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Hey there, Kazen here, and
welcome back to Always Doing. [♪♪] I’m here with my first book haul for you guys and
I think I’m gonna do things a little bit differently. In the past I’ve split up my hauls into
physical book hauls and digital book hauls, which sometimes serves a purpose.
But if that’s not the case – if it’s not like I just went home to America and
brought back a huge pile of physical books – then I think I’m going to mix the two. I’ve gotten better at tracking what I’m bringing in and
that makes it easier to tell you guys what I have. This pile is a mix in true Kazen style.
I have nonfiction, fiction, romance, ebooks, physical books, audiobooks as well, and there’s even
a Japanese book to top everything off at the end. So let’s get into it.
First is Beast by Holley Trent. And that may sound slightly familiar because
I have been reading her Erstwhile series which is science fiction
under the name H.E. Trent. I’ve really been enjoying that series
so I thought I’d pick up another one, especially because the first book
was free and that always helps. This is a paranormal romance with werewolves and it
sounds kind of like an arranged mating situation? Kind of thing? Because there’s a woman
in a pack who is NOT having a good time. There’s been abuse and other not great stuff. She wants out, and there’s another pack that is looking
for someone to be a mate for one of their wolves. He was recently injured, scarred in a fight,
has lost vision in one eye, and is kind of scarred emotionally as well. And he needs someone to be with him and to, like, help
him realize that he’s worthy of love and that whole thing. So she ends up moving out of her awful pack to
this wonderful one and things will go from there. So yeah, as the title would suggest it’s a Beauty
and the Beast retelling and I love those. I love what I’ve read so far from
Holley Trent, I’m excited to try more. Next is The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang.
And I have been meaning to read this – forever. Ever since it came out, actually. And I will be hopefully, if things go well,
buddy reading this with Shawn the Book Maniac and Mel over at Mel’s Bookland Adventures.
I’ll have links to them down below. Hopefully April, we’ll see how the scheduling goes.
But this is a modern contemporary romance. It’s about a woman who’s on the autism spectrum and
she has trouble connecting with people sometimes. And so she decides to hire an escort to help her
learn about the sexual side of relationships, and they end up falling for each other.
The autism rep is own voices. I’ve only heard amazing things. There’s another book
in this series called The Bride Test and I believe there’s a third one coming out maybe later
this year, and I want to get on this train. Next is an advance copy I received
from Harper Wave, thank you very much. It comes out June 23rd. It’s Unvarnished
by Eric Alperin and Deborah Stoll. I love service industry memoirs, whether it be a chef
memoir or a waiter memoir, or anything like that. But I’ve never seen a bartender
memoir before, which is what this is. If I understand it correctly, Alperin worked his way up
through the New York bartending scene and then went to, I think California, maybe? LA somewhere, and
opened his own bar and is well known for his mixology. And I’m really curious what it takes to be
a top-tier bartender so this sounds great. Next is Broken rules by Michaela Grey.
It is a BDSM, m/m romance. This was free for a limited time in ebook
and I picked it up on the recommendation of Wendy the Super Librarian, and our
tastes match up quite a bit in romance. And she said that she’s over the BDSM
sex club kind of setting for romance, but that she still loved this despite that and
she gave it four stars so yeah, I’m gonna try it. The next three books are all audiobooks that I
picked up from, thank you very much. They have an advanced listening copy program that I’ve
been lucky enough to enter and these all sound so great. First is Qualityland by Marc-Uwe Kling. And it’s translated from the German,
although I don’t have the name of the translator. And it’s published by Hachette. Apparently this was a huge hit in Germany,
on the bestseller list for months. But it’s about a world, it’s a science fiction dystopia,
where there’s a world where algorithms rule everything. They help you find your perfect partner, your perfect job,
and they are perfectly, utterly dependable. There’s even TheStore which, through its algorithms,
knows what you want and need and sends it to you before you
even realize it’s what you need. And it’s this “perfect” idyllic life. Thing is though, is that the main character
gets something from TheStore that he knows he doesn’t want. And he has to return it which means that you’re
admitting that the algorithms are flawed. And stuff ensues. Lately I haven’t been reading as much
work in translation as I would like and this just sounds interesting. The next audiobook is Me and
White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad. It comes out from Blackstone Publishing, which I didn’t
realize until after I picked up the audio copy – thank you – is that they’re like Macmillan in that they’re not selling
their *audiobooks to libraries for the first two months. So check down- I’ll leave a link down below to
#EbooksForAll so that you can learn more about that. The author is a Black Muslim woman and she has
made it her mission to fight white supremacy. And she’s done, kind of like a workbook thing online. And this ebook is a 28-day program on how to
come to terms with your own white privilege. To realize what you’ve gained, and how that has
taken things away from people of color, and how to rectify that. I went through the introduction yesterday and
I love how she doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She’s like, this is gonna be hard work, but it’s work
that you have to do in order to be a good ancestor. And I’m very interested to see what the exercises
are like, especially in audiobook format. And this feels like a next step for me after reading
How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. This is another antiracist work. And the last advance copy I got from,
thank you, is The Regrets by Amy Bonnaffons. It’s from Hachette Audio. This story is about a young woman
who sees a nice-looking young man at the bus stop every day and finally
works up the courage to say hi and then learns that he’s a ghost. He’s actually caught in a kind of
bureaucratic nightmare and he’s been told that he has to wait on Earth for 90 days before he can
cross over into the afterlife, and not to get involved with any mortals in that time because it would
create regrets and all kinds of problems. And of course they fall in love. I’m interested in this because
science fiction, the romantic angle. I mean, it’s not a romance as far as I understand,
but there’s definitely stuff going on between these two. And because the audiobook
is narrated by three people. So I’m really curious about
how this is gonna work out. I don’t know if I’ve ever listened to an audiobook that
has multiple narrators before and I want to give it a try. And the last book I have for you guys I picked up
on a whim because it sounded fun and it was used and cheap
and all the stars aligned. But it’s 猫語の教科書 by ポール・ギャリコ。 The title directly translates as A Textbook
of Cat Speak, or Cat Language. And the translation is done by Haijima Kari. I originally thought when I picked it up-
I didn’t have a lot of time. I was like, yea! It must be from the German,
and I can’t read German anyway, so I may as well read the translation
in Japanese, *rather than English. Turns out it’s from English.
That Paul Gallico is a New Yorker. So that’s fine. This is cute,
it was cheap enough. The English title is The Silent Miaow: A Manual
for Kittens, Strays, and Homeless Cats. And it’s it’s “written” by a cat. And Paul Gallico found the
manuscript and he cleaned it up and made it more English-y
language for the rest of us. And it’s basically, how to
own your human [laugh] I think. It’s meant to be very tongue in cheek
and funny, and I think it’ll be delightful. So there we have it, the books that I’ve picked up
in the past month and a half or so. Have you read any of these books and liked them?
Or are you interested in them now? Let me know down in the comments below. I’m excited that I have such a
wide range of stuff to get to and to get back into audiobooks,
which I’ve slipped away from. Anyway, thank you for watching, subscribe if you’re new,
and I will see you in the next video. Bye! [♪♪]
Thanks for watching! As I was doing the captions there was a news flash –
a Tokyo taxi driver has the corona virus 🚕 I’m so glad I’m well stocked
with masks – stay safe, everyone! 😷

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10 thoughts on “New Year Book Haul || Always Doing”

  1. Mary brock says:

    Shawn in a 'Kiss Quotient' read-along 😲😁

  2. Hannah's Books says:

    I am eager to see Me and White Supremacy when it comes to my library—and to hear what you think.

  3. MH Books says:

    Qualityland looks good – just ordered it from the library

  4. Shawn The Book Maniac says:

    It goes without saying but I will say it again: you’re the cats meow! 🐱 ❤️ 🐱 ❤️

  5. BookWhimsy says:

    The Silent Miaow sounds delightful!

  6. That's So Poe says:

    I've had my eye on The Kiss Quotient as well. I love the sound of the autism rep, but what I've heard about the actual relationship has been giving me a little pause. I'm going to really look forward to your review of it!

  7. barbara boethling says:

    I love Sci-fi, and I'm doing the Read German Works in 2020 challenge, so I'm going to give Qualityland a try soon. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Wilde Book Garden says:

    oooh intrigued by The Regrets! was watching Priscilla's recent romance wrap up and her realization that she likes the ghost boyfriend trope reminded me I also have been realizing I like the ghost boyfriend trope 😂
    um The Silent Miaow sounds AMAZING, can't wait for your thoughts on that

  9. My Reading Life says:

    What!?!?!?! Shawn is going to read a romance! 🤯

  10. jbsubscribes says:

    Always fun to learn about all the books you are looking forward to reading! ( I am picking up two of your recommendations from my library tomorrow…How To Be An Anti-Racist and The Angel and the Assassin: The Tiny Brain Cell That Changed the Course of Medicine.)

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