orifice? To brake Gimme a sentence with the plus-que-parfait (grammar tense) This one will be hard Before eating my breakfast I already ate I had already eaten another breakfast I hooked up Did you pécho? Oh ça va! It’s fiiiine. You dirty That page was really dirty Even if you’re not going to repeat the words, you have to know them Yeah and that’s why we did a class on dirty words We learned words like And that’s why I love French To turn off *thinks it’s “attendre”* To turn off What’s that sound mean? A subscription Like subscribers who are going to subscribe to our YT channel Yes, for example! You must subscribe to the DamonAndJo channel Now we gotta go cuz there are like people up here It’s illegal. There are helicopters all the sirens looking for us See ya next time and remember we’ll be in Paris the first week of October, which is my birthday Happy Birthday to you! Sing it to me! Happy Birthday to you! Sing it to me now You’re a big old oldie Happy birthday to you See you in Paris Bye bye! I imagine that before death you’ll hear a sound like that Ding! It’s your time. You’ve been eliminated. We’re going to do something important I say that in every video Everything we do is important really Yes…very important Because life is important and if you aren’t doing things that aren’t important, what are you doing with your life! There are just criminals and police sirens here We live in a very safe neighborhood The worst is yet to come I wrote that? That’s good! “Avenir” means “future” in French which is literally “à” (to) and “venir” (come) so it’s literally “what’s going to come” And then you have “demain” (tomorrow) cuz it’s like you’re going to have tomorrow in your hand (“main”) I don’t know… Or like “two hands” which present you tomorrow, the day Makes total sense to me Logic You dumb

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  93. CL3M3NTIN3 C3 says:

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