Olivia Wilde’s Kids Think Ellen Is Their Real Mom


Because when you posted the
picture of National Dog Day, I realized that you took the
gift seriously that I gave you. So this is Olivia’s bed. And she posted this
for National Dog Day. I gave them that gift as a
joke, and it’s above your bed. Where else would we put it? It’s the most important piece
of art that’s ever been made. I gave it to you six years ago. I know. So you’ve kept it. It’s only appreciated
in value to us. Yeah, there it is. That’s when we discovered it. And people are so confused
by it at first glance. And that’s how we like it. I understand that. But it’s not above
your bed anymore. No, now it has another
very special place, which is outside the
children’s bedroom. So it’s the first thing that
they see when they wake up. Wow. It’s very important to us. Do they say, who is that lady? Yeah, they say, oh,
that’s our real mother. And I say, yes. They love it. It’s the greatest
thing in the world. But I had to post it, because
it was National Dog Day. And I know you too love
dogs and rescue animals. And so I knew you would get
the adopt-don’t-shop message. Then I posted this
after you posted that. Yes, you do did. It took everything I had not
to turn that into a tattoo that I would put on Jason’s arm. I took a picture of that. I was like, how
far can we take it? How far can we go? Because you could have done
that above your bed next. And I would have done– It’ll happen. In six years, you’ll
be like, what? She still has this? So how old are your children? You said it’s still
outside of their– do they have the same room? They’re in separate rooms. They wish they had the same
room, which is very sweet. We’ll see how long that lasts. They are two and four. So the boy is four years old. You had a little girl recently. Yeah, Otis is 4 and 1/2. And Daisy– aw. That’s Otis. And Daisy is almost two. Yeah, look at her. Look at that. I love their names too– Otis and Daisy. So what is she into? Is she a good two, or
is she the terrible two? She’s a good two. She hasn’t realized she’s two. She also lies about being three,
which is a really funny thing. It’s like, you ask
her, how old are you? And she’s like, I’m three. I think she so badly wants
to catch up with her brother, and she’s already
lying about her age. Did she really say it like that? I’m three. Like really kind of nonchalant. You know how it is. She’s really very grown up. I’m amazed by her. She’s a really
funny, funny person. Well, from what I hear, Otis–
because every time you’re here or Jason’s here– I hear that he’s
into grown-up music since he was a little boy. What’s he into now? Now, he’s into the
Beastie Boys, which we approve of wholeheartedly. Gosh, he;s also
is into weirdly– I don’t know how
he discovered it– but Ibiza-style
techno-spring-break-dance-party pop. What do you mean? I don’t know where. We think he might be
going out at night and just hitting the clubs,
discovering something like that. You should get a blacklight
and see if there’s something on his arm. Let me see those wrists. Wait, so how would he find
Ibiza techno dance pop? It’s why you shouldn’t
send them to school. They come back with
bad taste in music. We had done so well. Yeah, I know. Because he wasn’t
into Michael Jackson. Well, first, Beyonce,
which you gave us the greatest gift
of all time, which was a fully Beyonce-themed
first birthday party with Beyonce
napkins, cups, balloons, a life-size Beyonce
cut-out, which is still in our house, of course. We don’t give things away. We keep everything. Your garage sale is
going to be fun one day. But the greatest
thing about that party is that the other parents
didn’t know that it was a joke. So they were just looking at
each other like, geez, this is really intense Beyonce love. Wow. All right, so your mom
is running for Congress. Yes, she is. My mom is running for Congress. Where does she live? In the 5th District
of Virginia, which is a really important district. It has Charlottesville and then
a bunch of more rural counties. It’s huge. It’s bigger than New Jersey. And it’s really important,
because Virginia has this wave of women who
are running for Congress. And it’s really
exciting, because they’re going to change the
way that Virginia is and hopefully, the
entire country is. Good for her. That’s amazing. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] That’s great. I’m so proud of her. That’s really cool. Tell me about this
company that you’re crazy. OK, I’m very excited about this. It’s this company
called True Botanicals that is a completely nontoxic,
cruelty-free skin care line. And I deeply care about
it, because that just doesn’t exist. There aren’t very many
regulations in this country. For instance, in
the European Union, there’s over 1,300 banned
ingredients for all skin care. In this country, there are 11. So we have to do a lot
of our own regulating. And I think having a company
that does that and also is cruelty-free was
really important to me. And it works. And I’m really, really
excited, because everybody in your audience is getting
a gift certificate for $150. Yes, you are. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE]

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