Nine Conservative Groups Have Been Bulk-Buying Trump Jr.’s New Book


According to a new New York times report,
at least nine different conservative organizations and uh, I guess high profile people in the
Republican party, some politicians, some former politicians, whatever it is. But at least nine different ones have been
caught bulk buying copies of Donald Trump Jr’s new book triggered. And those bulk buying procedures are what
helped buy his way to the number one slot on the New York times bestseller list a slot
that, by the way, he only held for a couple of weeks before getting knocked down. So what does this tell us? Right? I mean the New York times is the one who puts
out that list of the best sellers and then the New York times comes out now and tells
us, Oh yeah. A lot of it was because you had all these
groups, including the Republican national committee, including turning point USA, including
the actual Trump campaign itself, including the campaign of a Republican house, minority
leader, Kevin McCarthy. They’re all buying tons of copies of the books
and using them to either resell themselves or give them out at events or a little bit
of both. You donate a certain amount of money to a
campaign and they’ll send you a copy of the book. But that is the biggest reason why Donald
Trump Jr’s book triggered made it to the top of that New York times bestseller list. And as we have discussed in the past, it only
takes about $250,000 worth of book sales to get on to the bestsellers list. Now obviously it’s going to take considerably
larger amounts than that to make it to number one, but that’s also why Trump jr didn’t stay
at number one for very long, just two maybe three weeks, maybe not even two. The reason is because all of those bulk purchases
were made when the book was immediately released or they were preorders, which means they go
through the day the book is released, so they only count for that first week. The fact that the book fell from the number
one spot so quickly indicates that those sales did not continue among the average public. You know the, the book buyers, they weren’t
buying it, but all those bulk orders went in first day and pushed him up to number one. That’s why that happened. There is nothing illegal about this folks,
so don’t worry about that. Donald Trump jr is in no trouble here. It’s technically not even unethical. It’s dishonest. Sure, but that’s actually the fault of the
New York times best seller list. If, if they don’t want people doing this,
buying their way to the top of the list and change the way you count it. Don’t count bulk sales count individual people
walking into a bookstore and making the conscious choice, yes, I want this thing. That’s what should count because this something
that’s been happening for years and years and years and years, probably long before
Donald Trump jr even knew how to read, so at least 10 years. But here’s the thing, conservative groups
do this all the time. How do you think Ann Coulter becomes such
a good bestseller all the time? It’s not because she’s a good writer. I’ve only picked up a couple of Ann Coulter’s
books in the past because sometimes a publisher send them here and uh, I’ve never read one. But what I do, anytime an Ann Coulter book
comes in, I open it up and I flip to the back to see the sources. You know the citations, I’ve never seen it. I’ve never seen a list of citations in any
Ann Coulter book that has come my way. I flip through the pages, there’s nothing
listed at the bottom. Meanwhile, we get all these progressive books
in here and some of them have appendixes that are actually longer than the dang book itself. So how does she make it to the best seller
list? While you have all these groups out there,
she goes and does these events where the venue will have to buy, you know, a thousand copies
of the book so they can sell it at the event. That’s what happens. The whole thing is a sham. The whole thing is a scam. And Republicans because they are so well financed
with all of these individual little groups out there being funded by these foundations
that are funded by the millionaires and billionaires flush with cash to purchase these books, to
put any conservative author they choose at the top of that bestseller list. Donald Trump jr is this just the latest in
a long line of these conservatives who have had their wealthy friends buy their way to
the top of the list.

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100 thoughts on “Nine Conservative Groups Have Been Bulk-Buying Trump Jr.’s New Book”

  1. Icecream Headache says:

    What a waste of trees and money. If they had a social conscience they would put their money toward protecting children and families from the tRump regime.

  2. Artie Kost says:


  3. U OL says:

    Your local public library is buying it. With your tax dollars. So that makes the joke on you. And me.

  4. John Fink says:

    Who funds your asses? I’d guess the DNC🕷🕸

  5. MysticFiddler1 says:

    Well, Trump is a cult like scientoloogy and scientology would pay members to buy its books to keep them at the top of the list. The members would then return the books to the publishing house.

  6. Terri Suder says:


  7. Allen Albright says:

    We should be calling them " so called conservatives " how are these pricks anything close to conservative. they are just fine running the national debt.

  8. Robert Graham says:

    Maybe they needed toilet paper.

  9. Doris A says:

    The followers have to buy them or it wouldn't be sold. Also they had to please their leader, his father.

  10. Elijah James says:

    I think Don Jr is even nastier than his father.

  11. Elizabeth Coats says:

    After buying all those books, what do they do with them? Throw them in the dumpster? 😁

  12. Elizabeth Coats says:

    Good bonfire starter!

  13. Tim Thompson says:

    Typical republican dishonesty What's new?

  14. Cecelia Wight says:

    Cuz the Gang of Putin are cheaters! Duh!

  15. Sweetiepie sofly says:

    Now that's a shame and a scandal🙃

  16. Robert Austin says:

    I think that if he'd had the book printed on a softer paper it certainly have been more useful in the restroom 🙂

  17. Devil_Travels says:

    Every book comes with a brown nose.

  18. Urmy Sunn Sunnrrff says:

    Is that the reason for the huge cloud of smoke coming from the burning fire from the trash landfill that continues to burn? That's alot of Trump Jr trash that going to ruin the environment.

    Keep burning Trump Jr's book trash. That all it is.

  19. King Scottish1194 says:

    Look, bulk buying Donald Trump Jr's book just to have them burned in a bonfire of the vanities does not count for actually reading the book, nor buying because you really like the book or the Trump Criminal Empire.

  20. Henry Peck says:

    Trump jr little more face hair i might like you you gay punk

  21. Linda Simpson says:

    Good way to end a relationship if you got it as gift.

  22. Sideonx3 says:

    Hey!!…it makes good kindling…..just saying….

  23. Pierre Bibeau says:

    It is too late. Everybody knows the scheme. The idea is not to lose money, eh!!!! I would wonder what pressure was put on these conservative groups to buy the book in bulk. I thing REPs think that Americans are stupid.

  24. The Nothing Nobody says:

    "Probably long before Donald Trump Jr even knew how to read. So at least ten years."

    Hah, nice one Farron. That made me laugh.

  25. Joe Schmo says:

    Isnt this illegal?

  26. elo o says:

    Like consumer reports…😑

  27. the man wins says:

    Every hotel room in trumps properties has a Trumpie Jr book next to the Gideon Bible.

  28. The Nothing Nobody says:

    Also Farron, you described precisely what trickle-down economics actually is in practice.

    Billionaires fund 'foundations' and 'think tanks' with millions of dollars. These groups then fund 'research' that justifies GOP/conservative talking points. Those same groups also then pay large amounts of money to conservative politicians who then say "Well these reputable groups say this thing works, so why change it" along with other conservative mouthpieces who go on their internet shows or conservative news outlets or write books to finish the loop and continue the con game.

    So trickle-down economics DOES work…but only if you're 'in the loop'. Where billionaires fund all of it and you can get your own little slice of the pie for yourself as long as you're willing to push the narrative the billionaires work. It's a very lucrative operation for those in said loop, and there's a lot of con artists in the nation who are quite happy to sell their souls to do so.

  29. robert smith says:

    what the heck is not buying regular toilet paper good enough????

  30. Tom Peters says:

    Tell me again about Hunter Biden ? Lil donnie is as repulsive to look at just like fat donnie

  31. King Achmed Detroit says:

    These Republicans will lie cheat and steal and say immigrants are the problem in this country

  32. Gym Jordan's Hair says:


    At least They'll have plenty of toilet paper when the shit hits the fan.

  33. robert smith says:

    call it what it is money laundering.

  34. richard mcmorrow says:

    Nothing new here, same BS with bill oreilly, glen beck, sara palin and a slew of republican reps and senators all hit the #1 spot all because of bulk purchases by themselves and or republican resources.
    My own father received a book each from oreilly, beck and palin from the NRA for being a good supporter, and until the day he died he never even turned a single page. Nobody reads these dumb ass books.

  35. Jason Lou says:

    When I see Trump's family, I feel a strong cult atmosphere.

  36. vajleexi says:

    But … But … Hillary did it too.

  37. wong ton says:

    Label this story under shit that never happened. You’re such a lying bald scumbag Farren.

  38. William Mosso says:

    Should have titled book: "The Bullshit Art of Asshole Jr."

  39. Nicholas Maude says:

    I imagine a lot of these books will be given away to Trumptards/MAGAtards at various Trump rallies.

  40. Uwa Diercks says:

    I wonder if they think it’s about Roy Rogers horse trigger

  41. D. M. says:

    Limbaugh is always giving out his Rush Revere books to any caller that says their kids are brought up to be "Rush Babies". Of course he mentions the NYT best seller status every time. He has sooooo many books waiting to be sent out every day.

  42. Carla Costa says:

    Some so called Christian friend of my sister bought my mom who is 88 this book! She hid it and when my oldest sister saw it, my mom said, you weren't supposed to see this! See how snakey they are. Hide it from your family.

  43. nailbiter says:

    Cheat, cheat & cheat. That's what Republicans do best.

  44. Soon Choi says:

    What about Don Junior’s shares for the sale of theses books. Trump senior directly sending campaign funds to Jr! Wow!

  45. Santi M says:

    Yes they need to bulk buy em and deliver them to big incinerator for a nice bonfire 💥💣🔥🔥😬

  46. Jorge Martinez says:

    Shit, he still can't read or even write Farron…..what are you talkin about?!

  47. Dan R says:

    I have no problem with reporting this story, as long as you acknowledge and report that the left has done the same thing for books on their (or your side) of politics.

  48. alpha beta says:

    What do you expect? The traitor-tot has the same morals and level of literacy as his daddy.

  49. Donna M says:

    They even cheat at selling a book. Oh well, the pages will be good for starting a fire in a wood furnace.

  50. Tshepo Masiea says:

    Ann Coulter! I always wondered how she did it.

  51. Lea Pilcher says:

    Dumps people continue to promote his chinless do nothing kid as a future presidential contender.

  52. Oscar Montalvo says:

    A Flash Mob buying frenzy concocted by his father to help him look good.

  53. Ot Gman says:

    Lying, cheating,and stealing is all the criminally corrupt and treasonous republican party know what to do.

  54. ed ward says:

    Ih wrll,somebody got to buy them….they'll make a great bonfire!! Poof😅

  55. Lucy 1950 says:

    Book is probably pretty crappy. I would never buy it.

  56. BTFOOMNY says:

    Damn. Junior can't even spell. Roy Rogers horse was Trigger, not Triggered. Typos.

  57. David L Lewis says:

    yeah, but, well, Donny can forever put on his resume "best selling author" — so there's that.

  58. Bouhhg Z says:

    A Fraud just like his old man

  59. Moms MADD says:

    Did you think they wouldn t.

  60. Krells 10 says:

    Orange supporters can't read
    So it's obviously a fraud.

  61. David Kempton says:

    That actually is a GOOD thing – those books need to be kept our of the hands of the gullible public. Buy 'em ALL and insure we NEVER have to confront his asinine mindset. And possibly save his life…

  62. byteresistor says:

    Why is this whole family so fucking pathetic?

  63. Ken Rose says:

    That explains the * of Triggered

  64. Seras Victoria says:

    I saw that book at Barnes & Noble yesterday and I wanted to burn that book so bad.

  65. Herb Liptow says:

    I’d bet good money that republicans have been doing this for decades! Hope someone out there investigates past as well as current books! My god republicans are corrupt!

  66. Gregory Helton says:

    I didn't know he even knew how to write?!?!…. Wtf does he have to say that any one cares about any ways?!?!

  67. Veronica Stewart says:

    It tells us that his book is a rag. I sure as hell don't plan to read it.

  68. Den Poitras says:

    Like father, like son==fake, fake, fake!

  69. George Heroy says:

    Well if it's crooked Trump will know how to use it !

  70. Gerome Anderson says:

    He’s just like his Dad – a beta snowflake. They both read on a 5th grade level as well. Like we would ever believe his dumbass could read a book much less write one. Inbred punk piece of trash.

  71. nutzforart says:

    Maybe they plan on using them to kick off the National Book Burning when they ban all books. Illiteracy is necessary to maintain control.

  72. Gamble Cross says:

    Shocking…..Not..I mean come on, he's a Trump, what did you expect lol.

  73. meh757 says:

    i think the campaigns bulk buying will end up using the books as fire wood after they cant move them…..

  74. Deborah Hennessey says:

    Zero curiosity over anything that comes out of that piehole. Is there anything in the book about him dumping his wife and kids for Scaramouch ies wife?

  75. elijah mikle says:

    All that so they can claim the book was successful. LOL, it's a book! Why waste the time?

  76. Peter Matthews says:

    Same reason conservatives stay in his hotels if they can afford to, it shows their allegiance. I doubt even Jr knows whats in the book when his bulk buyers certainly don't, Trump used a ghost writer for art of the deal. Eventually someone will try sending them to overseas troops who burn them as kindling like with BillO's book instead of getting supplies they need.

  77. Luke Hanson says:

    Wow, is Donnie Jr. ill? He looks like he's lost about 40 lbs. His face is gaunt and the skin is hanging off his face. Could it be from too much lying?

  78. Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : says:

    Generally, I’m against book burning but I’ll make an exception and get “triggered” for Don Jr.’s book if someone is dumb enough to give it to me! 🔥📖🔥

  79. the village idiot says:

    The trump “success “ in a nutshell 🌏🌍🌎🤣🖕🍊🤡

  80. Cathy G says:

    On the plus side, they’ll have less money to spend on other things.

  81. michaelXXLF says:

    Christmas present problem saved.

  82. johntrevy1 says:

    They will give them out at rallies like they give out Gideons bibles.

  83. Mungo Munro says:

    Who cares?
    So what if many copies are bought so they can be donated to libraries,schools and other organizations?
    Freedom of the press and whoever wants to read.
    And this is against YouTube policy?
    Free speech and the first amendment doesn't mean anything to you?

  84. Devine Devine says:

    Trumps hate to lose 🤣🤣 they’ll lie cheat and still to win or to appear as good

  85. AguilarKillswitch says:

    Well I'm not surprised triggered Don Jr's autobiography is a joke.

  86. Thomas Taylor. says:

    Maybe they need fire wood for the winter. 🔥🤣

  87. Bongo Brandy says:

    Ann Coulter has had bulk buys sent to troops in Afghanistan. They were very useful as firewood, not much else.

  88. MrHairyWombat says:

    It's amazing how many fox news hosts are best selling authors, they must all be such clever people. 😒

  89. ABEZETHIBOU says:

    Well they have to do that..have you seen those people at his daddy's rallys? they look like they can read?

  90. Lynn Watson says:

    Maybe they will be Christmas gifts for Trump's cronies in prison

  91. Chatty Cathy says:

    Despicable tRUMPS can't win if they don't cheat…..

  92. hermenutic says:

    It's hard to imagine anyone who has a best seller on this basis can have a shred of self respect when everyone knows the suck-cess is a fraud.

  93. Very Stable Genius says:

    I cant wait for trump to make me rich to so i can buy lots of his books to keep in my hope chest MAGA DERP

  94. Karen Piotte says:

    I find it hilarious jr. is complaining not every store has copies! Whaaa not fair! If your at #1 do you do that?

  95. Osama Annaas says:

    Socialism for the rich

  96. morlockmeat says:

    … Only by cheating.

  97. morlockmeat says:

    It's called "Triggered", cuz it's all about what triggers HIM!

  98. morlockmeat says:

    It's bathroom reading – as emergency toilet paper.

  99. Stimpson J. Kat says:

    i was talking to a friend at work about Trump just yesterday and he believes he's done nothing wrong & that he isn't going to be impeached. ya know the 1st part he's full of shit on and the 2nd like i told him it's not over yet so you never know what's going to happen. as for this douche bag's book who is he trying to kid i doubt anyone in that family knows how to read, they have people who do it for them like a book on tape or cd whatever

  100. Thomas Lloyd says:

    Funny, I understood the Trump ads were pulled from YT and yet one just popped up!

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